Friday, February 17, 2023

Dear Republicans.

Mainstream Media Continues To Push False 'COVID Heart' Narrative To Explain Excess Deaths.

I know you have to push this bullshit, because you convinced everyone in the world to become infected - but this article is NOT a false narrative. IT IS THE TRUTH!

COVID damages the myelin of blood vessels causing oxygen to not be able to get to parts of the body. This is a fact. I just am so frustrated at the mental gymnastics people have do to avoid this information. This causes a cytokine storm, which is basically your body attacking itself. This can cause blood clots in ANY part of your body. SARS2 damages your heart! It is well documented BEFORE the vaccine.

The spike protein in the virus is ALSO in the vax. The spike protein is the problem.

It is frankly unbelievable that people are still writing articles like this for click money. People can see what is going on in their own families. You are not going to win this battle. 

And additionally, if what I am saying is wrong - why all of a sudden are people dying? What's the explanation? AND - why is the government not trying to find out the reason why?

Also... I just clicked through his links because I know most people don't. My husband doesn't even read my links. The study cited is of 731 health care workers. This is what the article called "thoroughly debunked". This guy is sacrificing your health, so he can pay his rent. Just so we are clear.

Double also - To get to "this debunked study", he sites an article from May 2021. Before the vaccines were really out, and before they were forced to even admit that you can get Covid over and over again even vaccinated.

ZeroHedge is a complete garbage person for doing this.


  1. I managed to avoid a Covid test and never too the shot though I lost job opportunities over it. I did start a job last year where I was around more people, and did get sick for a couple of weeks. Not the best feeling, but better than long term harm. I know of one who now has rheumatoid arthritis and another friend of a friend who has heart problems.

    It's notable no prominent politicians of had a SAD situation yet. What do they know that we do not?

  2. I genuinely do not understand why people are so afraid of the test. I've tested twice this week! I think people just truly do not want to know if they are infected or not. If you don't know, then you can feel guiltless.

    The politicians know what the plebes did not want to accept. There is no herd immunity for SARS. They test all the time. MANY times a week. SARS damages your body. They want to live. Most people apparently have no survival skills. But politicians DO. I mean, at least six months ago, China was laughing at us because we had no mitigations. They were rubbing their hands because THEY KNOW SARS2 disables people!

    The government is ~largely~ to blame, but people chose eugenics. They were willing to kill off whoever as long as it didn't affect their lives. Now.. largely those same people will wind up with the same conditions they deemed "too unhealthy" to participate in society. I'm still trying to figure out if it's justice or not.

    I feel sad about the whole thing, but I did my best to warn people. They chose this path. The more infections the worse result. I am just astonished how willing people are to put up with sickness to pown their political rivals. That is what is sad.