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Accidental leak?

A couple of days ago I was watching the old people news when a story about a new automated delivery vehicle popped up.  

To Mr S. I said - why are they putting bags from Fry's Electronics in this AV? When we backed the segment up, they had the below image up. 

Now unless you know the history of The Valley - this means nothing to you. But Fry's Electronics actually started out as a supermarket. I used to work with one of the heirs at a tech company. Honestly - THE tech company. None of you would be on the internet without them.

But, that would honestly be a brilliant move to go back to their roots. They have the building space! And honestly, it would be so Silicon Valley. Just when you think they are dead......

Wednesday, December 23, 2020

This is my favorite decoration this year. He was quite hard to get as airflow was on high.

Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Yeah, COVID again I guess.

As COVID-19 explodes, was California too strict for its own good?

I am really getting tired of this shit. To preface - I have never been in favor of the lockdowns. I can dredge up old posts from way back in March if needed. I have ALWAYS said they don't work. They make people want to flee. It's human nature! Which obviously is the opposite of what you want.

Having said that - this is complete garbage. And I know this because the WHOLE fucking summer we gleefully locked down because the sky was filled with smoke so thick you had ONE MILE visibility. No one wanted to be out in that. As proof, you can see I was blogging about this Oct 1. This is roughly where the first arrow is above.

I ate inside of a restaurant the weekend after Nov 11 for my anniversary. We knew it was going to shut down soon. So, INDOOR dining stopped somewhere around the middle of November. Roughly around where the second arrow is. The amount of people in there was ~right~ at the line I felt comfortable. I had eaten inside a couple of times by that point, but inside dining had been going on for around a month. All of these stories about California being too strict are just ignoring the reality and filling a narrative.

I just wish that people who have NOT been out in the economy would shut the fuck up. I am not in favor of the lockdowns, but the truth of the matter is - if you keep letting us come - we will. And that is what is causing the spread. Sick of this shit.

Monday, December 21, 2020

The machines got tired of being yelled at.

Today I found out that the bots have starting calling people who answer your questions "consultants" on phone trees now. Which is not nearly as satisfying to scream into the phone as OPERATOR! Nothing makes me as fighting mad as phone trees. Colossal waste of time.

When I told Mr S of this new development he said - well yeah, they got tired of being yelled at. Next they will call themselves "conversation artists."

Try screaming that into a phone. It ~is~ sort of so ridiculous that it takes the mad out of it.

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Saturday, December 19, 2020

Late crawl.

I'm getting a late start this year. And I'm sort of bored of Santas riding motorcycles so.....

This neighborhood has a theme I love. Every few years they get a new entrant. Martini and wine are OG's,  but over the years they added champaign and beer stein. (Not lit up tonight) 

This years new player is....... Coors light can! It made me so happy to see it because you try to think of all the new possibilities. Like shot glass I guess? How far can they take this?

Friday, December 18, 2020

And ....we are back at this stage.

I think the theory that everyone has already come into contact with Covid and has some sort of herd immunity can be proven to be bullshit.

And before everyone gets their fur up - that was also Mr. S's working theory - SO JUST STOP.

Thursday, December 17, 2020

California is about to go into some serious hibernation. Hospital capacity throughout the whole State is torched. 

Southern California is at zero percent, as is the Marin area. Santa Clara won't be far behind. The burbs are in the best shape so far.

Wednesday, December 16, 2020

California opens COVID-19 field hospitals across the state ... 

But ......just yesterday Zero Hedge was saying we had ample capacity across the country. Said in the most sarcastic way.

So frustrating. We've wasted an entire year on this shit.

Monday, December 14, 2020

What makes me laugh today is.....

Texas and the Conservatives clucking about how Oracle/HP/ and Tesla are moving there. Pro tip - We aren't sending you our best!  And Texas is acting like it's the score of the century. So funny. You can have these dinosaurs. Obviously Tesla is not a dinosaur, they are just a welfare queen. Good riddance.

Oracle is flatlined for the past 10 years. Amazon and others are eating their lunch. They aren't yet Intel, but they are definitely on the downslope. You can have Intel too if you want if it would make you feel better! I say these companies are a net suck.

Oh but wait - Schwab is also moving there. So surely I am wrong. Nope - that's another loser. Revenue down 19%.

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Friday, December 11, 2020

This is how delusional this market is.

I was talking to this guy I know and he tells me his stocks aren't doing well all of a sudden. I tell him - be really careful - the market is at an all time high. Which of course he shrugs off because I'm always telling people to be careful. I'm fine with it.

Then he says, if I lose money on these spec stocks it will only be a couple grand. Then he goes...."I missed out on Doordash. It got too high".

I'm like - Doordash is exactly why you should be nervous. It's flashing a huge warning sign for the economy. Of course he looks at me puzzled. So I go on.

All of these restaurants are closing! - I say.

He replies - yeah, but you can even have McDonalds Doordashed these days. 

Me - Have you seen the McDonalds drive through line lately? In San Fransisco 60% of the restaurants have just closed. Whatever percent of nothing.... is still nothing!

As a side note - the ONLY restaurant I see thriving is Chikfila. It's crazy honestly. Landlords are suing them because their parking lots are unusable due to the lines.

One place I frequent in my city shut down the last quarantine. I was JUST in there on Sunday and they said they were going to stay open. Literally four days later they told me they were thinking about hibernating. Which is the new restaurant trend to stay alive. You shut down and preserve capitol. I personally think the just the propane costs would make things untenable right now. Hibernation is probably less expensive.

All I know is that everybody is in the water and specs are going to get killed. Literally every stock I look at these days is up 100 percent this year if not more. This is fucking ridiculous and it going to end in tears. I don't know how.....but everyone is completely oblivious to fear because apparently money DOES grow on trees. Contrary to what my family told me.

There is no greater joy right now than an ~entire~ freeway doing 85MPH.

Thursday, December 10, 2020

How soon we forget the past.

Every generation gets the chance of getting beat to a bloody pulp.

Also this.


This is from a few days ago I think. Time has no meaning. 

We have only had one tiny storm for November and December, so you are going to start hearing all of us Californians bitching about that. 

Wednesday, December 09, 2020

I think I'm really mad at Republicans.

I want to start by saying that I think Trump was robbed. I also think if it wasn't a close election they wouldn't have been able to manufacture the outcome.

I don't love everything he says, but I think MAGA people got over confident and kinda became assholes. I think the whole COVID denial thing turned off a lot of people who might have crossed the isle. 

Most importantly I think they lost sight of the true freedom they are losing. It is so infantile to complain about masks when Joe Biden is a puppet for China. He has been since I was a kid. Hilary and Joe sold military secrets to China every since I can remember! 

Anyone who doesn't think China is a threat - look at what going on with China v Australia! They are buying up islands and then baring Australians from living on them for fucks sakes. I will try to find the link. It was a few days ago.

Those countries have no backup now. They wouldn't have been snippy with China if it wasn't for Trump. The only way these countries gain a backbone is with American support.

I'm just pissed.

Everybody just had to tap-dance on the rattlesnake den.

Hospital ICUs full in Silicon Valley, Central Valley as California braces for more.

My Aunt has been in the hospital almost the entire pandemic. She went in around April. I never thought she would make it out as the floors filled up with Covid patients. They saved her and she was scheduled to be released. 

But......she came into contact with someone who was infected - BECAUSE SHE'S IN A HOSPITAL,  and now she is doing her best impression of that guy who lived in an airport for a while. She is in quarantine in the hospital. Bet you didn't know that could happen. Me neither.

She's scheduled to be released around Christmas if she doesn't get re-quarantined. And hopefully some asshole won't kill her after she gets out.

The absurdity of it all.

All of this will fade away like tears in rain. This is is the most ridiculous bubble in history. As will this fake ass inflation. People didn't learn ANYTHING from the housing bubble.

All of these restaurants on the verge of bankruptcy and this FUCKING company is up 80% 85%?! How are they going to make any money when all these resteraunts close?  I hope these people lose all their money because door dash rapes restaurants.

I have eaten at restaurants literally at least once every week the whole pandemic. I wanted to help save who I could. A couple of days ago I told Mr S. - you can't save everybody. It feels like Schindler's List but for restaurants. And yes I know this is inappropriate. I know this isn't an exact equivalency, but you get the idea. 

It's just so frustrating to see people's lives be ruined because other people won't follow the rules. It's infuriating! 

A few days ago I got a notice from a place in Middle California because if you pay via square you are forever on their spam list. But this is the sad truth and I wish everyone would fucking stop acting out.

Friday, December 04, 2020

 Pretty fun to see Disney almost hitting an all time high when they are laying off 30,000 people. Said in the most sarcastic way.

 I have to say..... Christmas music in the stores during a pandemic takes this whole surreal year to a whole nuther level.

And I guess we aren't going to get any rain this year. feels ZERO percent like the holidays.

Wednesday, December 02, 2020

Still delightful.

Yes, People.... there is still some tech happening. Looking Glass seems to be making progress on their displays.  I ~love~ this scrappy little company. 

Of course I don't have first hand eyes on this, but Mr S. got to play with one about a year ago. So, this is not vaporware. I can't wait for the day when we all can ~see~ stuff again.

Remember when we thought ~this~ was a bubble?


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