Saturday, July 30, 2022

ICE hearts.

This is a trend in Japan that sometimes makes it over here. This is the exhaust pipe.

Friday, July 29, 2022

Now we are getting to find out how people with Monkeypox die. Encephalitis. And there are also a LOT more women popping up infected.

Your turn America. How we gonna play this? Pox parties? Just outright denial like the past three years?

Last night was the first time on the old people news that they said new SARS2 infections might not be mild and to protect yourselves. Only three years too late. 

I think they (the news) have finally ditched those hack doctors like Monica Gandi and Bob Watchter.


This is Lake Shasta about a month ago.

Wednesday, July 27, 2022

This is a 2007 style fugly chart.

It's been a super long time since all the months have been negative. 

Clown show.

As you can plainly see - housing has been falling for the entire year. Even before the Fed started raising rates. The Fed is fighting inflation they can do nothing about. But they are willing to vaporize the housing market. Since assumably they can't shove out PPP loans ( oh, that's right. They weren't really loans but forgiven helicopter money), the only firepower they have is to raise rates so they can say they have some ammunition to lower them again later.

Nearly complete. Even the gay cowboys.

In 40 days the US went from twenty States with Monkeypox to 48 States. We were a distant 10th in the world, now we are #1! GO USA! It is now in 74+ countries. I haven't checked the last day or two.

I wanted to talk about it today because Fox News last night was telling people all sorts of wrong things.  I'm trying to figure out which thing is the most important to tell people.

I guess the biggest lie right now is we have a vaccine and treatments. I mean....... we do have vaccines. The old one from the old timey days for smallpox which is very dangerous. 

The new one, which actually hasn't even been tested on anyone. Yeah. You heard that right. Hasn't been tested on children. No known efficiency for adults which the CDC just admitted last night. 

The second thing is there are tons of people who can't even get the vaccine. People with eczema are at an especially high risk of bad outcomes. That is fully 3% of the world population. The old vaccine basically has the live virus, so people with eczema can't even be around anyone that was vaccinated since eczema basically is open sores. MPox is very contagious to that group. Pregnant women not allowed to get the vaccine. People with immune problems - also not allowed.

The third thing is that only the gay gay gays can get it. Just last night a child in the US was reported with Monkeypox and a pregnant woman. And if you have ready ANY of the stories from the currently infected, it is truly the saddest thing. People can't eat. People can't even FART or poop it hurts so bad. To have children and the elderly exposed to this is next level evil. Even morphine doesn't cut the pain. And a large portion of people who have written about their experience say they contemplated suicide because the pain is that intense. Some people have been maxed out on morphine and the doctor tells them that can't have any more because it will stop their heart.

There have been reports of community spread for at least a month now. Meaning they can't link some cases to the known outbreak. Last night stories started coming through nighttime twitter of cases not linked to sex at all. One guy thought he got it from his job.

So.... this is where we stand right now.

I think most infuriating thing of the past three years is that people have been more focused on fighting the "fear" than fighting any of the viruses. So now we get to do this with a public that doesn't trust anyone and doesn't believe anything. And we all now have unisex bathrooms. 

I would have said we should get this under control ASAP considering what this could do to Airbnb and the travel industry in general. But who am I kidding... right? The time to act was more than a month ago, but no one is going to listen to them now.

Tuesday, July 26, 2022

It is just the cutest thing watching everyone fall all over themselves saying there isn't going to be a recession. Only dummies believe that. I happen to fall in the camp that thinks we have been in recession since 2020 and money printing only delayed the inevitable.

If they admitted the truth then everyone would wonder why they are raising interest rates. It was the weirdest policy move ever. Raising at the end when everything was already in decline.

Maybe they did it only so they had "some" kind of tools to fight what is coming. LOL Said in the most sarcastic way.

Welcome to the "patting myself on the back tour". It gonna be a long ride.

Dr. Birx Says She Knew of Natural COVID-19 Reinfections as Early as December 2020 

"During questioning from Ohio Republican Representative Jim Jordan, former White House COVID-19 Coordinator Dr. Deborah Birx says she knew in December 2020 and January 2021 that people who were naturally infected with COVID-19 were experiencing reinfection based on data coming out of South Africa. She says that officials were likely hoping that infection or transmission would not reoccur once the vaccines came along. "I think it was hope that the vaccine would work in that way," she says."

I read about this about a week ago and have been pissed every since. Anyone who said there were reinfections got dragged by the unawake mob. 

I started talking about reinfections in mid July of 2021. Not long after the jab came out. But I was a fear monger.

"Those of us who have been watching this on night time twitter have been holding our breath. Initially it looked like there were only 20% breakthrough cases a week ago (which is not great) but things are looking rather worse now. 

I tried to tell people a couple of months ago that other countries who were more vaccinated than the US were still having terrible outbreaks. But no one wanted to listen.

Frankly this woman should be sued into poverty. Every dime she makes on that book should go to the families she's killed. People lost family relationships over this. People lost friendships. And people died. Frankly I'm pretty mad about how people were treated who tried to tell others the truth.

Not to mention the trust lost in the CDC. Monkeypox is going to be a good fun ride because apparently our new standard is that if you've never heard of something or don't believe in it, no one should get treatment.

Monday, July 25, 2022

Saturday, July 23, 2022

Friday, July 22, 2022

They always shoot the messenger.

Looks like the climate is right to dip back in. I'd like to think people come here because I don't blow with the wind like literally all of the other blogs that make money from writing articles.

I took some time off because blogging became not worth it. Not one bit. I don't get paid for this shit. All the content here is from my time and energy.

To constantly be told told you are wrong and be ridiculed as a fear mongering cultist for almost three years sort of makes a person angry.  And I started reflecting that more and more in my replies. I mean, it's infuriating to be told you are afraid when I literally was out the whole time in 2020 trying to save my favorite restaurants during the most uncertain points of the pandemic. BEFORE that became fashionable.  I know what happened the whole pandemic despite all the false internet narratives. 

This is from April 3 2020.

"In confessing my own sins... I've been going out every three days or so. Armed with a mask and alcohol swabs. I still need to replenish supplies and some takeout is still open. It's a hard battle between complete lockdown and hoping some of your favorite places get at least some income and will come back. But from what I have observed - there are still a lot of people out. I mean....go to a Chickfila. I'm betting you will be astonished. Because I was and I was in that line. Don't yell at me."

Very early in 2020 I started sharing info about reinfections. The data really came from all over the world. China, South Korea, Israel. But America didn't count reinfections so I was a lair. As a whole,  people who were most wrong, were most mean about it. And I'm not a guy so this isn't a bygones sort of thing. I'm mad. I was only trying to inform people the things the government wasn't. And it turns out  was right all along.

Now I'm going to be even more sarcastic, and people who read this blog are just going to have to figure out a way to deal with it. I'm not poking at anyone specifically, but as certain groups as a whole.

March 12 2020.

"I can assure you - this virus is hell on earth. 20% of people will need serious medical intervention. And it feels like you are drowning. Not only that - people who recover become reinfected. In China they said 14% of cured patients came up with the disease again. This thing sort of shape shifts."

"Last night I started reading that Chinese students were flooding back to China because they believed it was the safest place on earth. You see - China has been convincing people that their outbreak has completely run it's course. Despite China knowing early on that you can get infected with this thing over and over.

On April 20 2020

"The other thing that is being passed around is that if you get the virus you have some sort of immunity. Which is wrong. There have been people saying there might be some limited immunity, but no one knows if that is true yet. To the contrary it has been known for many weeks that a certain amount of "recovered" positives can relapse. I think the number was 13 or 14%. We know this to be true because South Korea keeps reporting this."

I mean, just three weeks ago people were still insisting you couldn't get SARS2 over and over again.

"This week, a very scary-sounding article went viral (“Get Ready for the Forever Plague”!), accompanied by a picture of an equally scary crow-faced plague doctor in a hoodie. “Just one infection can destabilize your immune system and age it by 10 years,” the journalist wrote. “As a consequence it is now possible to be reinfected with one of omicron’s variants every two to three weeks,” and “each reinfection confers no immunity.” 

Let’s get this out of the way: None of that is true. The article was roundly criticized by numerous experts on Twitter as sloppy and error-ridden, and hyperbolic. But it clearly struck a nerve, because it taps into legitimate concerns about the stage of the pandemic we’re in. 

I’ll refrain from nitpicking every claim in the article (see the expert threads for that). I think it’s worth diving into one of its central claims, though—that reinfection is possible again, and again, in rapid succession. This is both scaremongering, and contains some important bits of truth. "

Ghost forest.