Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Dear California.

Waste Piles Up in San Jose as China Limits Recycling Imports.

It's not "recycling" if you are just selling it to China.

Land whales.

Can anything express how meaningless your cause is ....

Than blackmailing companies to change their packaging because the pictures show animals in a zoo?

Iconic animal cracker box gets redesign after pressure from PETA.

There are really no more problems in the world when they take on this crap. Right?

San Jose is a shit hole too.

What's going on in San Jose is complete insanity to me. I think it's worse than open drug use and shit on the sidewalks because it endangers citizens and property.

Traffic makes it so you try to avoid certain areas, but this weekend as we drove through a certain part of San Jose I was just floored. I actually thought I should take some time to take pictures when I didn't have anything else going on - because it's super insane. 

In a 10 mile stretch I must have seen evidence of 6 homeless encampment fires. The trees are a freeway sound barrier and can be 30 feet tall. And these encampments are right on the other side of homes. The only thing separating them is a wall. I don't understand why residents aren't down at the city hall with pitch forks. And the garbage they accumulate is stunning.

I had to ask Mr S. why he thought the poorer you were, the more likely you wouldn't even make the effort to take trash away from your camp. Most animals don't even shit in the same place they sleep. Mr. S thought it was the same short term thinking that got them there in the first place. " It's not bothering you right now" kinda thing.

Why do I bring this up today? Because this morning, on a completely overcast day - there is a fire near the SJ airport that is in the homeless zone.

Now San Jose says that 45% of their fires are due to the homeless encampments. And just in June they decided to "study" it. What's to study? Just drive down the effing freeway!

Now I fully admit I'm more sensitive to fire than most - but what the fuck? People don't see this problem because they don't want to see it. And honestly I don't think it will stop until they kill someone. And that's messed up.

The amount of government resources this segment of the population is taking up is insanity. Complete insanity. From the millions of dollars for cleanup of the garbage, to the fires, and to all the other stuff they require. Just look at all these news stories from this year!

Update - I guess the reason people don't complain is that if you do - you are completely shamed. Can you believe this crap?

Monday, August 20, 2018

Just my imagination running away with me.

For a few years I've been making a somewhat monthly pilgrimage to the Santa Row car show. It used to be one of the more premier spots to find supercars. I got a Pagani there once. But now it seems this thing has totally fallen apart and it's freaking me out man.

First of all... the people who put their cars in there were the super wealthy. Chances are they owned multiple McLarens and that type of thing. They also seemed to be the types of people who enjoyed showing off their wealth. And now they don't seem to be wanting to come out and play which strikes me as unusual. And they aren't really showing up in other places.

Now it's true that Pebble Beach is this weekend, but this oddness has sort of been going on all year.  The Santana Row car show really brought a ton of people into the mall. It was always held right in front of the Tesla dealership. But this week we rolled up and Tesla wasn't even open. Which sorta really struck me as strange. Mr S. said he thought maybe the mall had changed their hours for all the stores. Which could be. But like I've said. I think we've been hitting the show for like three years now, and this is the first time the Tesla doors were not open when we got there.

Luckily if the cars suck you can grab a good burger at the mall which Mr S. and I did. And I was in full "what the hell"mode.

Mr S. turns to me and says. Doesn't it seem like all these Lambo guys would be into bitcoin?

I just look at him and say... yeah I guess. Probably.

All I know is I don't like it when the extravagantly rich seem to disappear and I can't figure out why. I hope bitcoin didn't take all their Lambos' away.

Starting to look a lot like vaporware.

Saudi Arabia is talking to an electric-car maker about a deal — and it's not Tesla.

This started coming through my feed last night and I rolled my eyes. Then Mr S. started sending me links of Tesla bears having some faith in this company. But I'm starting to wonder if this car is just going to be like Faraday Future and some of the others that never really get off the ground. To which I have seen many!

Why do I think this? I saw this car pretty much one year ago and I was actually pretty impressed by it. However, I also know they have been taking deposits for a YEAR now.

If I recall correctly this was about the price of a Tesla. Not a Ferrari. "Normal" people don't wait years for cars. Ferrari people do.

I personally find the fact that I haven't even seen one at a car show, or driving around The Valley fairly troubling for a car that's been taking deposits for a year. And they are just in Newark! Maybe I will drive out there and see if there are any signs of life one day.

I would assume they will be at Pebble Beach again his year and maybe I will change my mind. But just because a car company takes deposits doesn't mean they will deliver. And interest rates were very different a year ago. Can you imagine putting down a deposit for a car and the interest rates just keep creeping up and up and up? Some of those people are going to  pop out.

Personally I find this Saudi involvement a Hail Mary funding of last resort kinda thing. There is a fowl wind blowing in the Valley right now. It feels like the money isn't sloshing as much around.

Update - I'd just like to point out (if you didn't go to the link) the Saudi's want majority ownership of Lucid.

So.......how true do you think this Tesla story is? Elon is never ever giving the Saudi's majority ownership.

Sunday, August 19, 2018

You still come here because I find quirky things.

Today I give you your fill of giant Paul Bunyan's.

And giant bobble heads.

And inappropriately large peen statues. Because I'm immature.

Friday, August 17, 2018

I'm betting that one day we will find out that Uber and Lyft didn't take ANY cars off the road. It only helped finance new car purchases so people could drive for them.

Next time you are sitting in traffic look around. Every third car is an Uber/Lyft.

This whole Tesla scandal is why I love Silicon Valley.

The mantra of The Valley is - fake it till you make it. So..... there is a ton of fake shit around here. Which means the life death cycle is brutal.

Sometimes what you thought was a smart business choice turns out to be the worst decision you've ever made. And at the time it was really a good choice, but other players come in and swiftly close line you.

But Elon is just plain out swimming naked at this point. No one really believes at Americans would buy cars that were majority Saudi owned. Do they? This is just ridiculous. But manipulators be manipulating.

Thursday, August 16, 2018

Uh - oh. It's looks like car dealerships are going full Fargo.

Texas Auto Dealer Goes Belly Up After Ford Sues It Over $41 Million in Defaulted Loans.

When this story popped up a few weeks ago I thought it was sorta funny because it was right out of the movie Fargo. Then this one popped up.

Phoenix car dealership indicted.

This dealership was delaying reporting car sales, so they didn't have to pay the sales tax. At this point I found this interesting. But two is not a trend.

Auction cancelled, new dealership to open.

I'm not exactly sure what happened here, but it looks like someone seized the assets and found a buyer before the place completely shut down and assets sent to auction.

Ohio AG files suit against Niles used car dealers.

This one was failing to deliver titles.

Four stories this close together is starting to be something to pay attention to. Because I think dealerships are holding a TON of inventory and interest rates going up so much doesn't help. I've felt for a while that a bunch of these guys are going to go bankrupt.

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

There isn't a day that goes by that I don't hope for the death of bitcoin. It singularly is the reason there hasn't been any tech this year. It's been cannibalizing all the tech money.

They must have had literally thousands of bitcoin conferences over the summer. I even went to a couple A.I. conferences that really just turned out to be bitcoin conferences.

Oh, and McCafee still needs to eat a bag of dicks.

Your new weekly housing update.

Houses in my city are taking Seattles' lead and are being marked down at 7 days now. Same in Fremont.

I'm not even sure why they are waiting 7 days at this point. Obviously the price point is too high.

Tesla will go bankrupt before it goes private.

I'm in the camp that thinks that Elon was playing the ultimate game of chicken to get rid of the shorts and this whole thing backfired on him. And now he's just completely effed himself.

I think that Tesla will never go private because it exists almost entirely due to hype. And no one gives a shit about private companies. If most people can't money money from a company - who the eff cares? Elon's ego can not exist in a private company setting because he lives on the attention.

If I was Elon it would make me very uncomfortable to be lumped into the same camp as Dell. Because what the eff does Dell even do these days? No one cares at all about Dell. And if Tesla goes private no one will care about it either.

I just thought this was funny.

I sorta think you can tell how crazy some people are by how many bumper stickers they have. It's like crazy hair. The wilder your hair is - the crazier you are. But this guy was virtue signaling all over.

One of his stickers said "Elect women", but you could tell his true feelings by his license plate holder. "Elect women"......but no fatties. It just made me laugh. I'm sure the feminists just love that.

Matt black i8.

I can't remember the last time I chased down a car to get pics. That's how depressing the car situation is right now. But I guess I will still minimally chase down an i8. I basically got one shot off.

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

In other Silicon Valley news.

Chickens are now a status item. People buy them 20,000 dollar coops with solar panels. Feed them steak and organic salmon. And amazon even ships them chicken diapers!

And did I mention chickens need to have their diapers changed three times a day at a minimum cost of 10 dollars?

Sunday, August 12, 2018

I'm really proud of you guys. Seriously. 

Not a single comment about eating my bunny? She's on a scale! You guys have really matured. I thought there was a snowballs chance in hell of that.

Saturday, August 11, 2018

Phat shaming.

My girl needs to loose a few ounces. So on the bread scale she goes.

Friday, August 10, 2018

If you are bored - take a stroll through the Bird graveyard on Insta.

It's basically video after video of people destroying those Bird Scooters by throwing them off of tall buildings. Setting them on fire. Or just drowning them in bodies of water.

I'm totes sure those investors are getting their money back. Said in the most sarcastic way. I even saw them getting destroyed in PARIS! It's a new sport I guess.

Thursday, August 09, 2018

Memba back in the day when you were considered a lunatic for calling Obama a Socialist?

Wednesday, August 08, 2018

My thoughts on Tesla.

I've never seen a company go private, do better than they did as a public company.

How Bixby torched the entire line of Samsung products for me.

I was two days away from purchasing a Samsung washer and dryer. And then I'd discovered that Bixby had been forced on me in my phone camera. Meaning when I have my camera up "Bixby Vision" is also up. Which is the hugest invasion of privacy. I don't want Bixby looking at my photos! I know it's on my phone but I can usually just ignore it, but there is no way to ignore the Bixby Vision.

So I tried to uninstall it with an app which didn't work. Then that app wouldn't let me deinstall it for a while and I thought I was going to have to factory reset my phone because the app had control over my camera.

And just like that..... Samsung killed any new purchases from me. I'm just tired of Samsung thinking it still owns my devices after I've brought them home. There is absolutely no reason I can't disable this feature. And I'm just sick of it.

Tuesday, August 07, 2018

The wing is ~so~ tiny.

Red white and blue.

There hasn't been much car stuff on the blog because ....... I'm bored! Normally a Charger would never make it here. But like I said I'm bored.

Monday, August 06, 2018

Yup. We are all completely baffled. Said in the most sarcastic way.

Trump wildfire tweets spark bewilderment about California water.

State’s Delta smelt plan calls for more water flowing to sea.

"With Delta smelt numbers at all-time lows, state officials on Tuesday released a list of more than a dozen projects they’re hoping to undertake in the next few years in a last-ditch effort to stave off the fish’s extinction.

One of those plans is sure to be contentious. The “Delta Smelt Resiliency Strategy” released Tuesday by the California Natural Resources Agency calls for allowing between 85,000 and 200,000 acre-feet of extra water to wash out to sea this summer to bolster smelt habitat.

That’s no small amount: 200,000 acre-feet is equal to a quarter of Folsom Lake’s capacity, though not all the amount released would come from Folsom."

(emphasis mine) Ya know how many smelt exist now? Zero point zero.

The environmentalists are to blame for how bad California wild fires are.

In California we have a specific culture. People love trees and cutting them is tantamount to killing puppies. It's basically the law in California. Or might as well be.

It's so bad, it's almost a mental illness. It's like these people don't understand that trees grow back. It's also the reason we don't have regular controlled burns anymore. Because burning a tree is like burning a puppy. And every time you do a controlled burn these days you have to get an environmental review. So you know how often that crap is happening.

I have lost a home to fire, so when summer gets here - I sort of get freaked. I'm constantly on my neighbors to keep their trees trimmed and it sucks kinda. I had one neighbor tell me that they thought their overgrown trees were part of living in a mature neighborhood. Mind you - I want a defensible space. But no one seems to get the connection. They act as if their trees are delicate orchids.  And that is exactly why all of our fires recently have been so bad.

People probably forget, but the Cal Berkeley campus wanted to do some improvements way back in 2006 that made it so they had to cut down a few trees resulting in environmentalists occupying those trees for like two years. Even though the school promised to plant three trees for every one it cut down,  this stupid protest went on forever. They were called the Berkeley tree sitters and it was a huge deal for a while. It held up the project. The environmentalists forced the city to go to court to evict them from the effing trees. It cost them a ton of money.  They were up  there with poop buckets that's how crazy Californians are about their trees. I think it even devolved into monkey like shit throwing contest towards the end.  Here is a youtube video from the time.

And if you are wondering why our fires are so bad, you can stop blaming global warming. It's because any time you want to maintain the forests these idiots pull in there and start tree sitting so eventually the State just kinda gives up because these people cost them so much money to cut one effing TREE down. It's ridiculous! We even have tree die ins. It's a whole thing. Try to cut a large tree down anywhere and you can absolutely expect a large protest and to spend a lot of extra money. That's why our fires are so bad,

Saturday, August 04, 2018

Today you are getting your fill of dog surfing.

I hadn't been out to Pacifica in a really long time. So long ago, I couldn't really remember why Pacifica never really makes it to the to-do list, because I will drive hours for a good beach. But I vaguely remember Pacifica sucking to get in and out of. Which means something has to be really good for me to go out there. Dog surfing fit the bill today.

Dog surfing actually has a really high degree of photographic difficulty.  Moving objects. Dogs wipe out like people do. The CROWD. Plus the waves coming up making the crowd suddenly shift. And you can't get the dogs with their humans in the shot. That is just dogs floating. Wave timing. Sometimes it just looks like the dogs are walking on water because they are in the middle of a wave set. But at least you get unusual content today.

I'm guessing I won't be back to Pacifica very soon. I didn't even stay long enough to eat in that town. Which is really rare for me. I feel like you don't really get a feel for a town until you eat there.

I wound up stopping in Menlo Park for burgers. Which is normally a really great place for food. But I managed to pick the one place where it seemed like aliens came down to earth and created a burger made from pictures, but they didn't know how they tasted. It looked really amazing, yet was flavorless in a way I had never quite experienced before. And it wasn't dry like those types of burgers normally are. So it was really the weirdest thing.