Saturday, February 16, 2019

Sacramento really bummed me out.

I know I'm suppose to be being an adult this weekend, but the only car show where you can hear big booming stereos is this weekend. You can't find it any other place. I guess I normally go on Sundays, and the cars where not competing today. So that sucked. Autorama is a pretty mediocre car show otherwise.

But the thing I really wanted to talk about was the homeless. Sacramento has a REALLY intense homeless problem right now. I was super affected by it.

We decided to find a burger place a few miles from the convention center. This caused us to drive by Discovery Park which is completely flooded right now. And you could just see tent after tent sitting half up in the water with all their garbage floating in the floodwater. And I just don't effing understand that. There were not giant tents. Some of them were two sleeper tents. Which I think would take less than 10 minutes to pull up. But there they were sitting in the flood water.

Mr S. speculated that maybe once you get a good "bumspot" you don't want to move. I wondered if they just thought they could easily get a new tent so no fucks given? I really don't understand what is happening with the world right now. That is San Fransisco crazy bum shit right there.

The other thing that bummed me out was I ran into a guy I'd met before. He has a really unusual car. We were chatting about stuff and I said it seemed like we were in a car recession right now. He was like yeah - I think so too. And it just made me feel so crummy. You know how sometimes you see stuff and you hope you are just imagining it? Well when someone confirms your suspicions, it just kinda freaks you out in a deep way. I'm starting to wonder if we aren't already in recession and no one wants to admit it yet. I know we haven't reached "technical" recession, but Sacramento definitely made me feel awful Which is unusual. It's a great burger area. A good burger can wipe away a lot of suckage.


  1. I would venture to guess that the tents were flooded because the homeless were in specially opened shelters for the cold. Thus, when they come back they will find that their tents were flooded.
    It's really sad the amount of homeless we have all over the U.S.
    It's really all of our responsibilities. It's a societal problem, not just a drug problem..and the drug problem is made by the changes in our morals and ethics.
    It's really not right.
    We have to find a solution.
    I see people in their 70's/80's shuffling down the street in a storm and I feel like someone has just stabbed me in the heart.
    It really hurts

  2. It's NOT all of our responsibility. All people should strive to not be a burden on others. That is where our moral and ethics have lapsed. California doesn't have any "projects" I can think of anymore. There might still be one up in hunters point. But they need to stick the old ones in there. They just are not capable of taking care of themselves. That is not our fault. That is THEIR fault. People like to YOLO when they are young never expecting they will grow old. Then they can't even take care of themselves. It's not fair to gilt society for human failures.

    But people here don't like the idea of projects. That is our moral failing. We'd rather see them walking the streets.