Saturday, May 21, 2011

Maker Faire 2011. Pt1.

I'm going to push out the stuff I'm most excited about first.

And one of the things I am totally excited about, is 3D printing. I've been watching this technology for about six years. Here, here.

It has finally gotten to the disruptive technology stage. You honestly have to watch this video. They are starting to use new materials to construct things. Like ceramic.

It makes things shiny. Like stuff you would buy at the store. This company is Shapeways. The printers are also able to print very delicate things now. They all used to be bigger items.


  1. Oh my goodness! The applications for crafts, especially jewelry are fantastic!
    But, now I know how all those graphic designers felt when computers started taking over the field. My lost wax casting method skills are going the same route.

    Still, very cool.

  2. No kidding... right.

    Those graphic designers never believed anything could take their place though. When it did, those guys were caught pretty flat footed.

    I though of the jewelry thing too. They even had ear rings. But my shots didn't come out well.

    But also, things like light covers. There are not going to be factories making those anymore. You will just print one up. Simple toys. The possibilities are endless.

  3. I first heard about 3D printing when I joined the electron microscopy program. The jewelry is beyond cool!!

    Love, love, LOVE the praying mantis.