Saturday, August 04, 2018

Today you are getting your fill of dog surfing.

I hadn't been out to Pacifica in a really long time. So long ago, I couldn't really remember why Pacifica never really makes it to the to-do list, because I will drive hours for a good beach. But I vaguely remember Pacifica sucking to get in and out of. Which means something has to be really good for me to go out there. Dog surfing fit the bill today.

Dog surfing actually has a really high degree of photographic difficulty.  Moving objects. Dogs wipe out like people do. The CROWD. Plus the waves coming up making the crowd suddenly shift. And you can't get the dogs with their humans in the shot. That is just dogs floating. Wave timing. Sometimes it just looks like the dogs are walking on water because they are in the middle of a wave set. But at least you get unusual content today.

I'm guessing I won't be back to Pacifica very soon. I didn't even stay long enough to eat in that town. Which is really rare for me. I feel like you don't really get a feel for a town until you eat there.

I wound up stopping in Menlo Park for burgers. Which is normally a really great place for food. But I managed to pick the one place where it seemed like aliens came down to earth and created a burger made from pictures, but they didn't know how they tasted. It looked really amazing, yet was flavorless in a way I had never quite experienced before. And it wasn't dry like those types of burgers normally are. So it was really the weirdest thing.


  1. I'm shocked you went with mere dogs surfing.


  2. Hahahahah. Bunnies can't surf in N California. The water is way too cold. My girl would become a tasty shark morsel. Our beaches can be pretty dangerous. When S. first moved here and we started going to the beach I'd alway be on him about not turning his back on the waves. For years he was like what is your problem! until he saw all the people on the news get pulled out by rip tides.

    I didn't even know we had beaches like Pacifica up here. It's a beach more like Florida where you can walk out for a long time and the water is like hip deep. Normally the land shelves drop right off.

    Good to see you. All those dogs had life vests.

  3. I'm trying to picture either of my dogs standing on a surfboard and failing massively! Course, I'm not sure you'd get ME on a surfboard.....But very cool to watch.