Tuesday, February 14, 2023


This thing passed me and I wasn't sure what it was. So, instead of making the left I was going to, I got in the right lane to follow it, Almost immediately I had regret because I thought it was a McLaren. Meh.

I wasn't able to make a u-turn where I was, so I wound up following it for a few blocks, and realized it was a Masi I've never seen. Masi's never make it to the blog anymore.

I wasn't really able to get great shots. But I guess we at least get new Masi's.

UPDATE-  MR S. says this car is a Maserati MC20 "Cielo". MSRP 216K. It was at Pebble Beach this year. Now I wish I would have stalked it for a bit longer and got better shots. I mean.... that car in the wild is BOUGEY.

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