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Monday, February 19, 2024

I'm shitting all over Republicans this year.

"Ukraine began its involvement in the Iraq War on 5 June 2003, shortly after the 2003 invasion of Iraq. Throughout the conflict, Ukrainian troops were limited to a peacekeeping role, as part of the Multi-National Force – Iraq, though they engaged in combat with Iraqi insurgents. 

On 9 December 2008, Ukraine formally withdrew its last forces from Iraq, ending its participation in the Iraq War. Prior to the Russo-Ukrainian War, Ukraine's involvement in the Iraq War was the largest military operation ever performed by the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Over 6,000 Ukrainians performed military service in Iraq and Kuwait during the war, including a permanent presence of 1,600, and 18 Ukrainians were killed." (emphasis mine) 

I'm trying to understand what the Republican Party (the party I vote most often) stands for anymore.

Imagine what it's going to be like when the Republicans are the only ones sandbagging Ukraine. They weren't even a NATO member and sent troops to help defend us during out terrorist attack. When we invoked article 5. And now we won't even sends weapons? 

Did Russia send troops? No. They did not.

I'm starting to wonder if Republicans believe in Western values at all. Or if they even know what freedom really is after the last four years of fake "mask freedom".

Thursday, February 15, 2024

The problem with Republicans is they dance around shooting themselves in the foot over and over.  All the while laughing at everyone else and calling them stupid.

Wednesday, February 14, 2024

Republicans in a nutshell.

It's really weird that a country without a navy can sink so many Russian ships. BUT UKRAINE IS LOOSING. Said in the most sarcastic way.

If Russia could win - they would have done so already. Do you think they are dragging it out for funzies? It's 721 days in.

Literally EVERYONE except China and Mexico is sending money and weapons. But, as usual.. Americans are so completely out of touch. This is going to be a fun year. Everybody going to find out they been self owning themselves.

Sunday, February 11, 2024

Tucker Carlson is the Sean Penn of Republicans.

I honestly do not understand what is happening to Republicans. It is so deeply outrageous that Tucker goes to Russia. Gushes about Russia, - while Russians live without heat like this,this, this, this, this, this, and this.  Tucker asks Putin about our bathroom politics, while a lot of Russians still don't even have indoor bathrooms! What has Russia developed that makes us care one bit what happens to them? 

The only reason Putin granted that interview is because he thinks he is losing the war, and needs to change the narrative. It's been more than 700 days since the war started. Almost every day for the past week or two - Ukraine is blowing up Russian refineries. Which is funny because Putin thought he would freeze Europe to death because of their own stupidity and naivety. Now Russia will freeze. And I frankly support that.

I have news for everyone reading this - if the US stopped giving money to Ukraine today - the war would go on. Even Japan is sending money to Ukraine. And it's hard to understand why Americans are choosing Russia over Europe. WHY? I think it's the same nativity that Germany had outsourcing their energy production.

I believe Ukraine is no different from Israel. If we let them fall, we are next. They are the only backstops against some very bad actors. Russia is constantly testing our airspace. Just last week they did it two times!

I just never thought I would see the day where we didn't support our allies. But here we are.

Wednesday, January 24, 2024

It's funny until it's not.

Maybe I'm willing to fight this year because the nation has gone full retard the last four years. And I'm pretty pissed at the world everyone has created. Remember, I'm Gen X, but if you get too salty - I might ban you from posting. So stay classy! Because I've got time.

Every day the Republicans, like Tucker Carlson, say that Ukraine is losing. On (checks notes) almost 700 days into this war. Ukraine is sending drones into Russian areas NEVER thought possible. I would even say that the Republicans WANT Ukraine to lose. And I just don't understand it. 

If we give Ukraine to Russia - it will be a clear sign to China that they can take Taiwan! I mean, what is up with the Republican Party these days? Really makes me wonder where the financial interests lie. 

Tuesday, January 23, 2024

It's the biggest non mystery in history.

This is not odd at all! It turns out if you let people die at this rate - inflation becomes very intense. I'm old enough to remember when just letting the baby boomers retire was a HUGE deal. But letting close to 10,000 die a month, does nothing apparently. 

I want to blame the Government, but really it's people who thought eugenics was the way to go. So, they didn't have to lift a finger to make anything better.


THESE PEOPLE ARE NEVER COMING BACK! You shouldn't have to be infected with SARS to care. Instead you will be forced to care in the prices you pay.

From the sky.

This is the solar generating plant right outside of Vegas.

Honestly, I only took this shot because camera phones are getting amazing.

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Friday, January 19, 2024

Okay, maybe the cars were a bust.....but

Here is an interesting concept bike. Although, when I saw a humman on it, I thought it was waaay too bulkey.

Tuesday, January 16, 2024

There weren't really any great concept cars this year. But they have been displaying these "pod" cars for a handful of years.

The backs of the seats were monitors. So that was kind of interesting. Not a monitor in the seat. The seat was a monitor.

Monday, January 15, 2024

I went. I saw. I left early.

You will notice absolutely nothing different this year. The issue is that most  sectors are mature now - like cars, 3D printing, etc. The media seemed really excited about transparent TV's,  but I was covering these in 2016 - so I didn't even take photos. I actually started seeing them in stores in 2017.

So, I went back to the airport and read twitter for three hours waiting for my flight. And basically listened to people cough. If you want to know how sick the nation is......take a flight and just listen to how much coughing is happening. This is our life now. 

If you have problems reading about COVID, just leave this blog this year. I'm not pretending it doesn't exist. 

Wednesday, January 10, 2024

Thursday, January 04, 2024

At least I tried.

2024 will be the year of the self own. The year people realize that team anti vax, and team vax were on the same team all along. They just didn't know it. Both believed in herd immunity that never ever existed.

The only RIGHT and MORAL thing to tell people was - to NOT get infected. Like I tried to.

At this stage I am somewhat at peace with things. I have always felt people should have to live by their choices. Yet, I do walk around every day thinking HOW COULD YOU!  A few days ago a 90 year old man came up and shook my husbands hand. 

We know he was 90 because old people always lead with their age. It was sweet obviously, but in my head all I could think was - how could people convince this OLD MAN that it was safe to be out without a mask? I don't think I will ever forgive most of you.

I think we are about a week out from hitting the iceberg that the ENTIRE world has crashed into with all time high wastewater in most of Europe and other countries. And the new variant causes pneumonia.

This year will be the year people can not ignore how much they fucked themselves.

I would personally like to thank people for participating the in the Darwin Olympics and volunteering to unalive themselves. 

I'm also going to add that over the Spring last year, I thought I'd finally figured out why people were acting the way they were about SARS2. And I'd decided that it was the thrill of cheating death. 

Self I said - If I have one more old person walk up to me and list their health conditions and then say "I should be dead right"? , I'm gonna flip out.

This year, that thrill is going to wear off. Mark my words.

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Saturday, December 30, 2023

Thursday, November 30, 2023

How many times will you let yourself be tricked by these people?

How many?  Personally I think ZeroHedge should be sued. Back in the day, you could sue media sources for writing demonstratively FALSE information. He deserves a big ol' class action lawsuit. And they will some day come. Mark my words! 

We are roughly on our 8th wave! And honestly, I can't figure out why people are ruining their health for one political party or another,.

New COVID Variant Spreading In US, Experts Explain Risks (Or Lack Thereof).

"Compared to Eris, BA.2.86 has a significantly lower growth efficiency, meaning that it is less capable of replicating itself in the human bodies."

Is this guy out of his fucking mind? Listen, I know the repubs have gone all in on this "just let the old die thing", but the Republicans are sort of an old group. They have to go knuckles deep at this point because they can't admit they were lying all along. They know they can not cut entitlement spending - so.... they just gonna let you die or become disabled. 

The below image shows you the growth rate of all the variants. Do you see where that arrow is? That is JN.1. AKA "Pirola".

Pirola is NOT an Omicron variant. It is designated at IT'S OWN variant because it has so many mutes. At least 30 at this point. And it's having babies because dummies won't stop spreading it. Pirola is as far from Omicron as Omicron was from the original Delta. I.E A COMPLETELY NEW VIRUS.

HV.1 (the variant he talks about)is a descendant of XBB.1.9.2. (below) If you need a bigger image just typey type into twitter the guys name above.

“At this time, BA.2.86 does not appear to be driving increases in infections or hospitalizations in the United States,” the CDC wrote.

Research outside of the United States similarly suggests that Pirola should not be more severe than current variants." 

This is an absolute lie.

He goes on to write "Compared to Eris, Pirola has a significantly lower growth efficiency, meaning that it is less capable of replicating itself in the host, the authors wrote." “This is not the second coming of omicron. If it were, it is safe to say we would know by now,” Bill Hanage, associate director and professor of epidemiology at Harvard wrote on X on Sep. 1 ,when the variant's prevalence was significantly lower." 

Also, NO ONE should be pulling data from Sept1. The virus mutates so quick that a THREE month lag is a different lifetime. What was true on September 1st, is NOT true now.

When JWeiland gets excited, you all better kiss your ass goodbye. He is the most measured person when it comes to reporting on SARS. The disease you all call COVID.

I just will never understand what is happening with people. We clearly see incoming waves. The "official media says "no cause for alarm in the US despite the rest of the world literally being on fire. People go right back to sleep because it's what they want to hear.

And lastly.... Is ZeroHedge gonna pay your bills when you get sick? or Scott Adams? All these people who just love to hear themselves talk. 

Scott Adams works in a fucking home office and brags he hasn't been invited to dinner in years! People are letting THAT GUY tell them to not protect themselves? It is galling. Probably the same with ZeroHedge.

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Wednesday, November 22, 2023

Americans love being tricked, and don't learn from being tricked.

It was in the spring when I went to my optimoloist. For some reason that day  - he wanted to talk to me all about how COVID was released fron a lab. I was honestly pretty ammused. I'd only been saying this (at  least) since January of 2022.  Probably before, but I have to go find the receipts.

I let him tell me everything he wanted to say, and then replied - I think if you ask most people - they feel it was released from a lab. So. it's a little weird that everyone thinks their immune system will just clear this.  I didn't say this, (but apparently no one can connect dots these days and you have to explicitly point things out) but in my head I thought - because they keep "the good" viruses in labs.

Why do I bring this up today, right before the holiday? Because it's all I can think about, and our economy doesn't get better until this is solved. And honestly - I don't understand how everyone can just pretend away what is happening.

For all the bitching people did about "gain of function", it's apparent that NO ONE really understands what that means. So,  I am here to tell you. 

In this particular case,"gain of function" obviously means that they tweaked the mutation  level of the virus. I don't know if they were just trying to find a vaccine for SARS1 (you know, the virus this was built on, and still to this day have not found an effective vaccine for?) or if they were trying to weaponize it. 

But the fact remains that the virus mutates too quickly for government to get ahead of it. And people's brains are too smooth to understand the implications of letting it mutate over and over and over again.

I could tell in March 2020,   that infection (you know, the thing that is suppose to give you antibodies) was not preventing people from getting sick again. The infection ran through China in January, by March they were already in a new wave. CONNECT THE DOTS!

Wednesday, November 15, 2023

Monday, October 23, 2023

If there is one thing that the past few years has taught me, - it's that I highly underestimated the amount of people in this world who make shit up to get attention.

Oh sure, you figure every family has one or two.........but, put in a little financial incentive, and the whole effing family is making shit up now. And everyone just falls for their bullshit because their platform is so loud.

Everyone will find out soon though that following these turds fucked all of us over.

Already bored.

I know everyone is fanboying out on Elon's farts because they get paid for content now on Twitter,  but the only reason he does this car shit is so he can make 1.7 BILLLION dollars in carbon credits every year.

Also, this thing is going to show every single time you've been doored. When I bought my truck, I'd had it literally less than 30 days before I got a significant ding.

I only posted this last one because, it geolocates the truck if you zoom into the picture.

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In the wild.

Mr S. got the cyber truck this morning on the way to work. These are his cell phone shots.

I only have a couple of comments... 

1. I laugh about the stainless steel. As any female that owns a stainless steel appliance knows,  stainless steel is NOT stainless. LOL. 

Brushed metal is one of my FAVORITE trends in cars, as many long time readers may remember, and even those guys say they have to do a LOT of work making sure it doesn't rust.

I call my appliances Buddah's because have to rub them so often. Good luck men.

2. It seems they are driving the same truck all around because it has the same graphic on it. 

Saturday, September 09, 2023