Thursday, June 21, 2018

VR came ~so~ close this time.

Microsoft says it’s no longer planning VR support on Xbox.

I think VR is finally rolling over. It makes me a little sad because part of me hoped it would work this time.

Mr S. and I met in the first wave of VR so I've always watched this sector really closely. But I guess I ultimately feel the same way I always have. People just don't like to wear glasses. I said it in the 3D craze. I said it in the Google Glass craze. And I've been saying it with VR.

These glasses are pain in the ass, and you need to have a really spectacular reason to wear them for very long. And the hardware just wasn't there yet.

I actually feel more optimistic about augmented reality right now than VR. At least augmented reality companies are starting to target a group that is already used to wearing helmets and bulky headwear. Manufacturing and repair.

This is what Cnet writes :

"But Spencer told CNET's sister site Giant Bomb something different in June 2017. In a candid interview with Giant Bomb's Jeff Gerstmann, Spencer admitted he had misgivings about whether VR was ready, saying he was merely "long-term bullish" about the tech. "I worry that a couple years ago, we had maybe an over-exuberance around VR which put more interest in it than maybe the tech and experiences could deliver," he said."

And you guys wonder why I'm so negative all the time. I see this stuff in person and then I see it being written about and the media really hypes things.

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