Thursday, April 09, 2009

When your family is embarrassing.

Not my family. Are you kidding. It is Mr S.'s family. I only escape because my uncle breaks everything he touches.

For some reason the family-in-law feels the need to forward me every meme they can find. Today I got it from both his mom and dad. Dad's message was in 65 point font. Oh yes. There are street signs with smaller font. Moms was about the hazards of boiling water in the microwave. Which I'm pretty sure I've escaped damage from for a few decades. Though, the jury is still out. Check back later.

Oddly, they always leave Mr S. off these things. So he usually gets a whole bitch fest about - why is your dad sending me memes with angels and bouncing emoticons. Has he turned into an old woman?!

I'm not sure what happens with old people. It's like their brain rots. Oh! Once Mr S.s' dad sent me a stranger danger alert for a mall that isn't even in my state.

Yet, neither one of us have the balls to tell them to stop. Which so totally sucks. For me. It might hurt their feelings. Which I totally don't want to do. A frustrating cycle to be sure. Though once I think Mr. S did say something to his mom. Which I think resulted in him just getting left off the forward list.

I wish there was a reject email button. So if I sent enough of them back, maybe they'd get the passive aggressive message I was sending.


Updated: So, I emailed Mr S. check his temperature about me capping on his family. They are very sweet people after all. This is the reply I got.

Him - I saw that you blogged about my folks and their email issues. You forgot to mention how my sister writes in ALL CAPS ALL THE TIME!!!!

Which doesn't bother me - but is still really funny because it bothers him. And shows there is some systemic breakdown in his family tree when it comes to email. The thing is - his sister is my age. She shouldn't be having problems so early. Once he actually thought about sending her an actual caps lock key from an old keyboard.

Yes. We are that easily amused.

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  1. This post is hilarious. Puts Keyser in mind of a story of some tangential relevance.

    Keyser once worked for a guy whose brother was some sort of born-again type. The brother would send holiday cards that just had the references to edifying passages in the Bible without actually writing any of the edifying stuff out. Boss got fed up with this eventually, and so he and his wife got the references to all the sexually explicit and murderous passages that they could find and wrote these into a Christmas card for the bro. They never got another reference from them. Or was it a card?

    Anyway, maybe you could forward the rents-in-law a fake email meme about how people who forward too many email memes are statistically much more likely to get struck by lightning or eaten by sharks, or some such thing?

    Just a thought.