Sunday, January 30, 2022

Rivian in the wild.

He parked himself in a shadow which was not ideal. I still think electric vehicles are bullshit, but I do love the light cluster options they have.

This is the second one I've seen, but they have mostly been big foot shots like the one below. The are usually going in the opposite direction I am. But this one pulled into the parking lot I was in.

Friday, January 28, 2022


I rolled up to my favorite burrito place in MountainView to see this. The parking lot is shared, and the tiniest thing. These chargers are taking up 25% of the Dollar Tree parking lot. And I just don't even get it. I mean, do people pay for the charge, or do they get it for free? I don't have an electric car.

And it isn't exactly like this is Tesla's Demo. Not that there aren't "other" electric cars.... but....

I just don't understand a system that encourages parking spot loiterers.

Thursday, January 27, 2022

Joe Bidens America.

The guy before me paid this.

It feels like a weirder 2007.

‘It’s anguish, it’s pain, it’s agony’ – here’s what it’s like to shop for a home in today’s tight housing market.

A house on my block popped up last week about 10 doors down. So, I got to see the all activity.

It was a time capsule house. Which in a way I love to death. Mr S.'s mom lived in a time capsule house and every once in a while they pop up on the market . They delight me in such a weird way.

Time capsule houses are original to the day they were built. Have never been updated in any area of the house. And are colors that don't exist anymore. Mr S.'s moms kitchen was this weird green. And all the porcelain fixtures were weird colors. Like the bathtub and toilet. 

In real life I have never seen a bathtub these colors. The only time I've seen a colored toilet is sometimes in super fancy houses and they might be black. Mr S's moms' was pink. Where do you even get that!

Anyway.... the house on my block sold in three days. I'd call it a total gut. Cabinets, bathrooms, carpet. Everything. The house is solid.... but that is going to take close to 100k to bring back to life.

In other real estate news....... 1100 square foot houses are selling for a MILLION dollars in the suburbs now. That is not even a starter home. It's a bachelor home!

So... whatever with interest rates rising. I just don't see how any of this continues.

US Pending Home Sales Puked For the Past Seven Months.

US Pending Home Sales Puked In December, Realtors Blame Rising Rates.

I fixed the title of ZeroHedges article. Because they puked in December and November and October. So on and so on and so on. But this doesn't fit the ZH narrative that inflation is forever.

Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Look at the cans on that one.

My Dudes laughed as soon as they saw this because the Lidar pucks are called "cans." Ladies don't be offended. You just probably aren't as into Lidar as I am.

I didn't get great shots because,  me and this car, were literally the only ones on the road. And I saw him in my rearview mirror and slowed to a crawl until he passed me. Obvi I was stalking him. So I only got two shots off and chose not to follow to get more because that seemed awkward.

Also, there were two of these things right next to the Tesla plant. I was solo and didn't get great shots.

Friday, January 21, 2022

Three rate hikes this year! Said in the most sarcastic way.

Thursday, January 20, 2022

The fog has been harshing my wildflower kink. By the time it burns off the sun is not right.

Wednesday, January 19, 2022

If you are bored enough....

You might find yourself at a Tesla users meetup. I was only there to see these. Not sure they are my thing.... but your mileage may vary.

Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Monday, January 17, 2022

Friday, January 14, 2022

So... I've known a few people that have had Covid. Some more than once. And each of them has said that it's painful. I've also read this a ton of times.

Whenever people say "it's just the flu", in my head I think - I've never heard anyone say they are in pain from the flu. Body aches yes. but people say they are in PAIN. Some saying that their skin hurts.

Today I found out someone else I know got it last week and they started telling me that the entire length of their spine hurt. I was like your abdomen area? He says - no my spine.  I was like - what causes that? He says that it inflames your meniscus. He also said his skin hurt.

This is a troubling rumor.

I don't know if this is true or not, but their timeline seems normal.

I'm pretty sure I spent two weeks reading virologists say this one wasn't a threat because it hadn't picked up speed. All I know is that it super frustrating seeing greedy bloggers and politicians play into peoples conformation biases by posting inaccurate information like - this one is just a cold man. 

You mean, I could have locked down in my house for two years and popped out to a mild cold?!? What luck! Gotta be the first time in history that effing happened.

Zero Hedge is pretty much on my shit list right now because he lies to you to make money. Some days I wonder if he makes money from China, because if you open his articles and read them, basically Jamie Diamond is giving you pandemic advice. Just open the articles!


I wonder if people had reported the complete story out of South Africa rather than the one they "hoped" for, that a lot less children would be suffering right now.

Thursday, January 13, 2022

Lighting has been muddy. 

Wednesday, January 12, 2022

They gonna need a bigger chart.

I've seen people say that 80% of the money ever printed happened in the last two years. I mean, even the unibomber got a stimmy check. As did Scott Peterson. Some say the helicopter firehose drop of money was equivalent to 10,000. dollars per household. Not mine. I don't have kids.

I don't know if these numbers are true because I don't want to do the math, but judging from this chart it is completely believable. And no one gives a shit at all.  

When the government prints this much money.. who knows what is under the blankets.  There isn't going to be anything close to four rate hikes. I doubt they will do even one. The chances of them needing to do more printing is more likely than less.

China is half shut down right now.  So - less products from them. Half of everyone is sick in America. Powel is delusional if he thinks this economy can hold itself up.

All I know is..... everybody better hope Slow Joe doesn't fully lose his marbles because "President Kamala" will be like Marrisa Mayer running Yahoo.

The only person that girl will have on speed dial is Vogue.

Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Green acres.

This is all very early for us. We've had three months of amazing green hills. Normally it isn't even greening up by now. The density of the mustard in some areas might be the best I've ever seen it.

Monday, January 10, 2022

As predictable as sunshine.

Wall Street says you can pound sand with your rate hike talk. We will just crash the market so you can't. Obviously a few hundred points means nothing. These are just little love taps. 

We've literally been living this same pattern for a decade. Or however long it's been since the housing crisis.

Friday, January 07, 2022

I feel like phone trees are specifically made to break you. They break you down, so when you finally get someone on the line they can build you back up.

Thursday, January 06, 2022


That French variant has already made it to the United States?! Seems like I spent a week reading that this variant predated OMI and wasn't really a threat because it hadn't taken hold. And ofcoursi's the first case is in California. Had a 50/50 chance, right. They either land in New York or California.

Pretty happy I didn't actually try to make CES this year. So far nothing seems worth walking 12 miles out of your way to find a restaurant that happens to be in a casino that looks exactly like all other casinos.  It seems to be all the walking without all the products.

I do wish I'd made it to that new fancy hotel with the Elon loop when I was in Vegas this summer, but it wasn't worth trying to find my way out at the time.

And.... no mask technology?! WTF? They did waterproof devices for like five years! You couldn't walk ten feet without seeing a cellphone in a fish tank.

Wednesday, January 05, 2022

An unexpected result of being kind.

About a year or so before the pandemic, I started calling literally ~everyone~ Baby because I thought it felt comforting. Then the pandemic hit and none of us wanted to talk to each other, but I just kept doing it.

Now that everyone has started to gain a footing, and people are starting to talk again, I've noticed ~lots ~of people are calling me sweet pet names. And I have to admit - it makes me smile every time. And it does in fact feel comforting.

These are not people I know. Just people that I occasionally briefly interact with. They are not acquaintances, much more superficial.

In my heart I'd like to think that they remember me because no matter how much I was struggling with what's going on - I took the time to be nice. They too were struggling.  I hope it made them feel better in that moment.

Now I think I'm on my way to Betty White status no matter what you guys think of my on line persona.

Make stupid assumptions, win stupid prizes.

Where are all my "the flu" has gone away peeps? Yeah... I'm going all in.  The mania has died down a bit, so maybe other non click bait voices can be heard.

BTW - this seems to have been documented as far back as summer.

Tuesday, January 04, 2022

Why are they using fire?
You can see why everyone again is trained on China trying to figure out what the hell is going on.

Monday, January 03, 2022

THIS is what seems to have set my feed afire. It's from the 28th, but lots of persistent rumors have been going on for days . I'm not even going to repeat what others have been saying because it's only a rumor.

It's starting to look a lot like January 2020.

Cruise ships unable to gain port. Here, here, and here. Freaky videos coming out of China that is making the world wonder what the hell is going on there. Here, here, and here, here. I will probably add links as I re-find them because this doesn't even include the vid with the negative pressure suits.

There is a persistent rumor of some kind of hemorrhagic outbreak. And yes China is prone to this type of infection. But they are again blocking roads, welding neighborhoods shut, forcing people out in the middle of the night to take PCR tests.

I think I'd been back from CES for less than a week when this started two years ago. So, I watched it literally from the very beginning. And this is very reminiscent of that time.

Put your big girl panties on because I am ready to talk.

Team Doom is here and I'm trying to figure out the plan. I don't know why so many people still need to hear this two years in to a pandemic - but, Team "Everybody's going to get This" knows that even if that were true which it's NOT, that doesn't stop the pandemic. Right? As I have said from the very beginning you can get this over and over and over. 

And oh BTW! You can get corona and the flu at the same time apparently. Called fluronva or some shit. Apparently you can also get Delta and OMI at the same time. Play stupid games - win super stupid prizes. Dead and dying people do not contribute economically to society. Living with these levels of infection if only for a few weeks is incredibly disruptive for ALL industries.

You can lock your kids in a bedroom because it's too inconvenient for them to get sick one by one, but you will just be doing that for theater. They will get sick then, and when the next variant comes around they can get that one too. 

Letting this "rip" with mass infection only sets us back further because new variants pop out. There is no rule in virology that says viruses have to get less killery. And frankly, pretty much everyone believes this was a lab grown virus - so why do people expect it to act like a wild virus? It can do anything it fucking wants.

And now a new variant out of France is flashing hot. It apparently puts one third of the people it infects on vents. And it seems super vaccine resistant.