Monday, February 11, 2019

Every day now I pray that no one I know talks to me about socialism. You can fly under the radar for most stuff in California - but that isn't going to be one of them. I am genuinely concerned about what relationship is going to get torched. I am not even sure how I am going to react to that.

When Bernie was running it still seemed cute that people were into him. Fairly fringe. I went to the rallies. They were nice enough people, but super financially illiterate.  But it's the most depressing thing to see how much absorbed financial knowledge the recession wiped out.

There are an uncomfortable amount of people who aren't outright rejecting this fad.


  1. You might be a Socialist if ...

    ... all your big plans come unfunded.

    ... your scheme to create utopia sounds exactly like a revisitation of the Khmer Rouge.

    ... you tell everyone that "God will provide", and then you try to convert your neighbors to your new religion where you're a high priest.

    ... telling people that they should "pay it forward" magically fills your coffers with money you never earned.

    ... you're in favor of high income taxes except when you have to pay them.

    ... you think that begging for alms and telling everyone you're a Buddhist monk actually fools anyone at all.

    ... you are quietly awaiting The Revelation because you're waiting for the "free" FEMA hand-outs.

    ... you support the EU because you believe in trickle-up-trickle-down taxation so you can get super-cool benefits.

    ... you point to ant colonies as models of an "ideal citizenry" but act like all of the worker drones are there just to serve you.

    ... you live in California and you think that it's perfectly normal and acceptable to have your wealth redistributed from you. :-) *snark*

  2. California basically has a socialism for you, but not for me sort of attitude. And that quite frankly isn't going to work for me.

  3. The amount of people who were for Bernie gave me an insight into how our educational system and the media have destroyed rational thought and outright disdain for history.
    An avowed socialist (Communism Light) who get a big percentage of votes?
    It used to be that nuts like that would only be able to get two to four percent...
    It actually scares me and makes me fearful for the fate of our country.

  4. Texas,

    It would be locusts (grasshoppers) (aesop's fables) and you are right about california.
    They make no bones about it either.
    State board of equalization
    Equalization my ass

    Now I am just waiting for them to start with the Committee for Public Safety.

  5. I don't think it's the fault of the media or the schools. I think that there are so few examples these days that people don't really see how horrible it is. Sadly, that is why we will always need Venezuelas.

    People used to flee from those countries, come here and tell of how much it sucks. But we don't really have that much anymore. So people can't relate. and as long as other countries provide their wealth to help "defer/hide" the pain it just becomes normalized. Soft socialism can go on for quite some time with other peoples money. For instance..... lets see how this shit with China is going to work out. Because I think they had an oversized view of their status in the world.

    Human nature is still the same as it ever was.