Friday, August 31, 2018

It's not okay under Trump either.

"While some may call San Diego Unified's recently acquired military vehicle a tank, the school district says otherwise, and quickly called a news conference to say so.

KPBS media partner inewsource reported Tuesday the district received the mine-resistant ambush protected vehicle — or MRAP, as the Marine Corps calls it — through a U.S. Department of Defense program. It's known as the 1033 program, which lets the federal government provide surplus military equipment to law enforcement. All San Diego Unified had to pay was the just-less-than $5,000 shipping cost." Source.

Look - who doesn't want to own a tank? I get it. But the upkeep on this vehicle makes me think the San Diego school district doesn't understand math.

Forget the upkeep! How many miles to the gallon do these things get? Seriously. I thought teachers were under paid and crap. But I guess not because they can blow money on a tank.
I don't know what is going to happen with Tesla - but honestly,  I can't wait for all the NDA's to expire. If they do. I know of one company that is trying to have a permanent NDA's like the government.

I'm telling you. The stories that come out will be awesome. Movie level awesome. I don't even know anyone that works at Telsa and I know of a story I can't talk about because Silicon Valley is a small world place. We are all terrified of talking. And I'm not even under an NDA. It's not hard to reverse engineer where these stories come from.  I totally believe this.

Tesla CEO angrily headbutted car after safety sensor paused assembly line.

Thursday, August 30, 2018

Audi E-Tron.

Single driver cockpit. Heads up display. The inside is super cool.

Closer shot of the heads up display.

Whaaaaat theeeee.

It's a call back story.

Some of you may remember a few months back when I was having weird noises under my house. Eventually we figured out that a cat had been living under there. I don't know what it's eating. We don't leave food out but everyone else has outside pets. I haven't chased him out yet because I was hoping he would keep out the mice.

Mr S. named him Santas little Helper. He's not our cat.

Anyway, a couple of weeks ago I  found half of a mouse in the yard. They took out all the yummy parts and left the head and ribs. Since I'm a big fan of letting nature take it's way, we decided to leave it there overnight and see what happened. And wouldn't you know it? The very next morning it was gone. A perfect circle of life!

Then a couple of days ago I had the sprinklers on and saw this blob of fur. I run into the house and tell Mr S. - What kind of Mutual of Omaha crap is happening in our yard!? The first thing he wants to know is how it died. Was it like the last one? So I run out with a stick and flip it over.

I report back to Mr S. - I don't know. I think they slit his throat. He looks at me rather confused and says - I wonder what is killing them and not eating them. He says - Maybe it's Misis. ISIS with an M. Say it! It isn't as funny until you say the words. M-ISIS.

Again we left it there overnight, and nature did not resolve itself. Maybe he got too waterlogged or we have rabies or something. But wha the hell.

It must be Santas little Helper right? Cats are the only things that kill stuff and don't eat it? These are more like rats though, so it's a pretty big play toy.

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Infinity Q.

I could see this car on the road right now. Couldn't get a look inside though.

Byton M-Byte EV sedan.

I assume the inside looks the same (if there were an inside) because when I asked to take pictures they pointed me to the other one I blogged about which was more of an SUV

This model however had lidar on the front and back which seemed to sit in a track.

BTW - that truck in the background is a VW. I didn't know VW made trucks.

The sensors were a little more low key.

This looks awful.


But, I guess the market only goes up. Said in the most sarcastic way. All we need is a few job losses and we'd be in stagflation, I think.

A large segment of the real estate market is now just gone. Those houses will never move until the person dies. Lots of people are never giving up their low interest rates. It was the best gift ever given.

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Now for the future.

The is the Byton M-Byte EV.

It's sort of pretty on the inside. And I can't believe how much the tard in me loved charging docks in the door arms. Free us from the cable!

Cell Phone dock.

I find it sort of fun to hunt down the sensors right now. This is in the column between the doors.

This one is in between the front door and the quarter panel.

Above the window. Though it's hard to see.

Monday, August 27, 2018

Hyundai Genesis EV Concept.

I think this car gave me the best experience overall. I'm still carrying my L16 camera and I could feel these two guys stalking me with their eyes. Because it is an odd sort of camera. You could see they were curious about it. That sort of comes with the territory right now, because I've yet to see anyone else carrying one. I'd be curious too.  So I gave them the L16 tour.

I took a few shots and then I came back around because about half the time they will let you on the field to take inside shots. It was then those two guys asked me if I liked the car. Which I did. It has very clean lines. They were like - we designed this car. At first I didn't believe hem because they looked to be in their early 30's, and a lot of the other designers are way older. In their 60's. But they convinced me enough, and that's just cool because they were kinda there incognito listening to what people said about the car.

In the last shot - that guy in yellow with the hodie and baseball cap was one of them.

But what do you say to a car designer? So I asked them about the hood of the car being transparent. It's hard to see in the photo. The EV's don't have motors, so I guess making the hood transparent is interesting. I just liked that the roof transitioned into the transparent hood so seamlessly.

Porsche 918 Spider.

One of the cars you rarely see pop up here on the blog is Porsches. Except this one. It's not exactly "new", but I think this is the only model I like.

Ya see what I did there? I changed the color! But seriously - it's like they park these things so you can't get shots from all angles.

McLaren Senna.

Unfortunately my camera battery died as I was getting this car. So I'm giving you all the shots I got including two shots of the peekaboo doors which Mr S. thought was ridiculous because you can't roll the window down. The tard in me likes it.

I thought this car was black until I got right up on it. And I guess the whole thing is carbon fiber.

Mercedes Silver Arrow EV Concept.

This was one of the most beautiful concept cars I've ever seen. You almost got video out of me showing the cockpit opening. But ultimately it would have been a vine video because it took less than 7 seconds for it to go up and down. Which was amazing. But I'm not signing up for Vine. At one point they made me want to punch the sky because every site had at least seven vine videos making those sites unreadable. And I refuse to sign up there.

Pebble Beach - I feel like if you see any good shots out of there it is in spite of the cars. They sort of rope them off so it's almost impossible to make the cars look as good in pictures as they look in real life.

I might add a couple more shots of the back. But I've got battery issues right now which I'm sure will result in a rant post sooner or later.