Saturday, June 30, 2018

I went on a three city faux outrage tour today.

And the movement is weak!

Originally I was only going to go to the protest in my city because it's over 100 today and we were just going to hunker down and do projects. But I couldn't find the time it started in my town. So Mr S. looked around and noticed that two of the cities next to me were also holding protests and all the protests were at staggered times. This is when we figured out that these were traveling mobs and they were surely trying to inflate their numbers and the interest in their cause.

So I started at the farthest city over. Then went to lunch. Hit the city in the middle and by the time that one was wrapping up I went straight to my town. And frankly my city was the most tardly city in the land. The two other cities had maybe 2-300 people tops. But I left the lest protest before it has wrapped up so most people hadn't left from the other site yet. So they are going to make my city look totes progressive.

The speakers also went from one city to the next.

Also I have to say - for the most part, protestors these days are really unimaginative. Their signs are so boring.


I saw the guy with the orange sign at two cities.

Said the most white girl ever. I've really had it up to here with white guilt.

Okay... puppy kicking. Now that's kinda cute.

Here's that guy again at another city.

Lot's of children as props.

Also funny.

Friday, June 29, 2018

What do you think of these drone stations? 

This is a twitter vid, and I'm Luke warm about imbeding twitter vids. So use your mouse finger and click the link.

You've been....

You don't see that very often or at all.

What made this car get my attention was the noise the plastic was making from not being taken off the tires. He initially was behind me and I heard him before I saw him. Then I noticed the car was somewhat dealer wrapped. The whole hood was wrapped as well as the roof. And of course the tires.

I decided I had to try and get a shot of this and tried to get behind him but he was a slow driver. When I eventually did, I was only able to get one shot before he took the offramp to the airport. And I didn't want to deal with airport people, so I pealed off.

If the guy wasn't a seik I would have wondered if it was stolen. Still wrapped. No plate. And whenever I've bought a car - they totes take off the dealer price sheet. But to me he just looked like a clueless taxi driver. At any rate it was none of my business and I was getting late for where I was going. Maybe he's just one of those dudes who never want to take off the protective plastic. (shrug)

Thursday, June 28, 2018

I don't have time to blog yet, but on 680 just out of Fremont - there was a car missing at least three tires on the side of the freeway. We can all assume the the fourth one was gone too. But I couldn't see the right front quarter panel.

Not even in Oakland. Fremont.

I just can't even imagine how mad I'd be if I rolled up and all my tires were gone. That's messed up. I couldn't get a shot because I was driving and traffic is mad max yo!

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

He's going to have to find a new place to hide these.

The funny things you find trying to dodge traffic.

Mr S and I commuted today and I was down the block before it registered and I asked him - was that a shitload of Teslas? So I had to swing around. It stood out to me because there is a shitload of cars. But I haven't seen Tesla mark this building yet. I think it actually might still be vacant. To be fair, Tesla does have a branded building about 5 blocks down. But the only thing that made this a Tesla building was the tent and the cars.

It's a three building campus. I think it took me about a minute or two to walk down to the end. I was actually surprised it took me so long. There was a low key guard in the front, so I wanted to make sure to not be on their property.

I just don't get this at all. Why would he rent office space to store cars? Either he doesn't have the orders he says he does, or these are broken in some way that can't be shipped yet. Is there another option?

This red tent is right under this arrow. That's how many cars are there. And it seems to be a jumble of everything.

This is the side of the property. Stacked pretty deep everywhere. This is crazy I think. But no matter how this turns out. Elon has changed the world in many amazing ways. But the thing with socialists - you run out of other people money. I don't think this guys runway is long enough. Who rents office space to store cars?!?

Spite speakers!

This is actually an ultra sonic speaker. What the hell does that mean you ask?

Well.. since you asked. It basically provides directional sound. The sweet spot was very narrow which I was actually pretty impressed by.

There is an real market for these things. Like museums so you don't get sound bleeding out into parts of the museum you don't want it to be in. But, when they get cheap enough I'm going to buy one to keep my neighbors in check.

The only reason I didn't set up my sound bar to start playing my neighbors dog back to them on 11 was because it would piss off the other neighbors. With directional sound.......... the problem neighbors get all the love, and the others don't become mad. Maybe I'd even turn it up so they got the brown noise. I don't know. Depends on how many months their dog wakes me up.

I'm just crushing on Lidar today.

I think it's beautiful.

This Lidar is from Ouster who I'd never heard of before. It is not solid state(doesn't spin), but only has two moving parts? So I guess it's some lidar hybrid. Less moving parts means less expense.

I'm not really sure how the eventual Lidar wars will pan out, but I love this stuff. Photos don't do it justice. Velodyne has a new video out which is amazing. You can skip through the humans and the technical part. Just look at the lidar part.

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

I'm sure this is NOT a sign of desperation.

Evergrande Health Acquires 45% Stake In Faraday Future To Be Its Largest Shareholder.

I saw this come through last night and was like who the eff is Evergrande Health, and other than money, how does this company benefit Faraday Future?

Usually when companies buy each other it's for competitive advantage. And what competitive advantage does this company bring?

Also interesting.... almost no one cares. Apparently. I really haven't seen anyone talking about it.
The thing about people is - they want to be free, but they want you to not be free more.

Monday, June 25, 2018

Those desperate followers own LIME?

I've been blogging about those Lime scooters for a few months. Turns out - Intel is behind this crap. Intel owns Segway-Ninebot. Which is the company that makes these scooters.

Segway must feel super desperate. And now at least I know who is going to lose money on this crap. (Besides Intel)  Intel I've had on deathwatch for a while now.

I mean, why else would they fire the CEO for an affair that happened 4 years ago? If they wanted to keep him they would have fired the woman and kept him and just made her "go away".

The backstory on the subject line is I once went to a conference that was only in Chinese. And the Chinese called Intel "desperate followers." That is how I refer to them now.
I bet all of these people complaining about Trump going after Chinese companies investing in the US are the same ones who were bitching that Chinese companies snapping up all the real estate during the recession..

All I know is Softbank owns an alarming amount of Silicon Valley right now.

Now refrigerators are stalking me?

Mr S and I have a pretty unique shopping style. If we are at a grocery store we basically kiss at the door and leave each other. He goes to one side. I go to the other.

If we are in an electronics store - we stay together through computers and then we part ways. If we find things that are interesting we text each other and meet back up.

So when I was in the appliance section,  my ass buzzed and I thought it was Mr S. trying to figure out where in the store I was. Instead I was like - what's this new icon?

Apparently, the fridges were broadcasting and wanted to "hook up" (pair) with my phone.

Welcome 2019 models to the carpocolypse.

I haven't revisited this lot in a while. It's full of Lexi. All the models I looked at were 2018 except one. But thankfully that one is the really rare white color. Said in the most sarcastic way. At least I didn't find any 2017's.

There are so many cars here now that you can't even get them all in one reasonable shot. I would estimate they are more than 500 cars there.

At least the market has a reason to roll over and blame Trump.

I don't really remember all of this hysteria over Obama's 500% tariffs on steel.

Harley Davidson never threatened to move to Mexico. China didn't offer to retaliate. But at least all the car companies have a scape goat now.

Sunday, June 24, 2018

San Rafael Chalk festival 2018. END

Of course I loved this because I'm immature.

Now I don't know whether to believe the moon landing happened because TIME lies so often.