Friday, September 10, 2010

My crazy life.

I don't know why shit always happens at 3:00 on a Friday. Always!

Mr S. and I are having a conversation in the kitchen when we hear this huge roar. Immediately I say - what is that sound? Mr S. always wants to brush these things off as the washer. That is NOT the washer I say and start investigating.

I get to the garage and there is pressurised water busting out from what looked like the wall. And no, I'm not exaggerating.

It has been a while since I'd shut water down to the house, and usually not in the middle of a panic. So it took us about a minute to find the valve. We get it shut down and realize that this old timey water softener in the garage had blown it's valves.

The garage is flooded, the whole driveway is covered in water.

We debate on whether we can over ride this thing. Because it is a dinosaur. I would have had it ripped out by now, but every single person that has set eyes on it told me it would cost a fortune to dispose of it. Salt is toxic or some shit. I've lived here 4 years. I didn't even think water was going into it.

We call a plumber who tells me what overtime is going to cost. If I am going to pay overtime anyway, I might as well see if there is some alternative. Mr S. wanted to call Culligan. Which I am convinced is a waste of time. I don't want them to fix the softener. And, I definitely don't want them to try and sell me a new one.

The plumber suggests we might try them anyway. They might not be on overtime yet.

I tell Mr S. - "that is all you". I don't know anything about water softeners.

He calls the only one in town, and this is what they tell him. We can rent you a new one.

I tell him - I don't want to rent a new one. The only reason we haven't gotten rid of that one is because everyone made a big stink about California's disposal rules.

Him - Yeah...... it turns out. We don't own that.

Me - What?

Him - That old lady that lived here was renting that unit. The water softener people said it should have been a disclosure item when we bought the place. We don't own that.

Me - NO WAY! If we don't own it - they can come get their shit. I don't want it.

The water is off to my place and I don't know how this will turn out. But, needless to say:

To be continued.....

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