Thursday, February 14, 2019

You know it's a real California winter when houses in Sausalito are sliding down the hill.


  1. I lived in Marin/Sonoma 1970-1976 and I don't recall housing sliding in Sausalito... but that was a long time ago.

    I lived in Pacifica 1980-1985 or so & I remember places sliding into the ocean ... but never stops.

    I do remember the great storm in '82! Waves breaking over the road down by the pier, green water coming over the end of the pier.
    There were two houses just up from the beach to the south of the pier, I was on the pier & watched waves go into the house and roll the refrigerator out thru the hole where the sliding glass door used to be. Sad but amazing to watch!
    I lived in an apartment about half way up the block on Santa Rosa Ave, I saw a wave going down the street, it wasn't big but it was sea water rolling down the road!
    Some guy stopped on Beach Blvd just to the north of the pier as a big wave broke over the small rise there, the wave as it crossed the road was taller than his car. I can still remember him rolling his window up as the wave washed over his car.... The car didn't slide far, he got it started and took off.
    That was a good afternoon to drink a beer on the pier & watch the power of the ocean...

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  3. Rob,

    Back when Pacifica was still a nice place. Now? Don't park your car unless you want your windows broken, stereo stolen and you tires gone.

  4. I don't think Pacifica is as quite as bad as that. But all the beach towns these days have a lot of transients. I mean, they always have... but it's just way worse now and the element is different.

  5. If you build on an area that historically slides down the hill when it rains...well