Wednesday, February 01, 2023

This old shell game is back.

Looks to me like Tesla is planning to put a *bunch* of cars into cold storage.

I care so little about this that I don't even drive by the plant anymore. But, I found it interesting that at this mall, they were unloading cars and had basically blocked off the whole lower area of this parking garage.

I guess I will be shopping at this mall in the next few weeks to see how this budding ghost lot progresses.

If anyone had known before that you could just build a bunch of product, and just store it until people bought it. I think most businesses would be astounded. It is a marvel to watch. I mean... he doesn't have to build cars. He makes all his money on carbon credits. This car thing is just a front.


  1. I'm still shocked that GM is building trucks to destroy them here (Indiana).
    We have multiple lots chock full of the last two years worth of pick-up trucks that can't be sold due to the chip issue.
    The plan isn't to wait for chips and sell them, the plan is to store them for X amount of time and then destroy them, because it's more cost efficient to pay for storage and destruction, than slow the line or sell past dated vehicles.

  2. Oh wow! For real? Such a clown world. That is some real China shit.

    Here, most of the lots have had skeleton inventory for at least a year.