Monday, January 03, 2022

Put your big girl panties on because I am ready to talk.

Team Doom is here and I'm trying to figure out the plan. I don't know why so many people still need to hear this two years in to a pandemic - but, Team "Everybody's going to get This" knows that even if that were true which it's NOT, that doesn't stop the pandemic. Right? As I have said from the very beginning you can get this over and over and over. 

And oh BTW! You can get corona and the flu at the same time apparently. Called fluronva or some shit. Apparently you can also get Delta and OMI at the same time. Play stupid games - win super stupid prizes. Dead and dying people do not contribute economically to society. Living with these levels of infection if only for a few weeks is incredibly disruptive for ALL industries.

You can lock your kids in a bedroom because it's too inconvenient for them to get sick one by one, but you will just be doing that for theater. They will get sick then, and when the next variant comes around they can get that one too. 

Letting this "rip" with mass infection only sets us back further because new variants pop out. There is no rule in virology that says viruses have to get less killery. And frankly, pretty much everyone believes this was a lab grown virus - so why do people expect it to act like a wild virus? It can do anything it fucking wants.

And now a new variant out of France is flashing hot. It apparently puts one third of the people it infects on vents. And it seems super vaccine resistant.

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