Tuesday, February 28, 2023

Literally worse than 2008.

A lot of people are going to get to find out how negative equity suffocates an economy. All of those people by the red arrow are now in negative equity. And possibly the blue arrow. I haven't gone back to look at the numbers yet, .....but...

Remember these fun headlines: The East Bay real estate market is so hot, houses are selling for more than $1M over asking price. And that is not even in Silicon Valley proper. It's a burb. Do you know how long it takes to make up a million in equity? I never remember seeing this even in the 2008 bubble.

Now we get all these headlines: Home prices set for double-digit plunge in major Western US cities: Goldman Sachs.

"The largest decrease in home prices will occur in Austin, where values are projected to slump 19% by late 2024 compared to late 2022, according to the note. Prices are expected to sink in Phoenix by 16%, San Francisco by 15% and Seattle by 12%."

"Outside the Bay Area, particularly in areas that have had an influx of residents, home values are reportedly inflated. In the Santa Cruz-Watsonville area, homes are overvalued by nearly 36%. And in Reno, prices are 39% higher than expected. That’s not to mention Boise, Idaho, and Austin, Texas, which have seen overvaluations of 72% and 61%, respectively. (In Boise, Fortune notes, housing prices have already been cut.)" Emphasis mine. When Silicon Valley goes... so goes the country. Like it or not.

People have no idea the pain they are in for. Trump policies made it so everyone felt "house rich". So they spent money. When you feel "house poor" what do you think happens? The first housing bubble took SIX years, he managed to do it in 2 years. What kind of damage do you think that has on the downside?

I guess I'm bent out of shape with the Republicans because they are just as bad as the Democrats. . I don't think they believe in anything they say. I voted for George Bush, and I think he completely destroyed capitalism.  No wonder no one can figure out the difference between socialism and capitalism!

“I've abandoned free-market principles to save the free-market system…to make sure the economy doesn't collapse.” He continued, “I am sorry we're having to do it." George Bush 2008.

Now... it looks like Trump did the very same thing, and literally no one cares! We have outrageous inflation because of his policies! And money printing. He distorted the housing market in ways we've never seen! A million over asking! Effing outrageous.

I'm mad. I'm so mad. Having said that... I would bite my cheek and vote for him over Desantis any day. That guy is a tool.. Did he really just make it so taxpayers have to pay for the roads and upkeep in Disneyland? On their private land? And what is this Democratic talking point of "making Disney Pay their fair share in taxes"? Is Disney evading taxes?

All I know is that Republicans are starting to look a lot like Democrats.

Friday, February 24, 2023

Nature is healing.

It's been a pretty wild ride since New Years eve. Even I was becoming concerned that if we had another dry year we might all die.

We've had eight atmospheric rivers. My town flooded in parts which I didn't post because I don't give an eff right now. My house almost flooded. I had a sump pump on the ready. 

Now... snow, which has made everyone happy. The reservoirs are full again. Except for maybe Shasta. 

I guess everyone will have to find a new way to hope we all die, because the water thing is torched. We good now.

Friday, February 17, 2023

Parking deck finds.

Dear Republicans.

Mainstream Media Continues To Push False 'COVID Heart' Narrative To Explain Excess Deaths.

I know you have to push this bullshit, because you convinced everyone in the world to become infected - but this article is NOT a false narrative. IT IS THE TRUTH!

COVID damages the myelin of blood vessels causing oxygen to not be able to get to parts of the body. This is a fact. I just am so frustrated at the mental gymnastics people have do to avoid this information. This causes a cytokine storm, which is basically your body attacking itself. This can cause blood clots in ANY part of your body. SARS2 damages your heart! It is well documented BEFORE the vaccine.

The spike protein in the virus is ALSO in the vax. The spike protein is the problem.

It is frankly unbelievable that people are still writing articles like this for click money. People can see what is going on in their own families. You are not going to win this battle. 

And additionally, if what I am saying is wrong - why all of a sudden are people dying? What's the explanation? AND - why is the government not trying to find out the reason why?

Also... I just clicked through his links because I know most people don't. My husband doesn't even read my links. The study cited is of 731 health care workers. This is what the article called "thoroughly debunked". This guy is sacrificing your health, so he can pay his rent. Just so we are clear.

Double also - To get to "this debunked study", he sites an article from May 2021. Before the vaccines were really out, and before they were forced to even admit that you can get Covid over and over again even vaccinated.

ZeroHedge is a complete garbage person for doing this.

Tuesday, February 14, 2023


This thing passed me and I wasn't sure what it was. So, instead of making the left I was going to, I got in the right lane to follow it, Almost immediately I had regret because I thought it was a McLaren. Meh.

I wasn't able to make a u-turn where I was, so I wound up following it for a few blocks, and realized it was a Masi I've never seen. Masi's never make it to the blog anymore.

I wasn't really able to get great shots. But I guess we at least get new Masi's.

UPDATE-  MR S. says this car is a Maserati MC20 "Cielo". MSRP 216K. It was at Pebble Beach this year. Now I wish I would have stalked it for a bit longer and got better shots. I mean.... that car in the wild is BOUGEY.

Friday, February 10, 2023

I thought I'd gotten most of my anger out.

Then ZeroHedge popped up with this article. A Zombie Apocalypse Of Morons… Where he says -

"It would seem there is an epidemic of crooks posing as researchers bloggers. I don’t know where they find these people but they ought to be put up against a wall for facilitating crimes against humanity. "

Indeed. I fixed his article for him. I can't wait till we get to the sheer anger over the people who pushed herd immunity for clicks and Wall Street. That's where the pitchforks really are. They are coming for you next ZERO HEDGE.  And Scott Adams, and FOxNews. They were the primary drivers of "othering" people. "It's okay if that person dies because of XYZ.

I mean, I'm a conservative and feel like they just didn't have any ideas, so they said let's make them fight. When the truth finally comes out, I think this will be as big as the holocaust. It's the saddest thing. Most people didn't care about all those dead bodies - but SOMEONE did, and there are tons of those "someones" now.

He goes on to link that article where they blame the unvaccinated for not warning everyone else. And then makes it seem like the site turned off comments because they didn't want to know the truth. When in actuality, there are so many comments saying that that we tried to tell people and were mocked, shuned, lost friends, called nuts and mentally ill. Said we were in a cult, lost jobs or nearly so in my house, that the post probably just couldn't accommodate any more. I know it seems crazy impossible....but I'm telling you. I looked at the scroll bar for that post and was like .....uuuh.

One of the best comments was short and sweet. "you laughed at us, but I guess you are not laughing now". Those are the comments he thinks you should just pass over.  He knows most people don't really read his links. Most people don't click through. Its a fact.

NBC news is now telling people the truth. I wanna say "better late than never". But four years too late is a terrible price in this case. I'm not so crazy about the vaccine part, as there are tons of people who think they have side effects from the vaccine. Just plug in Covid and LUNG into twitter. You will find that day after day people fill it up with the side effects they are experiencing from the jab AND COVID.

I'm really sad about the world. But the anger over how we were treated just trying to warn people is stronger. All I can say is... I'm not built for this kind of death. I always find joy when the age of the oldest person in the world comes out. These days it's around 114. But the eugenicists among us felt those old people shouldn't exist. I'm scarred over the past three years. Super scarred.

Thursday, February 09, 2023

This guy wins the most delusional tweet for the year.

Money printing is NOT WAGE GROWTH. The illiteracy of this country is astonishing! And I'm a high school drop out.

I know Republicans are trying not to talk about this, but everyone can see with their lying eyes when the spike started. I guess the only saving grace is that all governments over stimulated. The flip side of that is demand will be weak everywhere.

Instead of working together to get through this awful time in history, everyone just fought. Zero progress was made. No records were kept. And Trump only delayed the inevitable because people are unable to keep their shit together.

No sign of recession here.

Said in the most sarcastic way.

The cutest part is where he doesn't understand why China demand hasn't picked up. They are open now ready to "return to normal". Turns out - dead people don't buy stuff, and disabled people don't make stuff.

Shippers have been reporting that things are really bad. Demand really falls off around this time of year, but not like this. I mean... Amazon started laying off in DECEMBER!

Wednesday, February 08, 2023

We are living in a post economic reality world.

Inside Wall Street's gloom-and-doom racket 

If an 'expert' is warning you that the market is about to crash, check their math.

If I hear another analyst say we are not in a recession - I am going to loose a gasket. Anything under 50 is recession.

I am so deeply disappointed in the conservatives. They have lost their ever fucking minds. When this guy pops up on FoxNews trying to convince you that everything is "fine", and if you don't think so it because you are a doom and gloomer. Otherwise known as someone living in reality.

I mean, the conservatives WHOLE platform is just - don't be a pussy. You are just imagining things. Don't be negative! It so frustrating.

Gastly Pending home sales.

Tip to stern, this has to be the biggest fall on record. Worse than 2008. Well below the trend line from before the pandemic.

It's hard to predict the future right now. Anyones' guess is as good as mine, so I guess that it continues. Every night on twitter I see people talking about the collapse of China's real estate market, and protests over people not getting paid and layoffs because companies are pulling out of China.

I guess the only positive of the pandemic, is that China will not find it as easy to be the SuperPower they once were. I still believe they collapse. This also makes them very dangerous now. Added with the unknown amount of workers being culled from the workforce, it's hard to say wether inflation can come down in any meaningful way. 

As the Fed says - it's going to be hard to tamp down persistently high wage inflation. You are going to have to pay handsomely for the risk these people take. The ones covering all the gaps right now have been worked to death. People are going to find out that letting people die and become disabled is NOT good for economies. 

Who knows how high interest rates will get honestly.  I feel like China doesn't have any money to buy our bonds.

But, this is the world people wanted. I'm just living in it.  You all are super fucked. 

Tuesday, February 07, 2023

Here is how Sweden feels about your silly hybrid/herd immunity theory.

On FoxNews this morning they had Bob Wacter on giving out really dated information on Sweden and schools. I will just call it propaganda. I read a few months ago that Sweden always knew that kids got SARS2, and they were going for herd immunity. So they lied. I will try to find the article again.

It seems to me that "since everyone has been infected or vaccinated" (said in the most sarcastic way) these deaths should be going down. Sweden is the model.... right?

I think the most depressing part of this whole thing is watching TONS of people over the weekend talking about how that China ballon was probably filled with COVID.

Why would they go to all that trouble when they can just get on a plane? I mean, for christ sakes, why are people so dumb right now? There are ZERO critical thinking skills.

Monday, February 06, 2023

The better San Fransisco in my opinion.

Thursday, February 02, 2023

When are people going to get it?

It's the weirdest soft landing I've ever seen.

You can't go to any news site without seeing an article that says housing prices will fall 20%, and Intel is cutting the salaries of ALL it's employees 2008 style. (I'm not linking. You know how to google) I'm betting one million percent this is not just an Intel problem. I think all of Silicon Valley will soon follow.

I mean, it's great Trump made it so the Democrats couldn't spend that much money, but the snap back is going to be gnarly. He blew a big beautiful bubble. Said in Trump talk.

Everybody wanted to save the world until they got a chance to.

Then they said - JK. Too hard.

Mass death of seals raises fears bird flu is jumping between mammals, threatening new pandemic.

"Avian flu has been found in seals that died a ‘mass mortality event’ in the Caspian Sea. Now scientists are investigating whether it is the first transmission of the virus between mammals in the wild"

I literally read articles every day about the bird flu. And it's getting kind crazy. It's jumping into a LOT of different species. And bird flu has a more "unfavorable" death rate.

And if anyone were wondering..... yes. Monkeypox IS still out there. New Zealand seems to be having a weird pop. 

Wednesday, February 01, 2023

This old shell game is back.

Looks to me like Tesla is planning to put a *bunch* of cars into cold storage.

I care so little about this that I don't even drive by the plant anymore. But, I found it interesting that at this mall, they were unloading cars and had basically blocked off the whole lower area of this parking garage.

I guess I will be shopping at this mall in the next few weeks to see how this budding ghost lot progresses.

If anyone had known before that you could just build a bunch of product, and just store it until people bought it. I think most businesses would be astounded. It is a marvel to watch. I mean... he doesn't have to build cars. He makes all his money on carbon credits. This car thing is just a front.