Monday, February 11, 2019

Maybe glassesless 3D is having a moment in the sun.

Mr S. got to "borrow" an interesting little device over the weekend. If the pictures look a little odd it's because we didn't want to take the protective plastic coating off the front. That is for the owner to enjoy.

People have been working on glassesless 3D for longer than I can remember. I wasn't really sure this would ever gain traction. I've seen it a hundred times and you always had to stand in a certain spot to actually see the 3D. They were very sweet spot dependent. 

It seems suddenly like they've made a breakthrough because the sweet spot is getting wider and wider. I'm not saying it's completely there yet, but we are at the stage that they need to get these into developers hands to get content to take them further. Which is kind of a big deal.

If Mr S. wouldn't have brought this home I would have never believed how much better they have gotten. Not that I don't believe him, I just see them more often, and my surprise factor is higher. I see them a few times a year and am always surprised they are still plugging away on it. That's sort of how crummy they were.

This is not an NDA product it is a fully shipping kickstarter called Looking Glass., and I have to say while 3D is not completely there - it's not bad. The images are from stock demos's. So it will be interesting to see what developers come up with.

And everyone here knows I think 3D derived from glasses will never gain much traction because I don't think people like wearing glasses. So it's kinda nice to see that they are starting to gain some movement in this area. I thought it was completely lost.

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