Saturday, September 11, 2010

My crazy life - part 2.

Part 1 here.

Culligan water should work for homeland security. These people can keep a database.

I don't know anything - anything at all - about water softeners. The only thing I know about them is old people have them. Never in my life have I heard of anyone renting one. I thought that was something you buy.

So, when Mr S. blindly called them yesterday when the garage was flooding - it was like a GPS signal went off at Culligan. Beep...beep..beep. We have a hit on our property.

The contractors got here about 6:30. Right as my bitch switch was starting to get twitchy. I wanted the water on by that night, and I was starting to think about hacksaws.

I know I should learn to fix copper pipe. I've even tried welding before. But that was a really long time ago, and these water softeners are out of my comfort range. I don't know what is in them. This thing just looks like a giant acetylene bottle to me.

At any rate - they got here and walked into the garage. Asked the standard how are ya doing greetings. I of course say "could be better" in my sarcastic smile with a shrug.

One guy walks up to the unit with the part. I'm telling the other guy we would have given your property back if we had known it was yours. We've been trying to get rid of it for years.

I would have paid one of my guys to do it, if I didn't think he would get put in some prison for polluters.

Within a minute flat he had the valve in. He didn't even have to go back to his truck. He says they will call next week to repossess it. If only I could have other things I hate about houses repossessed like this thing - I would die of happiness.

On one hand - I lost a bunch of grout, and I have to find new boxes for some stuff. On the other... I lost a disclosure item when I sell this place. I couldn't be happier they are taking it back.

They didn't charge me a dime. For a Friday evening emergency call. Way! Oddly, for now, they just seem happy to get their bottle back. Plus, they'd already been working an emergency call, and seemed relieved they didn't have to put up with someone complaining about how hard their water was - and how they might just shrivel to death if they didn't get it fixed right then.

It is one of those closed units. So, just putting the plug back in doesn't make the water soft. It only stops water shooting out from chest level, flooding the garage.

I'm also guessing I couldn't have gotten this part anywhere but them. Which made me glad I didn't loose my mind trying.

I don't even know why they have a plastic part in this thing. Steel pipe comes with these red caps. I thought it was just lead pipe. It blew out right were it leads into the softener.

The other thing I found really interesting....

Leaving the garage, they walk by the robomower. One guy goes - what is that?

Before I could even comment, the other says - it's a mower.

Of course, it says that on the top. But, I've never seen anyone else ever have one. I know people do. I still have people stopping in the middle of the street to watch mine though.

The second guy didn't even question it. Like - no way! And, he seemed to understand immediately it had a joystick option. Which I thought was awesome. Musically awesome.

Robots.. not so odd anymore.

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