Thursday, February 07, 2019

I am really confused on how I feel about this car now.

This past weekend I found out that Fisker was holding a drive event for their new car. Immediately I was like - hell yeah I want to see that car and test drive it. I've been wondering when we would see one of those cars around the Valley.

When I told Mr S. though, he was like - oh.... that is for the Revero,  not the Fisker Emotion. I guess I'd forgotten that they'd sold off the naming rights to Fisker and someone else had bought it. I didn't even realize they were reviving that brand. So I backed out.

Mr S. thought it was an ICE car now. (Internal combustion Engine) But now that I look at their website it's looks to be a gas/electric hybrid. And now I just kinda don't know how I feel about it.

It's super fascinating that they have a test drivable/buyable car, and I haven't seen that for the Emotion. But now that I look at the Fisker site I notice they are branching out into those cube cars. The whole thing is sort of confusing. Because until I see one driving on the street - they are still vaporware to me.

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