Friday, September 03, 2010

Maybe I could interest you in a lime green Lambo.

I have to admit - I am so bored with cars right now. That is how you know I'm a girl. Because, there is some invisible line where I am just over it all. I even went to a Ferrari show this weekend - where I took -0- pictures of them.

Still, some readers keep coming in looking for lime green Ferrari's. And this is almost as good. OR better. Or the same. Hey look at me. I could be an economic analyst.

I hope to start being less shitty soon. I think this time of year I run into the ditch. What I wouldn't give for some rain.

I think I have interesting stuff for the weekend - but it might wind up sucking. Oh yeah. It is sunshine and lollipops 24/7 around here. If that bothered you that much you would have stopped coming here already. Since you haven't - you must realize eventually I right the boat and become more interesting. Eventually.

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