Saturday, August 24, 2019

Back to ol' timey stuff.

I still have stuff from Monterey to post, but I got bored. You should know by now that happens here. And I love this car to death. It combines two of my favorite car trends.

Bare metal. And Ratrods.

They parked this car in a very tragic spot so you couldn't really get great shots of it. They put it right in front of the food stands. So, there was no getting a clean shot no matter how long you waited.

Friday, August 23, 2019

You know how people put fake deer in their yards?

Well Monterey puts real deer. Yes, they are all over the golf course, but this is right downtown. And they are super not afraid of people. This one was about 10 feet from me. They walk the streets like the turkeys do in my town.

The rumor mill on Fry's Electronics is really heating up.

Remember when I went into Fry's Electronics about a month ago and was shocked that they had taken out display racks. Their inventory looked missing. And it generally looked like the store was going out of business?

Well I'm starting to hear those rumors from all over now. The rumor mill is that their suppliers cut them off. But the official Fry's story is that they are having trouble getting things from China. You can make up your own minds.

I've heard exact same stories as mine from Fountain Valley Ca.  Roseville Ca. Burbank Ca. And Renton Wa. Removed display cases with a very noticeable lack of inventory.

Thursday, August 22, 2019

We are definitely in a declining market.

There are some crazy things happening in real estate in my city.

First - I have five Mobile homes on the market. When it's unusual to see one.

I also ran across a really modest house in a nice neighborhood. Looks well enough kept. They put it on the market Oct last year for 775,000.  It's a 3 bed 1 and a half bath -  slightly less than 1300 square foot house.

In November of last year they lowered the price by 15 grand. That made no difference. They removed the listing in January. Re-listed it on August 8th for 634,572. That's a 140,428.  price cut. They had been bumping it down a few grand every few days to 626,381. Now it's up for auction.

If I had to guess - the price cuts triggered them to be in negative equity and they gave up. There have been so many price revisions that I can't see past last year so I am only speculating.

It's been a long time since we have had a zero bid market. Especially for what most would consider a starter house. It's the first one I've seen since the grand ol' days of the recession. Previously things had just been sitting a while. So I wouldn't draw too much yet. But if we are getting to that point in the market.......... it's gonna get cray cray.

This type of stuff will definitely cause shivers through the economy. If that is your neighborhood - everyone in that neighborhood knows about that house. And that kind of stuff spreads like wildfire.

This is why Trump is banging the drums on rate cuts.

Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Funny how quickly things change.

July 24, 2019 Based on what people are searching for on Google, a recession is nowhere near.

August 21, 2019 Based On What People Are Searching On Google, A Recession Could Be Imminent.

When your house loses 10.5% of it's value in one year like San Jose has - it's not the "fake news" as Trump likes to say that is causing people to become fearful. That's real money. Something is pulsing through the economy.  Could be the strong dollar. Could be the trade wars.  People are exceedingly aware that if you own a million dollar house (which I'm sure every house in San Jose is now) you have just lost 100 grand in value. That might even put people who have bought in the last two years underwater.

Make no mistake - Trump had to call China on it's shit. We were just passively giving everything we owned to China. It's not paranoia to say that China could have owned us one day. But no one should have thought this would be painless.

Monday, August 19, 2019

Bentley EXP 100 GT.

The other car I was most captivated with was this Bentley. Mostly because of the grill.

Light pulsated across the whole thing. It looked like the News Years Eve ball. I don't think there was any way to get good shots it on the green. It's a giant beast of a car to start with. Pebble Beach either has their concept cars roped off too tightly, or not tightly enough. Everything is on a slant. It's either too overcast, or too sunny. OR BOTH. I managed to get them to let me take close shots of the roof. But I don't think anything does it enough justice as their promo video.

So you just have to go over and watch this video to see it in action. Especially to see the light grill.

Look at how far away they kept you from this car! And some cars you could get some elevation, but not this one. The only car there that you needed some elevation for the roof.

I guess I'm getting this Bugatti out first.

Because who ever dies with the most tail pipes wins! OH - you've only got 2 or 4 tailpipes? Sucker. This one has 6.

The past couple of years at Pebble Beach, Bugatti has had an invite only area. You could squeeze out of a couple of shots, but it wasn't easy. So I was surprised to see them on the main area. And really - if you add a hex grill and some lights - I can be slutty for a lot of things.

I liked the Bugatti's that looked like tennis shoes. I was into those for quite a while. The past two years I didn't like the style so I didn't care if you couldn't get a good shot of their car.

Saturday, August 17, 2019

ComicCon 2019. End.

Not a bad Laurence Fishburn. My shot of the other characters came out blurry.

OMG. You guys probably don't remember, but every so often I see this guy. He brings this device and pensively stares into it. And when you ask him about it, he ignores you. I mean, really, acts as if you don't exist. I don't get it at all. This has been going on for a couple of years now. I've blogged about it a couple of times.

So...... I put these at the end because you are suppose to pay for a picture of Jason Mamoa. But I have 300 times zoom on my mint berry camera bitchez and zooming in like that probably makes me an asshole. They send someone out to say you can't take pictures. But I think they underestimate how much zoom some of these pocket camera have,

Morena Baccarin from FireFly. She was actually a lot prettier in real life than on TV. Most of the people that show up at these Cons are more at the end of their career and you think - they are sorta holding up.

Lou Ferrigno.