Friday, January 07, 2022

I feel like phone trees are specifically made to break you. They break you down, so when you finally get someone on the line they can build you back up.


  1. What if there was more interactive AI on the front end? Hate to use term AI though pretty sure it is correct in this instance. Have the AI be a chat bot that answers simple questions or routes faster than the old phone trees? Not used one, just surmising. I believe phone trees were invented to reduce the number / cost of human operators / receptionists. A more responsive interface would be a competitive advantage for implementers to retain customers. Cannot guess on cost though it only has to be somewhat better than an existing tree so cost should have a pretty solid ceiling?

  2. That is pretty much the system now. The bots will answer common questions pretty good - but get out of that range (like a cable card) and the bot will literally be like - NO - this is your answer and you can't talk to anyone else or even leave this part of the phone tree.

    Now they pretty much just throttle traffic.