Saturday, February 09, 2019

The stuff under the sea.

We are still playing with Mr S.'s 3D phone. So we decided to go out the Monterey Bay Aquarium. I was hoping this would be a really good time to go because it's winter. I'm pretty sure when I was there last time I almost melted down. The ratio of screaming kids to adults was pretty savage. And that sound bounces around in my head for  a little while afterwards. Thankfully it did turn out to be relaxing rather than annoying.

Last time I went there was a line down the block to get in. This time we practically went right up to get tickets. So much better!

Mr S was pretty happy because the octopi are never active when you go to these places. They are always hiding in the back behind a rock. This was a MONSTER octopus. It could have choked out a man easily and eaten a baby! Sadly it was poorly lit, and there was no flash photography which I never use anyway. But I might have in this case.

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  1. The Boston Aquarium is something I remember fondly. A good public aquarium is worth the trip, admittedly if you can do so on a day with fewer screaming kids its better!