Saturday, June 30, 2018

I went on a three city faux outrage tour today.

And the movement is weak!

Originally I was only going to go to the protest in my city because it's over 100 today and we were just going to hunker down and do projects. But I couldn't find the time it started in my town. So Mr S. looked around and noticed that two of the cities next to me were also holding protests and all the protests were at staggered times. This is when we figured out that these were traveling mobs and they were surely trying to inflate their numbers and the interest in their cause.

So I started at the farthest city over. Then went to lunch. Hit the city in the middle and by the time that one was wrapping up I went straight to my town. And frankly my city was the most tardly city in the land. The two other cities had maybe 2-300 people tops. But I left the lest protest before it has wrapped up so most people hadn't left from the other site yet. So they are going to make my city look totes progressive.

The speakers also went from one city to the next.

Also I have to say - for the most part, protestors these days are really unimaginative. Their signs are so boring.


I saw the guy with the orange sign at two cities.

Said the most white girl ever. I've really had it up to here with white guilt.

Okay... puppy kicking. Now that's kinda cute.

Here's that guy again at another city.

Lot's of children as props.

Also funny.


  1. They KNOW they can't change the laws. That the majority want them enforced. Thus, they try to cheat lie and even steal in the name of the children.
    Every time I see these idiots "protesting" it's always the same faces.
    This one about the children and illegals really pisses me off though. Really pisses me off.