Friday, September 30, 2022

Tuesday, September 27, 2022

The US was committing suicide....

And  everyone was patting themselves on the back. They all wanted to burn it down. Now you get your wish.

There were zero fiscal conservatives during the pandemic.  I was the only one saying Trump was printing an obscene amount of money. Which probably labeled me as anti Trump. Everyone else was like -no... this is our new normal. 

I was yelling into the wind - it's not normal for housing prices to go up 20-40% in a pandemic. This was not caused by anything other than money printing. Nothing new was created during the pandemic, an obvi there were no production increases. People went out with that free PPP money and bought cars and houses and fixed up their places.

I want to say this is well played by Trump. Biden will get all the blame, and I'm fine with that. But people have been living a complete illusion for three years. Now....... everyone will pay.

And China can't save us this time. I still think they might collapse. Europe is having a few problems of their own. And the US is completely clueless again. They are in "back to normal vibes" and they don't even realize there is nothing but air under their feet.

Friday, September 23, 2022

It was the plot twist no one expected.

They thought they were clearing out the "dead wood", but are in fact just creating a new dead forest to burn. I couldn't talk about this months ago because I was a "fear monger". You haven't seen fear mongering yet. And they wouldn't listen to anyone. 

The only reazson I care at this point is because we are going to have to take care of all these people. It's just somehow sweet irony that a lot of people will have to live with the choices they forced onto others. Like having to stay home if you aren't medically perfect. I don't even have really anything wrong with me. I have a burnt out thyroid and a little high blood pressure. My family had EVERYTHING. Which is why I have been extraordinarily cautious. My body is likely an asshole. I have shit genetics, but because I've taken care of this old truck I'm in good health.

I know I will never trust people the same way again. I used to think 75% of people were good. And about 25% not so much but we can work around them. Now I believe 75% of people would step over your dead body for a bottle of catsup. And I'm bitter. It's just weird how they were all wrong, and I was right.

‘I’m Dropping My COVID Hubris,’ Vows a Top Immunologist.

“Maybe it would be better to catch the ’rona and get it over with, now that I’m fully vaccinated?” he remembers speculating.

“After all, isn’t it just a cold in fully immunized people? And once I’ve had it, won’t I have acquired immunity that will mean I won’t get sick at all if I get it again?”

But Omicron made a mockery of these popular assumptions.

On May 26, Goodnow came down with a scratchy throat. Twelve days later his immune system had not cleared the virus. Then he got hit by congestive heart failure. He developed a chest cough and was breathless. His ankles swelled up.

Goodnow was lucky. His acute myocarditis (inflammation of the heart muscle) was on the mild end of the spectrum but severe enough to reduce his mobility and working life.

As a consequence of the infection, last July Goodnow resigned his directorship of the Immunogenomics Lab at the Garvan Institute of Medical Research in Sydney, Australia, “for health reasons.”

In a remarkably blunt interview with an Australian radio station, and later a personal column, Goodnow admitted that COVID had not behaved as widely expected.   <----------------- You fucking think? (emphasis mine)

“That is the thing that really stunned me and I’m sure has stunned most immunologists,” he said in the radio interview.

Like many scientists Goodnow assumed that any infection after vaccination would be mild; that reinfections would largely be asymptomatic; that COVID would behave like a cold after vaccination; and that variant-specific vaccines would deliver us from the pandemic.

But Goodnow now considers these assumptions wrong and has set about debunking myths that “many of us, myself included, have entertained more than we should have,” he writes. He now joins a growing cadre of scientific experts sounding new alarms about COVID, the “so many others” he says, who “are working hard to stop endless waves of reinfection.”

Not a cold or flu

The first myth that Goodnow wants debunked is probably the most common, that COVID is just a cold.

But colds don’t behave the way COVID does in the body.

Colds, for example, don’t leave 2.3 per cent of athletes with inflamed hearts after infection, as tests found at 10 U.S. universities.   <---------------

Nor do colds worsen outcomes with each subsequent infection, as Goodnow and others worry may be the case with COVID. He points with concern to a study, yet to be peer reviewed, from the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs, led by Ziyad Al-Aly at the Washington University School of Medicine.
Al-Aly and two other researchers looked at the health records of 250,000 veterans who had been infected once with COVID; 36,000 who had been infected twice, and 2,000 who had been infected three times.

Using a “hazard ratio” — a measure of how often bad things happen to one group compared to another — the researchers found that the risk of heart, brain, kidney and blood complications all increased with each subsequent infection.

As Goodnow has noted about the findings, “The risk of cardiovascular disease, for example, increased after one infection, but doubled in people who had two infections, and tripled in those who had been infected thrice.”   <-----------------

Similar risks were found for heart disease, blood clotting problems, brain decline and diabetes. Nor did vaccines seem to help in preventing these problems, which most frequently occur up to six months after infection.  <----------------- (Oh... just hearing about the diabetes thing? Yeah. The virus gives a lot of people diabetes apparently) Google it.

“Every time you dip your bucket in that COVID well, you’ve got the same chance of a whole lot of bad things happening,” explained Goodnow, who considers the veterans study “really important real-world data.”

Thursday, September 22, 2022


Everything above that line should have never happened. Now we will all pay.

Wednesday, September 21, 2022

I have NOT moved on.

And honestly, I don't understand how anyone can pretend that everything is back to normal when SARS2 is the second or third cause of death in the US depending on the day. You know what is NOT the second or third cause of death and never has been outside of the 1918 pandemic? The Flu. If you believe otherwise you are lying to yourself and everyone.

People can go directly to google and see the the previous number of flu deaths per year were.What's happening is a complete tragedy, and I'm affected every single say when I go out and see people who will die if they get this disease. Super old people. People with obvious health problems from the outside.. People who have been convinced by others who are only interested in their own comfort, or for political reasons - not  to be cautious.

I have a girlfriend who was in a terrible marriage. Just awful. But she decided to have a baby to fix it. And then went about trying to convince ME that I needed to have a baby too. It took me a while to figure out, but I realized she started doing it because misery loves company. Now when I see people doing stupid stuff and trying to get their friends to join in, I know it's because that person doesn't feel like they made bad choices, if you make those choices too. If everyone does it - it's not a bad choice. Right?
Why do I bring this up? Because I think this is happening with SARS2.I mean... why did no one compare SARS2 with it's ACTUAL closest relative SARS1 ?! Instead of a virus like the flu which it has NO resemblance to? For Christ sake it did some of the same things to people, and they treated it the same way with steroids. Source.
" Apart from the cortisol involvement, the role of disaster in mediating fatigue via immunological dysfunctions, including cytokine disturbances, has been suggested.20,21 During acute SARS infection, cytokine storm had been demonstrated,20 and cytokine disturbance was closely associated with somatic and painful conditions.22 More research is needed to delineate the long-term association of endocrine status and cytokine dysfunctions with psychiatric disorders and chronic fatigue in the cohort of SARS survivors." 
Some people have life long problems from the treatments they got during THAT outbreak. Yet people are lapping up all these new treatments without any care of what they may do to their bodies in the future.
“What if we were all disabled? Who will take care of us?" said patient Li Chaodong, 51, whose wife, Bao Baoqin, also suffers post-SARS side effects. "Nobody told me anything about the side effects to the hormone treatment but I don't blame anyone. The treatment saved my life. Now I must continue to survive after SARS." Last year, Fang fell down in his 11th-floor apartment in Beijing and was unable to get back up, his arms and legs too weak to support his frame. At that moment, he contemplated ending his life - but even that, he found, was a futile desire. "I wanted to jump out the window but how could I? I couldn't even get up. I thought SARS was a nightmare but I was wrong. The real pain came after SARS.”Source.
Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think that people would co-sign onto the complete incompetency of the US government and infect themselves with a disease that causes clotting. Maybe it Forbes tells you, - you will finally believe it. Read - More Danger Ahead With BA.5: Covid-19 Reinfection Doubles The Risk For Death, Blood Clots, And Lung Damage  And even worse, it causes cumulative damage. At least Australia is finally being honest with their people.

"But international evidence suggests changes to our immune cells after SARS-CoV-2 infection may have other impacts. It may affect our ability to fight other viruses, as well as other pathogens, such as bacteria or fungi.”
This is something I have been saying for at least the better part of a year, but I was a crank. Your immune system becomes exhausted from repeated infections. I have literally had the flu 3 times in my entire life and people are getting SARS2 4/5/6 times in TWO years! It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure this out.
Basically what happens is - your body produces an overreaction to the spike protein in SARS2, and your immune system goes wild and tries to kill you. The spike protein causes an an inflammatory response. A "cytokin storm". I'm sure everyone has seen those weird string-ey blood clots from the autopsies? Well.. those are called Myloid Fibrin Clots. I looked at those pictures for months trying to figure out if they were real or not because because it was so weird and abnormal. Some even say SARS2 causes "sticky blood". These clots, and micro clots cut off oxygen to your lungs and organs which is why everyone thinks this is a respiratory disease. It is NOT. It's a vascular disease for which I have been saying for maybe two years.

This is why people were collapsing in the street in China. It was from silent hypoxia. Oxygen could not get to wherever it needed to go. And if people don't have one of those finger oxygen meters in their house, I think they are nuts. They are literally less than 20 bucks. I have one because if you get super sick - you NEED to watch your OXY levels.

Now before everyone goes off saying - oh mew mew mew the vaccine does that!

Well.. you are right! The spike protein is in the vaccine too, but affects people to a lesser degree. I have also been saying this for AT LEAST a year.

So why am I not posting as much? Because I'm having a super hard time adjusting to a world that is rife with Eugenics. A world that thinks its okay to exclude people from society because they are not perfectly healthy. Or because they are not vaccinated. Like me. Or maybe they think you should lose your job, like almost my husband. It was a very dicey time in the Snarkolepsy household for a few months for sure. A world that refuses to acknowledge what is really happening and for which we have literally known since the fucking summer of 2020.

I mean, Johns Hopkins literally wrote an article outlining ALL these things in June 2020. But people just didn't give a fuck. And lastly - A WORLD THAT DOESN'T WANT TO MAKE THINGS BETTER. Just because something can not be eradicated DOESN'T MEAN WE SHOULDN'T TRY!

So yeah... I'm having a super hard time adjusting. These things don't make me happy. They don't make me feel like sharing. And it's just a really fucking unbelievable place in the world. But here we are.