Friday, September 23, 2022

It was the plot twist no one expected.

They thought they were clearing out the "dead wood", but are in fact just creating a new dead forest to burn. I couldn't talk about this months ago because I was a "fear monger". You haven't seen fear mongering yet. And they wouldn't listen to anyone. 

The only reazson I care at this point is because we are going to have to take care of all these people. It's just somehow sweet irony that a lot of people will have to live with the choices they forced onto others. Like having to stay home if you aren't medically perfect. I don't even have really anything wrong with me. I have a burnt out thyroid and a little high blood pressure. My family had EVERYTHING. Which is why I have been extraordinarily cautious. My body is likely an asshole. I have shit genetics, but because I've taken care of this old truck I'm in good health.

I know I will never trust people the same way again. I used to think 75% of people were good. And about 25% not so much but we can work around them. Now I believe 75% of people would step over your dead body for a bottle of catsup. And I'm bitter. It's just weird how they were all wrong, and I was right.

‘I’m Dropping My COVID Hubris,’ Vows a Top Immunologist.

“Maybe it would be better to catch the ’rona and get it over with, now that I’m fully vaccinated?” he remembers speculating.

“After all, isn’t it just a cold in fully immunized people? And once I’ve had it, won’t I have acquired immunity that will mean I won’t get sick at all if I get it again?”

But Omicron made a mockery of these popular assumptions.

On May 26, Goodnow came down with a scratchy throat. Twelve days later his immune system had not cleared the virus. Then he got hit by congestive heart failure. He developed a chest cough and was breathless. His ankles swelled up.

Goodnow was lucky. His acute myocarditis (inflammation of the heart muscle) was on the mild end of the spectrum but severe enough to reduce his mobility and working life.

As a consequence of the infection, last July Goodnow resigned his directorship of the Immunogenomics Lab at the Garvan Institute of Medical Research in Sydney, Australia, “for health reasons.”

In a remarkably blunt interview with an Australian radio station, and later a personal column, Goodnow admitted that COVID had not behaved as widely expected.   <----------------- You fucking think? (emphasis mine)

“That is the thing that really stunned me and I’m sure has stunned most immunologists,” he said in the radio interview.

Like many scientists Goodnow assumed that any infection after vaccination would be mild; that reinfections would largely be asymptomatic; that COVID would behave like a cold after vaccination; and that variant-specific vaccines would deliver us from the pandemic.

But Goodnow now considers these assumptions wrong and has set about debunking myths that “many of us, myself included, have entertained more than we should have,” he writes. He now joins a growing cadre of scientific experts sounding new alarms about COVID, the “so many others” he says, who “are working hard to stop endless waves of reinfection.”

Not a cold or flu

The first myth that Goodnow wants debunked is probably the most common, that COVID is just a cold.

But colds don’t behave the way COVID does in the body.

Colds, for example, don’t leave 2.3 per cent of athletes with inflamed hearts after infection, as tests found at 10 U.S. universities.   <---------------

Nor do colds worsen outcomes with each subsequent infection, as Goodnow and others worry may be the case with COVID. He points with concern to a study, yet to be peer reviewed, from the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs, led by Ziyad Al-Aly at the Washington University School of Medicine.
Al-Aly and two other researchers looked at the health records of 250,000 veterans who had been infected once with COVID; 36,000 who had been infected twice, and 2,000 who had been infected three times.

Using a “hazard ratio” — a measure of how often bad things happen to one group compared to another — the researchers found that the risk of heart, brain, kidney and blood complications all increased with each subsequent infection.

As Goodnow has noted about the findings, “The risk of cardiovascular disease, for example, increased after one infection, but doubled in people who had two infections, and tripled in those who had been infected thrice.”   <-----------------

Similar risks were found for heart disease, blood clotting problems, brain decline and diabetes. Nor did vaccines seem to help in preventing these problems, which most frequently occur up to six months after infection.  <----------------- (Oh... just hearing about the diabetes thing? Yeah. The virus gives a lot of people diabetes apparently) Google it.

“Every time you dip your bucket in that COVID well, you’ve got the same chance of a whole lot of bad things happening,” explained Goodnow, who considers the veterans study “really important real-world data.”

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