Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Are the Democrats really bitching about Trump calling off war games with S. Korea?

Before I went on vacation they were pissed that Trump had decided to talk to N. Korea. Then when I was on vacation they were pissed that Trump had called the talks off. And now they are bitching about this?

Look. When Obama was President we had one issue - Obama was a socialist and he was turning this country into a welfare country. He was taking from the productive members of society and giving to the non productive members. And he tried his hardest to do just that. Democrats are just a pack of wasps stinging at everything.

Additionally I find the way the media is covering this fascinating. For instance this post over on Zero Hedge. "Trump Suspends Joint "War Games" With South Korea, As China Emerges Big Summit Winner".

How exactly is China the big winner here? China just lost all their power to use N Korea as their antagonist. China used to be the only one who could talk to that guy. Now we don't need China for that. How is that winning?


  1. I offered you the answers but you fear the Deep State. You fear being on a list but you're already on that list. The White Hats have the situation in mind and are in control. This thing has been in the works for years before DJT. NSA and Mil Intel are the good guys, every on else is/are Black Hats.

    There for, you asked, I will reply as you need to be prepared for the shit storm that is inbound. Good for patriots, no so good for the Marxists. Lots of them going to jail.

    Sleep well, the Country is once again becoming safe. WW3 was planned but now kaput. You may not believe that but it is true. It ain't over yet because a trapped animal goes berserk and they(deep State) are trapped, they know it and are panicking.

    Patriots are and will protect you. FEAR NOT.

    Good versus Evil is ongoing but GOOD will prevail. I Promise you.

    All that has transpired in NK was done months ago. Trump met with Whoo-Fat in China and has been on the phone with him since. THAT is how DJT rolls. Art of the deal baby.

    That is why it only took 38 minutes to wrap this up. This was a propaganda meeting. Controlling strings are cut. Next will be the meeting of the underlings and finally, at some time, the wedding of the end of the Armistice. Who knows how that will play but it will be before the 2020 elections and possibly before the 2018 elections. I think this will happen as DJT needs a win by 2018.

    Did KJUn during his night strolls look concerned about his health or safety? NOPE. He is out from under those (Deep State) that had him by the balls. He and his regime are free people. The 3 deep state actors that controlled him are gone. Blackwater (now renamed) has Kim under protection, even in NK. CIA is out of NK.

    Obviously much, much more behind this but- YOU ASKED. LOL...

    I provided and no, you're not going onto a gov list you ain't already on. Sleep well, they don't give two shits about you.

    Good movie for the forces of Evil to writhe in their defeat.

    They are done, as will be exhibited in the next week or two.

    Answers to your questions are inbound. They are not in any way pretty. Steele yourself for tremendously unbelievable news in all things.
    These people are evil. Lots of them will go to jail. 2300 of them are now in jail. We'll get more.

    IG report will be heavily redacted but DJT will issue an EO to release the confidentiality of the reports, unredacting them. That hopefully, will piss off the public as to the horribly wrong abuses of BHO, the Congress and the LEO's. Well see as the public loves to remain asleep.

    Mark My words on this. It is already drawn up and ready to go but it has to be signed after both the FBI/DOJ report comes out as well as the HRC report comes out. All the players involved are BHO appointed so no "Political Status" can be placed on the investigators of the "Reports". They were all instituted by the "BHO" regime. Will he go to jail? I dunno although It's not impossible he will plead Kenyan citizenship.

    8th level chess. "DJT:Hey, these people were all appointed by the BHO Admin."

    Grab your popcorn and take a seat as the DEM party goes down in flames and in jail.

    Justice is comin, just wait for it as the "Sting of the Century" Plays out.

    It WILL shock the world.

    PS: At you next autonomous driving car bullshit, ask them if they've tested the vehicles under extreme static electricity? Like Fucking Lightning?

    I've lost 3 separate CCD Surveillance cameras in the last two years due to lightning strikes over my 10 acre homestead. NOT DIRECT strikes to the trees that house them but directly overhead as I live in a mountainous valley of about 600 feet. Whacks put the CCD Cameras and the power supplies right out of business. Maybe 3-6000 AGL as I live in a "Chute" that funnels clouds in.

    Be interesting to hear what they have to say because when I get a Strike with less that two seconds, I'm buying a new camera at $400 a pop.



  2. Capital of Texas RefugeeThursday, June 14, 2018 4:06:00 AM

    Welcome back Q-Ball! :-)

    Check your cameras out to see if there's a metal oxide varistor (MOV) that's been burnt out. It wouldn't surprise me that consumer-grade cameras with long power lines would pick up lightning strikes, induced RF, and a lot of other crap that would blow out the power inputs.

    The repair may be as easy as replacing a MOV with a little bit of soldering work.

    If they're Power Over Ethernet (POE) cameras, see if you can find a POE surge suppressor, that might do the trick. What you'll want will say it uses gas discharge tubes and avalanche diodes of a silicon or germanium variety, and of course you're going to want one that's weather-proof so it can sit on a short patch cable close to the camera itself. Grounding the ground lead is, of course, absolutely essential to making the suppressor work properly.

    If DC ripple is a problem, I suppose you could rig up a three-stage Chebyshev filter with caps out of a spare parts bin to smooth out the DC junk, but a decent switching power supply with an end-stage filter cap will do the job about as well.

    Otherwise, you're right, the Creep State doesn't want to mess with Dear Snarkie ... they're too busy pissing off Pinball Wizards who told 'em years ago that working for them was about as attractive as watching Roseanne Barr do some magic on a twelve-pack of corn dogs, and for many of the same reasons. :-)

    Do you know how these smug pricks always start out their sales pitch?

    "You'd really be helping your country out ..."

    To do some morally dubious if not flat-out evil thing they want. ALWAYS.

    Pinball Wizards tell them to go eat corn dogs ... well, OK, not so much eat them as ... you get the idea.

    They don't mess with Pinball Wizards too much though because we're useful to the economy. GO FIGURE. That doesn't mean they can't screw with us by planting some interesting "information" so we get messed with at border crossings.

    OH YEAH ... Yo Yo Yo Deep State Deep Cats, we know your theme song: "... you can wipe your lips and flash a grin that tells them all at the Jingle-Date that you enjoyed what you just ate ..." ...

    "Steele yourself" ... oh, stop it, I can't snort that much coffee up my nose without someone suspecting I've been doing nose candy on the side. (Even in Miami there are standards to uphold.)

    So what do retired Pinball Wizards do?

    "THE BLACK OPS COMEDY TOUR OF 2018 ... playing near you in June 2018 in an invitation-only venue at [REDACTED], [REDACTED], and [REDACTED]!"


    My name is not Michael Weston, BTW, and I never was a spy ...

  3. "There for, you asked, I will reply as you need to be prepared for the shit storm that is inbound. Good for patriots, no so good for the Marxists. Lots of them going to jail."

    I will believe it when I see it. Cause I don't think anyone is going to jail.

  4. Capital of Texas RefugeeThursday, June 14, 2018 8:06:00 PM

    "I will believe it when I see it ..."

    Same here.

    In fact, I'm expecting something closer to what Dmitry Orlov called "the Sovietization of America" ...

    After all, "Left" and "Right" are essentially terms brought to the everyday parlance by way of Marxist theory.