Friday, January 18, 2019

Have you heard about asymmetrical jeans?

I guess that day has finally arrived.

Tesla sinks after cutting 7% of its workforce. Five experts weigh in on what's next.

I know I talk a lot of shit about them, but now that the day is here - it sort of gives me a far away stare.

If Telsa can't make it - all of these other players really have an uphill battle. Tesla would not exist without government support. Period. The new players are going to encounter a very challenging environment indeed. And this whole Valley right now is built around supporting those cars. I just don't even know what the knock on effect is going to be.

Thursday, January 17, 2019

The low point of CES. Toilets.

I got to this area of CES and frankly just became incensed. I have been to CES for a lot of years now, and it was the first time I saw them with toilets. This is the kind of thing you see at Dwell. NOT CES.

And furthermore - I have NEVER seen dudes so interested in toilets! A woman would never in a million years walk up to a toilet demo and run their hands over the seat. I could have hung out forever and just gotten hundreds of dudes caressing a toilet seat. That never happens in real life! They don't even spend any time on these things! What do they effing care?

Also, I'm just super bitter about restroom policy these days. Can't I just have a public toilet that hasn't been peed on? If you cared that much about toilets - I wouldn't have a shitty attitude about gender neutral bathrooms!

Also WTF do you need a graph chart usage for? I know these photos are crap, but I was just incensed.

Not much new to report about 3D printing. It's basically just gotten faster.

Send your dumb robot to school.

Do these hip protectors make my ass look fat?

When you don't care what is in the box.

I love all of this new low power LED stuff! I walked up to this guy and of course he wanted to show me what was inside.

I was like - NO. Let's just look at the box!

I think these would be good Halloween Masks.

I see facial recognition often enough that I think these would be funny masks. My picture sucks, but you can't have everything in life.

I still love transparent TV's.

And I don't know why. There is no logical explanation for it. But in the Snarkolepsy household we have a rule that we can just tell you to shut up. I just like it. Meaning it's probably stupid but it doesn't matter because it delights me in some way.

This one was better than most because I actually had to work a little to capture the transparency.

Well, that explains that.

Doom and gloom: Department stores' disappointing holiday sales results spell trouble for 2019.

"Macy's in particular — with more than 690 stores across the U.S., including Bloomingdale's — has served as a sort of barometer for its peers. When the company said it didn't sell as much women's sportswear, sleepwear, fashion jewelry and cosmetics during the holidays as executives had hoped, Macy's shares had their worst day ever, cratering nearly 18 percent. It brought many retail stocks down with it too.

Hey - I have an idea. If Macy's wanted to sell things, maybe they could get their cashiers to actually not call a break with a line six people deep during the holidays.

It is also super irritating that the media is blaming the government shutdown for the weak holiday sales. I mean, I started getting my panties in a bunch about this a full week before the shutdown because the malls suddenly had discount signs back up.

I posted about it on November 19th - I guess it's not trendy to talk about the mallpocolypse right now. With a follow up post on December 24 - This is our life now. I'm pretty sure the shutdown had JUST happened.

This was well under way before the government shutdown. But at least they have someone to blame.
Is it just me or have the search algo's just stopped trying. No matter where you go they are just like we don't give and eff what you were looking for. Here is a bunch of garbage.

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Do we really want to avoid dying in our sleep?

It's the best way to go - right? I am actually pretty conflicted about this one. If a young guy was laying on that bed I'd be like - eeeew. Google is gonna listen to you have sex! But an old guy was there, so I thought - maybe old people need that. But honestly, maybe a lot people who die in their sleep, just die in their beds and they can't call for help. I dunno.

For the glitter Nazi's.

Yeah, I said it. You know there is a war on glitter. Right? Because we may only have what is functional and without joy apparently.

But seriously - I really like these low power LED's. They have been trying  them in a bunch of different packaging. And cards seem like a good application.

Bread robot/vending machine.

Before the usual cacophony (oh yeah, I'm using big words today) of cries come in saying - they are taking all of our JOBS! I present you with this headline:

Robots Ruin Robot Hotel.

Just because robots ~can~ do something - doesn't mean they will do it as fast as a human. Robots were made to be slow but repetitive.

And besides - while I think this is a neat idea - it fails to understand the love of bread. We want to smell it, and squeeze it to see how old it is. And as a wife who's husband has been on a years long now bread quest-  I don't think this thing is going to make it. Making bread is actually really hard. People intern in other countries for YEARS to get it right.

I'm still getting CES stuff out, but I just find it ridiculous that the market is rallying on Goldman Sacks! That is some stupid shit. On Feb 1 2018 their stock was 272 a share.  It is now 179 a share.

I've been watching it for a few weeks because - No one of freaking out about a 1/3rd hair cut?! That is a relief rally if I've ever seen it.

Police hover bike.

I know this is somewhat vaporware for now, but I just loved that they spun it up. I almost thought they were going to take it an inch or two off the ground. But they didn't.

Drones are making slow but steady progress. And I'm guessing they got tired of people saying - you're gonna cut your legs off because they had a new concept under a tarp. I'm not sure how many people asked to see what was under the blanket because I haven't really seen anyone talking about it.

I was somewhat surprised at just how 3D printed they both looked. But I really am starting to believe this will be common in the future.

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Lidar lidar everywhere. Hope you have some change to spare.

The only thing interesting about car lidar right now is where they are putting it. Right? And yes, there are other uses for lidar outside of the car industry.

I think eventually they will incorporate it into things like this headlight concept. But for right now, some of these cars are sporting like 30 grand in lidar. That is really going to jack up the prices of cars.

Monday, January 14, 2019

Cube cars were all the rage.

Said in the most sarcastic way.