Wednesday, September 22, 2010

This isn't your grandpa's Cray.

Only once in my life have I gotten to see a Cray supercomputer. It was in a lab at one of the places I worked for. I remember being shocked that it was padded and looked like a lounge seat.

I've been in server rooms, but somehow seeing a Cray always seemed special. Maybe it was because they were round. I don't know. They always stood out. Server rooms are everywhere... Cray's weren't.

Aside from the unusual design, I worked at one of the companies who used to own Cray. This means I try to keep track of them. So, when I walked past this today - it stopped me dead in my tracks. A huge grin swept over me.

It was so small! They used to be the size of minivans. Now a supercomputer can fit in your trunk.

It isn't like it was a surprise that things are getting smaller and more powerful. Crays one time owner, Silicon Graphics, basically lost their market because they could never believe that desktops would be as powerful as their expensive machines would be. Nor as cheap as they became. They were arrogant. They didn't react in time.

I figured Cray would suffer that same fate. Eventually.

Maybe tomorrow I'll get a shot of it with people next to it. Somehow it made me happy they are evolving.

Also funny? When I saw it, I texted Mr S. the picture.

His text - I liked the old round Crays.

My Text - It looked like your grannies living room.

His text - Whose granny had a super computer in their living room?

Well played Mr S. Well played. He was rather nonplussed about the Cray I saw today. Whatever.

Seen at GTC2010.

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