Friday, June 29, 2018

You don't see that very often or at all.

What made this car get my attention was the noise the plastic was making from not being taken off the tires. He initially was behind me and I heard him before I saw him. Then I noticed the car was somewhat dealer wrapped. The whole hood was wrapped as well as the roof. And of course the tires.

I decided I had to try and get a shot of this and tried to get behind him but he was a slow driver. When I eventually did, I was only able to get one shot before he took the offramp to the airport. And I didn't want to deal with airport people, so I pealed off.

If the guy wasn't a seik I would have wondered if it was stolen. Still wrapped. No plate. And whenever I've bought a car - they totes take off the dealer price sheet. But to me he just looked like a clueless taxi driver. At any rate it was none of my business and I was getting late for where I was going. Maybe he's just one of those dudes who never want to take off the protective plastic. (shrug)

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