Thursday, September 30, 2010

Ghost Rider.

It's hard to be interesting every day. So I'm just going to give you a shameless plug.

All you local peeps - if you find yourself in Palo Alto - visit Kara's Cupcakes. Next to Stanford.

They have the lightest most delicious cupcakes ever. Even the frosting. Which is like delicious clouds. I think this post ties in nicely with my last post honestly.

Of course, you might need to mortgage your house or take out a loan as they are about 4 bucks a cupcake. Totally worth it though.

The funny thing about these pictures is - I asked if I could take pictures. Oh sure - they said. When I got my camera out of my bag, they got a little sketchy. This is for personal use... right?

Which made me laugh. I guess maybe people will steal pictures for print ad stuff. Whatever.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Who says they aren't innovators?

When this hit first came through my blog I laughed. Then I thought - those clever little bastards. Sure, it isn't practical. Heat and water. But, they do get points for trying. It is the perfect sort of application.

And yes. I'm arrow happy right now.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The greatest horror story ever told.

I haven't been bitching lately about President Money Bags. It isn't that I don't care. I just think he is doing a fantastic job at ruining his own world.

I think all the conservatives should just tap out and let PMB do himself in. Half the time lately when he says something..... my eyes open wide and I stifle a laugh. Then say, soldier on PMB. Soldier on.

I mean... what happens come November when the unemployment extensions run out. Right before Christmas. And people are wildly intolerant of more spending?

Especially in light of California owing roughly 1/5 of the $39,822,924,111.13 billion borrowed for unemployment insurance from the Feds. For all the states combined. Source here.

I'd hate to see if jobs were his #2 priority.

Hot enough to....

I'm miserable. The bunnies are miserable. They just stuck on a new coat a couple of weeks ago with that cold-ish snap. Now they are going to blow it out, and I'm going to have to manage their GI. Totally threw them off of their normal shed schedule.

I just hope I keep power today. This is California after all. NO guarantees.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Bad ass cars - screw this edition.

Above - 1965 Ford GT.

I didn't know about this car show until I went to pick up my morning paper to check out the rental prices. It wasn't on my list of things to do that day. Which was a good thing because California is sweltering.

I don't think I've ever walked a car show so quickly in my life. Sure, yesterday it was only 97. But, it's a dry 97. Don't laugh. It makes your chest tight to breath. It sucks.

I was standing in the sun today, and the sun beating on my shirt was so hot - it was burning my nips. Sure.. maybe that is too much information. But I'm telling you.. it's ridiculously hot.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

I can't figure this place out.

People drawing on the ground can make me do strange things. Like go back to places I said I would never ever step foot in again.

Martinez is a place I just don't get. Most of the businesses downtown are antique shops. Mr S. says these places just don't want to admit they are pawn shops. Without the pawning part. The rest of the city is government buildings.

So, there is no charm. Or rustic age. All they have is those stupid beavers, and how does a city attract business with that?

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Bad Ass Cars - Mehserati edition.

Every since we first saw this style of Maserati a couple of years ago, we've coined it a meh-serati. It basically looks like a Toyota.

Conversations literally go like this - hey, is that a Maserati? Ooooh. It's one of those Mehserati's. Which always ends in disappointment. But, I still take pictures of them so I can mock them.

I only got the one clear shot - because our freeways suck and my car is a giant boat on them.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Thursday, September 23, 2010

I see through you.

I don't know why I haven't seen more photos from the show of this monitor from Scalable Display. I was in love with it.

I'm not a huge fan of projection TV's. Which is what this monitor is, essentially, without the TV part. You can see the projector behind it. Still, I can see no other way to create a beautiful curved surface with such a thin footprint.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

This isn't your grandpa's Cray.

Only once in my life have I gotten to see a Cray supercomputer. It was in a lab at one of the places I worked for. I remember being shocked that it was padded and looked like a lounge seat.

I've been in server rooms, but somehow seeing a Cray always seemed special. Maybe it was because they were round. I don't know. They always stood out. Server rooms are everywhere... Cray's weren't.

Aside from the unusual design, I worked at one of the companies who used to own Cray. This means I try to keep track of them. So, when I walked past this today - it stopped me dead in my tracks. A huge grin swept over me.

It was so small! They used to be the size of minivans. Now a supercomputer can fit in your trunk.

It isn't like it was a surprise that things are getting smaller and more powerful. Crays one time owner, Silicon Graphics, basically lost their market because they could never believe that desktops would be as powerful as their expensive machines would be. Nor as cheap as they became. They were arrogant. They didn't react in time.

I figured Cray would suffer that same fate. Eventually.

Maybe tomorrow I'll get a shot of it with people next to it. Somehow it made me happy they are evolving.

Also funny? When I saw it, I texted Mr S. the picture.

His text - I liked the old round Crays.

My Text - It looked like your grannies living room.

His text - Whose granny had a super computer in their living room?

Well played Mr S. Well played. He was rather nonplussed about the Cray I saw today. Whatever.

Seen at GTC2010.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I've never had a bigger crush on Adam Carolla.....

Well, I've never actually had a crush on Adam Carolla - but that is beside the point.

I'm moderating my posts today, as I'm in a conference for the next couple of days. Posts will be random.

Show me what I'm looking for.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

What to make of it all.

This weekend I was up in a wealthy Walnut Creek suburb. I'm guessing this is there the WC business owners live - because there isn't jack shit in the town. They do have this art festival.

I wasn't really feeling like going very much. It was suppose to rain here on Sunday and I was loving the idea of that. Still, the festival is known for people dressing their pets up. Since it is so close to Halloween. I'd been in 2008 and I got some good shots of dogs. I have to get my "dog on" sometimes. Mr S. is allergic.

We drove up, and the whole effing town was over capacity. Really. It is a small suburb with meter only parking. The only other place to park was at the BART and take a shuttle. Which was impossible.

This of course made me want to do the punching windmill. There are 20 BART stations between here and there. I could have taken BART from the town next to me.

I just don't really know how this benefits a town. If there was some way to know you couldn't park - you could have paid a buck and parked in any number of BART parking lots and taken the shuttle in. The city could welcome you by saying - look, if you want to be crammed in like sardines we welcome your business. But, there is nowhere to park. At all. Instead, people are just driving around for no good reason. And since you can't park - you can't give money to the other businesses.

It also has to piss off the people who live in the town. I was so pissed I didn't even take a shot of a granny driving an Aston Martin. She looked like a not well preserved 70 year old. The car was this year or lasts model.

This also happened last weekend.

After the Tea party, we decided we would rush over the the Capitol Air Show. The only thing I wanted to see was Robosaurus. A 20 foot fire breathing car destroying animatronic beast.

Of course, by the comments on the facebook page for the show - this made purists incensed. "This isn't a monster truck rally - it's an airshow". Whatever. I can get into planes sometimes. But fire... now you've found your audience.

At any rate, we got there right about 3:00. We figured most people would be leaving by then.

We drove up to the parking area and was told the lot was full. We'd need to go a lot that was generally in the direction of the left. We get turned around and start trying to go that way. The police however were only directing people to the right.

After a little bit of this we stopped and told one of the attendants we weren't trying to leave - only get to the lot we were directed to go to. He suggested we go down to the next block and turn left. It was at that point that I'd asked the guy if they were just full. He didn't know. The only place he knew to park though was back in the direction we'd been told initially. We do what he tells us to do. The police still were only directing traffic to the right. And people were starting to be really pissed about it.

One guy who was trying to get into the lot - got out of his truck and yelled at the cop - I work here! He clearly had a badge around his neck. The police of course responded - I don't care who you are. You are going right.

A little more of this. We stopped at another attendant who told us - they are only directly traffic out bound now. It was only 3:30. The airshow closed at 5:00.

In Sacramento there is dead real estate everywhere. This airshow would have actually pulled in some revenue. But, no one knew where to let you park if the main lot was full. No one had walkies. Tons and tons of empty parking lots. Which made me think there must have been some rule about businesses charging for parking. Someone could have made a bundle.

Now both of these events were dirt cheap. But they were both overcapacity. By a lot. So, it is hard to look at business headlines and figure out what is going on. Are people spending - or are they not spending?

Friday, September 17, 2010

Anxiety has a purpose.

Last year, right about this time - I freaked out and pulled out a flood insurance policy on my crap shack. At the time my renter/roofer/sometimes friend and I were having very deep problems.

We'd had a freak storm the year I'd bought the place which almost flooded it. I just wasn't sure my property would have been taken care of if there was another near flooding problem.

Since there are renter rules, which I abide by, it was better to just pull a policy so I didn't have to worry all the time.

It was funny because my agent thought I had flipped off the deep end. None of these houses have ever flooded - they said. Undeterred, I ponied up the 350 bucks. Now the renter could do anything he wanted to the place. Burn it. Flood it. I don't care.

Immediately I got a notice in the mail from FEMA saying I was in a flood zone. I'm a few blocks from the creek. That creek isn't going to come close to flooding my house though. The problem more exists with what the neighbors have done with their properties and how the water sheets off onto mine. So I laughed and didn't think anything of the notice.

Until this summer.

People in the valley started having a conniption about FEMA and how they had redrawn the flood maps. They'd owned their houses for decades and never been forced to get flood insurance. Now, these people had to pay 2 grand for insurance. Forced. Not voluntarily like I had. While I noticed the reports, I was basically in the stage of - it sucks to be them.

Then, the reports started coming from my town. There are little tiny creeks everywhere. None have them have flooded as long as I remember. That doesn't stop FEMA from trying to pry money from your cold drowned body.

Same price. 2 grand. Thanks to all the real estate databases I could see the houses were similar in price to the crapshack. So I talked to my agent and held my breath for my bill. He said the price would go up, but he'd fight if it wasn't too high.

Much to my relief - the bill was 350 bucks. Just like last year. Now, I think if I hadn't freaked out, I would have gotten a 2 grand bill. When I pulled the policy they asked if I was being forced by my mortgage holder to get insurance. Which I wasn't. Now that I am listed in a flood zone, I'm sure I would be. So I think I got grandfathered in at the lower price.

I also think the mortgage holders were probably raping the homeowners and jacking up the price. It is a huge difference in price. And, I would have been completely oblivious if I hadn't taken it on my own just to pull the policy. When I'd done it - my agent made it seem like no one in town held flood insurance. Which is probably why I got it so cheap.

Things are always much cheaper when you aren't being forced to buy it. Draw your own parallels.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Why the Republicans should be scared.

We see you all as the credit card carrying spenders of Bell California.

So what is the Tea Party -- the group that will help the Republicans take Congress, or the one that will accidentally help the Democrats keep it?

It's really amusing that the GOP is as confused as ever, as to why their candidates keep loosing. It is simple really. When you said you were the party of fiscal responsibility - that meant something to us.

I hear a chorus of Dems saying where were you when HitlerBush was spending us into the ground. Which is a fair question. It is.

At the time I didn't have a problem with the money Bush was spending. Because, I didn't know how much public officials were making. As a matter of a fact, public unions sued to block this information in 2003. When a lawsuit was filed to have this information disclosed.

From the Morgan Hill Times.

"The Contra Costa Times initiated the court battle for salaries after a 2003 ruling in San Mateo County that gave cities an excuse to withhold salary information from the public. In San Mateo County, Superior Court Judge Rosemary Pfeiffer denied an attempt by the Palo Alto Daily News to obtain salaries from the cities of Atherton, Belmont, Burlingame, San Carlos and San Mateo. The newspaper had previously published the names and salaries of Palo Alto and Menlo Park employees, and wanted to do the same for additional cities.

But unions representing public employees caught wind of the newspaper's request, and eventually filed a lawsuit to prevent the information from going public."

The lawsuit was finally settled at the end of 2007. It still took cities more than two years to release the information.

From Inside Bay Area 12/09/09.

"More than two years after state Supreme Court Justice Ronald George authored a 7-0 ruling stating that the salaries of all government employees are public record, some local governments still refuse to quickly release data. The city of Alameda took more than two months to release information on all of its 2008 employees and would not perform calculations to make the data easier for the public to understand. Albany refused to make similar calculations on overtime pay and bonuses."

As late as March 2008 state workers were protesting the court ruling saying they were concerned about safety and privacy.

From Govtech.

"Susan, a CalTrans manager, says she doesn't remember signing away her privacy when she became a state worker. I was sickened when I saw what was on there," she said. "I felt like I can be tracked down by people I worked with and I feel like I'm vulnerable."

She was right. Just not in the way she thought. In 2008, none of us would know how tired the taxpayer would become. For obvious good reason.

Some people say Chief Justice Ronald M. George's legacy will have been the act that temporarily gave gay couples the right to marry. Here. Not to diminish their plight - but, his larger legacy will have been the one that perhaps turned back the hand of out of control government. A government that affects every single person in this State.

Would things have been different if we'd known five years ago that the mayor of a small town was making 4 times what the Chief Justice himself was making? Or that a small town called Bell was charging property taxes at a higher rate then the residents of Beverly Hills. An increase of 50% in three years! For a constituent that on average only makes 40 grand a year? Here with video.

I don't know.

I got the impression that when I started blogging about BMW driving firefighters in early 2009 people thought I was sort of an asshole. So maybe nothing would have been different at all.

So, when the spineless Republicans go against their core values of cutting taxes and spending - both of which would have helped the residents of Bell California - we want to vote them out just as much as Democrats.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I am down with the flu. You are on your own.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Tea Party Sacramento.

At this point, going to Tea Parties is a little like that TV miniseries that you are bored of. But, you've been watching it so long - you just want to finish the series.

Since I attended one of the first ones almost two years ago, I've tried to make every one of them in reasonable driving distance. I just want to see this to the ends, and see what direction the group is moving. Watch how the group evolves. How the whole thing ends up. I want my free sub sandwich!

Today I was sure it was moving to an old folks home. And, I'm super tired of the "white, middle aged" theme from the media. It's a boring tired description. However, this group definitely did seem predominantly in their 60's to 70's. This isn't some ageism reaction. The group always trended older than middle age. This group was really older though.

I guess I've been somewhat disenfranchised a lot of the time with the group. In the beginning it was funny and quirky. Sometimes clever. Then they became more churchy. I agree with a lot of their principles. I just tap out on the religion.

Now it seems mostly religious. Which is okay.. for them. Religion is everywhere. I don't have to be into it. I don't have a problem with religion on currency. Religion just isn't my thing.

The thing that really, really bothers me though - is they've chosen red t-shirts for their rallies. Especially for a group who complains so savagely about socialism. It isn't even like they don't understand the significance.

Not to put too fine of a point on the annoyance. This is one of my crappy pictures from today. The red guy... ie the socialist... is shooting the blue guy!

I know I complained about this last year around this time. It still really, really, bothers me. I'm pretty sure it's because at a distance, it looks like a socialist rally. And more people wear the shirts.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

My crazy life - part 2.

Part 1 here.

Culligan water should work for homeland security. These people can keep a database.

I don't know anything - anything at all - about water softeners. The only thing I know about them is old people have them. Never in my life have I heard of anyone renting one. I thought that was something you buy.

So, when Mr S. blindly called them yesterday when the garage was flooding - it was like a GPS signal went off at Culligan. Beep...beep..beep. We have a hit on our property.

The contractors got here about 6:30. Right as my bitch switch was starting to get twitchy. I wanted the water on by that night, and I was starting to think about hacksaws.

I know I should learn to fix copper pipe. I've even tried welding before. But that was a really long time ago, and these water softeners are out of my comfort range. I don't know what is in them. This thing just looks like a giant acetylene bottle to me.

At any rate - they got here and walked into the garage. Asked the standard how are ya doing greetings. I of course say "could be better" in my sarcastic smile with a shrug.

One guy walks up to the unit with the part. I'm telling the other guy we would have given your property back if we had known it was yours. We've been trying to get rid of it for years.

I would have paid one of my guys to do it, if I didn't think he would get put in some prison for polluters.

Within a minute flat he had the valve in. He didn't even have to go back to his truck. He says they will call next week to repossess it. If only I could have other things I hate about houses repossessed like this thing - I would die of happiness.

On one hand - I lost a bunch of grout, and I have to find new boxes for some stuff. On the other... I lost a disclosure item when I sell this place. I couldn't be happier they are taking it back.

They didn't charge me a dime. For a Friday evening emergency call. Way! Oddly, for now, they just seem happy to get their bottle back. Plus, they'd already been working an emergency call, and seemed relieved they didn't have to put up with someone complaining about how hard their water was - and how they might just shrivel to death if they didn't get it fixed right then.

It is one of those closed units. So, just putting the plug back in doesn't make the water soft. It only stops water shooting out from chest level, flooding the garage.

I'm also guessing I couldn't have gotten this part anywhere but them. Which made me glad I didn't loose my mind trying.

I don't even know why they have a plastic part in this thing. Steel pipe comes with these red caps. I thought it was just lead pipe. It blew out right were it leads into the softener.

The other thing I found really interesting....

Leaving the garage, they walk by the robomower. One guy goes - what is that?

Before I could even comment, the other says - it's a mower.

Of course, it says that on the top. But, I've never seen anyone else ever have one. I know people do. I still have people stopping in the middle of the street to watch mine though.

The second guy didn't even question it. Like - no way! And, he seemed to understand immediately it had a joystick option. Which I thought was awesome. Musically awesome.

Robots.. not so odd anymore.

Friday, September 10, 2010

My crazy life.

I don't know why shit always happens at 3:00 on a Friday. Always!

Mr S. and I are having a conversation in the kitchen when we hear this huge roar. Immediately I say - what is that sound? Mr S. always wants to brush these things off as the washer. That is NOT the washer I say and start investigating.

I get to the garage and there is pressurised water busting out from what looked like the wall. And no, I'm not exaggerating.

It has been a while since I'd shut water down to the house, and usually not in the middle of a panic. So it took us about a minute to find the valve. We get it shut down and realize that this old timey water softener in the garage had blown it's valves.

The garage is flooded, the whole driveway is covered in water.

We debate on whether we can over ride this thing. Because it is a dinosaur. I would have had it ripped out by now, but every single person that has set eyes on it told me it would cost a fortune to dispose of it. Salt is toxic or some shit. I've lived here 4 years. I didn't even think water was going into it.

We call a plumber who tells me what overtime is going to cost. If I am going to pay overtime anyway, I might as well see if there is some alternative. Mr S. wanted to call Culligan. Which I am convinced is a waste of time. I don't want them to fix the softener. And, I definitely don't want them to try and sell me a new one.

The plumber suggests we might try them anyway. They might not be on overtime yet.

I tell Mr S. - "that is all you". I don't know anything about water softeners.

He calls the only one in town, and this is what they tell him. We can rent you a new one.

I tell him - I don't want to rent a new one. The only reason we haven't gotten rid of that one is because everyone made a big stink about California's disposal rules.

Him - Yeah...... it turns out. We don't own that.

Me - What?

Him - That old lady that lived here was renting that unit. The water softener people said it should have been a disclosure item when we bought the place. We don't own that.

Me - NO WAY! If we don't own it - they can come get their shit. I don't want it.

The water is off to my place and I don't know how this will turn out. But, needless to say:

To be continued.....

Thursday, September 09, 2010

Packrat via Coercion.

The past couple of days I've been in a document shredding binge the likes that would make any Enron executive proud. I've probably filled my shredder 8 times over. Having to pack the contents into a dense - I can't pack anything more in there - consistency. The worms in the compost bin will be happy.

I am not proud to be a paper pack rat. I don't even want to be. Usually the government forces me to be. I once had a lien put on me by the feds, something like 6 years after I filed my tax returns. I was super lucky I still had the documents to prove it was an error. It still took me about 6 months to get it off my record.

The feds released it pretty much right away. But, then I had to get if off my credit. Which took much longer.

And so... a pack rat was born. With reasonable regularity I have to dig back through the layers of my life to find supporting documents for something.

Like now. I want to get my fireplace door fixed. It occurred to me a few days ago, that if I don't do it this year - these people might not even be in business come next year. A new urgency set in.

So, I set to looking through all my credit card statements to find the proof that I made a purchase through them. Three years ago. Of course, I'm not structured enough to file these things away. I put them in a box. Which is why I had to go through so much paperwork to find the right statement.

The bad news is it took me two days of shredding. The good news - there was a lot of old paperwork that I needed to get rid of.

And, if you are wondering - I'm not a general pack rat. But, the paperwork definitely gets a little overwhelming sometimes.

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

I think it is to stop taggers.

The whole time I've lived in California I've never seen Cal trans put plastic over these freeway walls. For miles.

It confuses me. On one hand they try to ban plastic bags. One the other they line the freeways with the stuff.

What is cheaper? Painting the walls - or lining them with plastic? I honestly think most people have just gotten used to the tagging.

I call it an impressionist vision of the insect world.

Or - the fact that the USB on my camera is hosed. Which sort of pisses me off. Granted, it does get a huge work out. Still the camera is only 3 years old. It wasn't something I really expected would be subject to fail. I'm two years out of warranty. Of course. So, I'm waiting for a card reader so I can get pictures off.

In a a different world. A world where the president had a different focus than making sure an economy becomes suffocated, and thinking he was an awesome comedian - I would be upgrading my gear.

Since that isn't the world we live in, I'm going to wait.

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Some people don't know the meaning of the word public.

I think in a free society these types of art are okay. I do definitely notice them, and I start to bristle if I see too many of them. Which is saying a lot considering every other week Berkeley has a symposium on socialism. No seriously. Yelp it.

It is only scary when too many people start thinking this is okay.

It was also noticeable that this was one of two artists that didn't want me to take pictures. I am not going to read into it. However, I've noticed my tolerance on being told I can't take pictures has definitely shifted. I went from, screw you - your art isn't interesting enough for my readers.

Wow.. see how I went all elitist there for a second!

To - screw you, I can get this picture from 120 feet. I don't need your permission. I'm just tired of them wanting people to buy their crap, and then make it seem so exclusive you can't take pictures of it. They can bite me. If someone has laid eyes on it - it's probably copied already.

Still, if there was any art I wanted to know the meaning of - this was it. Tongue in cheek....... or?

As a side note - it would have been way more awesome if they were handing out frappuccinos right next to the exhibit. Mmmmmmm. Frappuccino. They placate the masses!

Monday, September 06, 2010

Can it still be art - if there is no meaning?

It is a question I have been pondering since yesterday. I just like stuff that is interesting. I realize though, that I had been missing the whole point of art. According to artists at least.

I'd remembered the previous artist from last year, and was pretty excited to see his stuff. I just found it interesting. Still, he wanted to explain his work to me. It was then, I realised that every single one of these art exhibits probably had some meaning. It wasn't enough that it was interesting. It had to appeal on a deeper level.

Which I pretty much think is bullshit.

This is when I realised I could never be an artist. Not the fact that I have no ability. Just the idea that I'd have to make up some reason that would convince people it was a good reason to buy something I'd made. I would find totally exhausting.

I'd give you the link for the work - but his site gives me popups. Which is also bullshit. Work by Marc Sijan.

Sunday, September 05, 2010

Saturday, September 04, 2010

Maybe you fancy yourself living with tigers.

I'm not into cats. But, I do love genetic modification. There's something about massaging the chromosomes of a species that appeals to the Dr. Frankenstein in me. Plus, all you cat people know you secretly want to own a tiger.

Oh stop. You do.

This breed makes it so you lose less limbs! And really, photoshop is so 2009. So why not go full tilt and just make a cat look like a tiger? Video here.

This is the breeders site.

Friday, September 03, 2010

Maybe I could interest you in a lime green Lambo.

I have to admit - I am so bored with cars right now. That is how you know I'm a girl. Because, there is some invisible line where I am just over it all. I even went to a Ferrari show this weekend - where I took -0- pictures of them.

Still, some readers keep coming in looking for lime green Ferrari's. And this is almost as good. OR better. Or the same. Hey look at me. I could be an economic analyst.

I hope to start being less shitty soon. I think this time of year I run into the ditch. What I wouldn't give for some rain.

I think I have interesting stuff for the weekend - but it might wind up sucking. Oh yeah. It is sunshine and lollipops 24/7 around here. If that bothered you that much you would have stopped coming here already. Since you haven't - you must realize eventually I right the boat and become more interesting. Eventually.

Purposefully confusing.

Last night I was watching Doomberg to make sure the world wasn't melting down before I went to bed. When some douche bag analyst from BOA-Merrill used the word......


This of course utterly confused me. And, it actually put me into a bit of a spin.

Me - what the eff does that mean? Sub. Growth. Those things mean the opposite of each other!

"The latin Prefix 'Sub' can mean 'under', 'beneath', or 'below' (such as in the Word 'Subconscious'), 'inferior to', or 'part of' (such as in the Word 'Subhuman'), 'less than normal' (such as in 'Substitute'), or 'almost/nearly' (such as in the Word 'Subcentral'). "

All I know is - this year I've never felt more that all these guys are just snake oil salesmen. They are the worlds equivalent to palm readers. And it wouldn't be so bad - if they didn't contradict themselves in the same sentence.

It's no wonder the small investors are out of the market. Even for people who watch the market all the time - it exhausting to try to figure out what the real data is.

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Anything can happen.

This is all I'm fixated on right now. I've seen storms turn on a dime. Still, this one has yet to make the turn north.

I hope the mortgage situation is better on the East coast. If you are underwater on your mortgage, and you are physically underwater - I'd guess the chances of jingle mail would increase exponentially.

This is something our economy could really do without right now.