Saturday, February 09, 2019

Because Seattle has just been funny.

You might have read that Seattle had a bit of a meltdown about some snow. So, I texted my childhood friend who lives there now.

Me - Are you having a snowpocolypse? We are getting crazy reports that your store shelves are empty.

A couple of hours later I get the following - "You should see the pot stores."

Me - Uh-oh, things must be serious up there.

I wait couple of hours to call her and she didn't pick up. But I decided to give her shit on voicemail anyway. Just in case she didn't make it out alive. Said in the most sarcastic way. She texted me she would talk to me later.  Meanwhile, the internet was being super hilarious about it.

Today she calls me and says - the only reason those stores are empty is because these pot heads can't figure out what they want to eat when they are snowed in! Which is saying a lot because well.....that pot craziness is even above our threshold.

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  1. Seattle.

    Your ideal Weapon of Choice should you decide to visit again.


    Oh, yeah, same guy, both vids, and I'm not talking about the highly energetic brother of David Bowie from an alternate universe. :-)