Sunday, September 12, 2010

Tea Party Sacramento.

At this point, going to Tea Parties is a little like that TV miniseries that you are bored of. But, you've been watching it so long - you just want to finish the series.

Since I attended one of the first ones almost two years ago, I've tried to make every one of them in reasonable driving distance. I just want to see this to the ends, and see what direction the group is moving. Watch how the group evolves. How the whole thing ends up. I want my free sub sandwich!

Today I was sure it was moving to an old folks home. And, I'm super tired of the "white, middle aged" theme from the media. It's a boring tired description. However, this group definitely did seem predominantly in their 60's to 70's. This isn't some ageism reaction. The group always trended older than middle age. This group was really older though.

I guess I've been somewhat disenfranchised a lot of the time with the group. In the beginning it was funny and quirky. Sometimes clever. Then they became more churchy. I agree with a lot of their principles. I just tap out on the religion.

Now it seems mostly religious. Which is okay.. for them. Religion is everywhere. I don't have to be into it. I don't have a problem with religion on currency. Religion just isn't my thing.

The thing that really, really bothers me though - is they've chosen red t-shirts for their rallies. Especially for a group who complains so savagely about socialism. It isn't even like they don't understand the significance.

Not to put too fine of a point on the annoyance. This is one of my crappy pictures from today. The red guy... ie the socialist... is shooting the blue guy!

I know I complained about this last year around this time. It still really, really, bothers me. I'm pretty sure it's because at a distance, it looks like a socialist rally. And more people wear the shirts.

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