Thursday, June 07, 2018

It's the haptic feedback that makes these so adorable.

A few weeks ago I was at Maker Faire and I saw a group of children playing with one of these Kuri Robots and I was completely transfixed. The kids were caressing like it was a puppy. Which kinda tripped me out.

Honestly I might have missed this whole thing if it weren't for the guide dog which of course made me stop and take pictures. After enough people cleared out I started talking to the girl who was running the booth. I told her about the Maker Faire experience. While we were talking she kept rubbing the head of this thing. Which I thought was a bit of marketing.

After a few minutes though I had to ask her if it was coo-ing because it was making a noise. She tells me - it's purring. Touch it. And when I did I was like - oh! No wonder these kids are touching it the way they did!

It's interesting what a little haptic feedback can do for an object. Also it whistled, so it made the dog interested.

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