Friday, September 03, 2010

Purposefully confusing.

Last night I was watching Doomberg to make sure the world wasn't melting down before I went to bed. When some douche bag analyst from BOA-Merrill used the word......


This of course utterly confused me. And, it actually put me into a bit of a spin.

Me - what the eff does that mean? Sub. Growth. Those things mean the opposite of each other!

"The latin Prefix 'Sub' can mean 'under', 'beneath', or 'below' (such as in the Word 'Subconscious'), 'inferior to', or 'part of' (such as in the Word 'Subhuman'), 'less than normal' (such as in 'Substitute'), or 'almost/nearly' (such as in the Word 'Subcentral'). "

All I know is - this year I've never felt more that all these guys are just snake oil salesmen. They are the worlds equivalent to palm readers. And it wouldn't be so bad - if they didn't contradict themselves in the same sentence.

It's no wonder the small investors are out of the market. Even for people who watch the market all the time - it exhausting to try to figure out what the real data is.


  1. but just remember... this "sub-growth" stuff -- whatever it is -- is UNEXPECTED.


  2. Yes. No one can expect these things. No one!