Thursday, January 27, 2022

It feels like a weirder 2007.

‘It’s anguish, it’s pain, it’s agony’ – here’s what it’s like to shop for a home in today’s tight housing market.

A house on my block popped up last week about 10 doors down. So, I got to see the all activity.

It was a time capsule house. Which in a way I love to death. Mr S.'s mom lived in a time capsule house and every once in a while they pop up on the market . They delight me in such a weird way.

Time capsule houses are original to the day they were built. Have never been updated in any area of the house. And are colors that don't exist anymore. Mr S.'s moms kitchen was this weird green. And all the porcelain fixtures were weird colors. Like the bathtub and toilet. 

In real life I have never seen a bathtub these colors. The only time I've seen a colored toilet is sometimes in super fancy houses and they might be black. Mr S's moms' was pink. Where do you even get that!

Anyway.... the house on my block sold in three days. I'd call it a total gut. Cabinets, bathrooms, carpet. Everything. The house is solid.... but that is going to take close to 100k to bring back to life.

In other real estate news....... 1100 square foot houses are selling for a MILLION dollars in the suburbs now. That is not even a starter home. It's a bachelor home!

So... whatever with interest rates rising. I just don't see how any of this continues.

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