Saturday, June 16, 2018


I hadn't been out to pirate fest in a couple of years. It was way smaller this year. It must have gone super nova because this thing used to be huge. I did like pirate clause though. That was cutely inventive. Which made me think..... maybe we are all bored with pirates now. I only saw one barely Johnny Dep there.

An octopus was eating this girls ass!

This lady had this cute animatronic thing on her shoulder. She asked you to pet it's chin and it lifted it's chin/head like a cat. And I was super fascinated with it. She finally revealed that she had a controller in her hand. But in general I'm super fascinated when an inanimate object invokes a human like feeling in people. I thought it had a sensor somewhere that it responded to your hand.


  1. Poor octopus. It'll find corn. There's ALWAYS corn.


  2. That's because corn is delicious. Unlike octopus.

  3. I like octopus.
    I love smoke octopus. Then again, when I was in Japan I got addicted to some of their stuff.
    Take this for example:

    Pepsico makes some DAMN fine vending machine coffees in japan...
    Much better than the ones here. I wish they exported them here.

  4. I was going to be really impressed you managed to get me to watch a 13 minute video. has apparently adopted some SUPER aggressive tactics of putting ads inside the videos. It popped me out twice. And I think I might have gotten not quite half way through. But I thought the video was pretty interesting. But wow.. I've never seen youtube be THAT aggressive. I wonder what is up with that? If you find another one - I'll probably watch that.

    I have to admit - I'm not sure I've had octopus. I'm pretty against most stuff that lives in the ocean though.

  5. She Said,

    Use Adblock plus. I also use ghostery.
    If a site says you need to disable adblock to view the site, it's easy to do it for just that site.