Wednesday, January 05, 2022

An unexpected result of being kind.

About a year or so before the pandemic, I started calling literally ~everyone~ Baby because I thought it felt comforting. Then the pandemic hit and none of us wanted to talk to each other, but I just kept doing it.

Now that everyone has started to gain a footing, and people are starting to talk again, I've noticed ~lots ~of people are calling me sweet pet names. And I have to admit - it makes me smile every time. And it does in fact feel comforting.

These are not people I know. Just people that I occasionally briefly interact with. They are not acquaintances, much more superficial.

In my heart I'd like to think that they remember me because no matter how much I was struggling with what's going on - I took the time to be nice. They too were struggling.  I hope it made them feel better in that moment.

Now I think I'm on my way to Betty White status no matter what you guys think of my on line persona.


  1. Snark - it always makes me smile.

    Thanks, Sweetie


  2. Yeah! My first blog reciprocation. Adore you.

  3. Mrs S making the world a better place, one conversation at a time.

  4. It later occurred to me, my above comment could be construed as snark. That is not my intent.

  5. It's a sad time in our history when we ~all~ have to walk on this level of eggs shells. I took it as nothing more than kindness.

    I don't have the power to make the world a better place. I only have the power to make my small circle feel valued and seen.

  6. I wish more of us knew that we could make our circle feel valued and seen. Thanks Honey.

  7. Omgawd. You people are going to make my cold dead heart feel something. Because.... it does feel like a warm hug. Which is great because my hug ratio is way down.

    It's completely unexpected to have manifested my own comfort. If I had planned to do that, it wouldn't have happened which is what makes it so delightful.

    When I first started doing it I wasn't sure I might not offend someone. But in three years not a single complaint. And the reaction sometimes is extra touching.

    One guy I said it to said he hadn't been called Baby since he was a child. And then gave a wistful look. I didn't really expect this level of emotion.