Friday, July 22, 2022

They always shoot the messenger.

Looks like the climate is right to dip back in. I'd like to think people come here because I don't blow with the wind like literally all of the other blogs that make money from writing articles.

I took some time off because blogging became not worth it. Not one bit. I don't get paid for this shit. All the content here is from my time and energy.

To constantly be told told you are wrong and be ridiculed as a fear mongering cultist for almost three years sort of makes a person angry.  And I started reflecting that more and more in my replies. I mean, it's infuriating to be told you are afraid when I literally was out the whole time in 2020 trying to save my favorite restaurants during the most uncertain points of the pandemic. BEFORE that became fashionable.  I know what happened the whole pandemic despite all the false internet narratives. 

This is from April 3 2020.

"In confessing my own sins... I've been going out every three days or so. Armed with a mask and alcohol swabs. I still need to replenish supplies and some takeout is still open. It's a hard battle between complete lockdown and hoping some of your favorite places get at least some income and will come back. But from what I have observed - there are still a lot of people out. I mean....go to a Chickfila. I'm betting you will be astonished. Because I was and I was in that line. Don't yell at me."

Very early in 2020 I started sharing info about reinfections. The data really came from all over the world. China, South Korea, Israel. But America didn't count reinfections so I was a lair. As a whole,  people who were most wrong, were most mean about it. And I'm not a guy so this isn't a bygones sort of thing. I'm mad. I was only trying to inform people the things the government wasn't. And it turns out  was right all along.

Now I'm going to be even more sarcastic, and people who read this blog are just going to have to figure out a way to deal with it. I'm not poking at anyone specifically, but as certain groups as a whole.

March 12 2020.

"I can assure you - this virus is hell on earth. 20% of people will need serious medical intervention. And it feels like you are drowning. Not only that - people who recover become reinfected. In China they said 14% of cured patients came up with the disease again. This thing sort of shape shifts."

"Last night I started reading that Chinese students were flooding back to China because they believed it was the safest place on earth. You see - China has been convincing people that their outbreak has completely run it's course. Despite China knowing early on that you can get infected with this thing over and over.

On April 20 2020

"The other thing that is being passed around is that if you get the virus you have some sort of immunity. Which is wrong. There have been people saying there might be some limited immunity, but no one knows if that is true yet. To the contrary it has been known for many weeks that a certain amount of "recovered" positives can relapse. I think the number was 13 or 14%. We know this to be true because South Korea keeps reporting this."

I mean, just three weeks ago people were still insisting you couldn't get SARS2 over and over again.

"This week, a very scary-sounding article went viral (“Get Ready for the Forever Plague”!), accompanied by a picture of an equally scary crow-faced plague doctor in a hoodie. “Just one infection can destabilize your immune system and age it by 10 years,” the journalist wrote. “As a consequence it is now possible to be reinfected with one of omicron’s variants every two to three weeks,” and “each reinfection confers no immunity.” 

Let’s get this out of the way: None of that is true. The article was roundly criticized by numerous experts on Twitter as sloppy and error-ridden, and hyperbolic. But it clearly struck a nerve, because it taps into legitimate concerns about the stage of the pandemic we’re in. 

I’ll refrain from nitpicking every claim in the article (see the expert threads for that). I think it’s worth diving into one of its central claims, though—that reinfection is possible again, and again, in rapid succession. This is both scaremongering, and contains some important bits of truth. "

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