Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I am down with the flu. You are on your own.


  1. A pick-you-up should be arriving soon. Check your mail, and feel better soon.

  2. Oh, that sucks. It's been going around the Central Valley too. :( Get well soon!!!

  3. That's funny - I think I got it from the central valley.

    Got your box yesterday Mdg. Funny how the word soup made me not be able to open it. I didn't know what kind of multicolors were in there. I forced Mr S. to.

    Had to make sure there were bears. ;) Other than that I haven't explored it. Bread is pretty much the only thing that isn't making me chuck. Which I am totally against.

    Do they rebrand the bears? I can't wait to see if they are the same. Thanks for the stuff. I'll get to it as soon as much stomach doesn't turn with the sight of any color.

    I think I'm also off tomato's for the rest of the season. It's true that you can't eat anything you ate right before you got sick for a long time. Your body has a strong rejection clause. Which I think is also playing with the color problem. Go figure. I never get the stomach flu.