Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Snarkolepsy blog is sick today. Maybe posts tomorrow. It's a bed day.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Fanimecon 2011.

I have to admit - I haven't been sleeping well. So you are mostly going to get a picture dump. I did a quick run through Fanimecon to feed your hungry mind.

This year there seemed to be quite a few zombies. I didn't really get the cross over. But I love zombies.

Gay Mario was there again. Looking gayer than ever. Oh, can you not say that anymore when someone is happy?

Okay, at first I was totally captivated by these. After I found out they didn't light up - not as much. I thought it would have been totally awesome if it displayed moving images. Like the sound wave bars in the next picture or an oscilloscope sine wave pattern. Or even Pacman!

This girl I just thought was super cute, and had good lighting.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Bad ass. Except for that one.

Today I went to a snooty upscale mall for a car show. I mean.. really upscale. Where you don't know if the cars are show cars, or they actually belong to people in the mall. I passed by a Ferrari and a Bentley in the parking lot before I even got to the show area. Pictures at the end.

Aside from your standard fare was this Rossion. I know. I'd never heard of it before either. Apparently it's the successor to the Noble. Rossion acquired the rights to the Noble and came out with this design. Which I actually like better. The Noble has this giant wing that disrupts the whole look of the car. Now if they let me drive one, I might have a different opinion. For now though.. sans wing is better.

This color is slightly off. Top view was picking up the sky color, which was mostly white.

Still loving flat colors. Especially on this car. Looks like a fighter jet.

This is an Atom.

This car... I think sucks. I'm only posting it for Mr S.

Stuff just in the parking lot.

Same car. Different angle.

It's called empowerment People!

You can be handicapped, and still be filthy rich.

You can see this guy did have a placard.

Thursday, May 26, 2011


I had Paisley in at the vet yesterday. Velveteen lops don't have enough hair on their feet to protect them. They are even worse than the Rex breed. Neither of these breeds have guard hairs. So they can get feet problems easily.

From time to time she jumps out of the litter box and busts her foot open. This time it looks to have gotten a little infected. So, I took her in. They flushed it out and gave her the "big" shot.

The great thing about vets these days - they don't want your pets to feel any pain. She was way more doped than I expected. But you have to keep them off the foot. When I got her in her carrier she completely passed out. Right there.

Arm chair Met day.

After the rain we got yesterday, I suspect things in the Midwest are going to get shitty in about 3-4 days. We had confirmed tornadoes in Chico Ca. yesterday. That is how unstable the air is even before it leaves California.

A couple of days ago I asked Mr S. if he thought the first Icelandic volcano was the reason California had been so exceptionally cold this year. We've only gotten a couple of days here that were warmer than 70's. Which makes growing crops pretty shitty actually. Tomato's need heat.

Him - Wasn't the first eruption just at the beginning of this year? I don't think it would have thrown up that much particulate matter.

I was staunchly unconvinced. I've always taken it as gospel that a volcano caused the Great Potato Famine. "The year without summer".

Which is why I never get concerned about Global Warming. For anything that we "allegedly" do to heat the earth, a big enough volcano will just swing through eventually - throw up some particulate matter and cool things down. At least, that is what history teaches me.

Then yesterday I hear Joe Bastardi talk about a huge temperature decrease in the mid level troposphere that occurred last year. The largest drop they'd ever seen, he said. I had to find out when that occurred and when the first volcano happened. Which was quite interesting actually. The first article I run across has this headline:

Iceland volcano eruption unlikely to slow global warming.
"Large volcanic eruptions cool Earth's climate, but the Icelandic volcano is too small to have much impact."

Still, all the charts showing the temperature drops look like this.


The Eyjafjallajoekull glacier began to erupt March 21, 2010. And it looks like the sea temperatures started reacting almost immediately as you can see.

It could be a funny coincidence. But that new eruption sent up four time the particulates the last one did. So we might all freeze to death too.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Bird fail.

I've been waiting to get this shot for probably two months. You have to let your windows get dirty enough that you can capture the image. And the sun has to be shining on it just right.

What I loved about this particular bird strike is - he never saw the window coming. You can see the outline of his eyes for effs sakes. That is comedy.

The snarkolepsy house is gaining notoriety for ridiculous bird strikes. Yes. It is. The operative word is gaining. Read about the last time I had a bird fail here.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Cut the cord already!

I've been scrounging my Maker Faire pictures this morning to push out anything that might be interesting. It was super crowded. I was going to go on Sunday, but I thought there would be some funny end of the world action. So I went on Sat. No one cared about the end of the world. So that just left me with my bitchiness of how many people there were.

This brings me to a possible new series.

Okay - this is the thing - these isles are probably 12 feet. And the place is jam packed. Yet you have all these people with strollers. Some were double wides. This one was small in comparison. But these kids are old! If kids are boob high - they can walk on their own!

See how she shut down one side of traffic?

Yet I see it all the time, older and older kids.... not walking. And then I hear all this bitching about childhood obesity. Obviously these kids are fine. But still, maybe the two things are connected?

Why in my day..... once you started eating red meat - you learned to walk. Everywhere.

The ladybug and the Lotus.

I really have a love/hate relationship with these Lotus's. Sometimes I like them, and sometimes I don't. White is a nicely understated color though.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Aren't they a little old for this?

Of course I had to stop and buy some lemonade. It made me laugh. Still... I had to wonder about a world where teenagers have edged out cute little children for the ability to make money. Babies however don't bring it to your door - so there is a little value add.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Maker Faire 2011. Pt2. Random shots.

It was interesting that anything that needed "vision" was fitted with a Kinect. The PR2 also has Lydar. It was pretty cram packed in there, so this was the best shot I could get. I have a youtube video of it dancing from a previous show.

Men... they love their vending machines. I think this one was selling components.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Maker Faire 2011. Pt1.

I'm going to push out the stuff I'm most excited about first.

And one of the things I am totally excited about, is 3D printing. I've been watching this technology for about six years. Here, here.

It has finally gotten to the disruptive technology stage. You honestly have to watch this video. They are starting to use new materials to construct things. Like ceramic.

It makes things shiny. Like stuff you would buy at the store. This company is Shapeways. The printers are also able to print very delicate things now. They all used to be bigger items.

People I hate today: Nerds, people with back packs,women,tall people, hummer jr's carrying devil spawn.
It's the end of the world and I feel fine.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Contemplating the future.

Update - Vernor Vinge, and Bruce Sterling.

From the AR conf. Extra points if you know who these authors are.

I am probably going to lose half my readers when I admit that I am not into SciFi. I know - I heard the gasp! Mr S. is though.

The now, is almost better than SciFi. Without all the reading. And you people know I'm illiterate. But I spelled lose right this time. Can't we just all agree to spell it like I do? Everyone does it!


Hey, it isn't "double rainbow" quality - but it was really wide and had good coverage of the purple band.

The sun is out.... and so are the cars.

I have to push out some of these pictures I got this week. Maker Faire is this weekend which should take up a couple of days of posting.

Mr S. and I commuted together this week. We were checking out this Masi. Trying to gauge if it was a Mehsi. I don't think it is. The back is too rounded. Mr S. still thinks it is. The front isn't rounded enough. I couldn't get a reasonable front shot.

As we were stalking it into a parking lot..... a Ferrari stole its thunder.