Sunday, July 23, 2017

Last of the ghost lots. ( I think )

It's been hot and I've been bored. So I got that last ghost lot I knew about today. I was pretty confused about this lot because it had a little of everything. New Acuras and Mini's.

It had some Lexus's that had actual license plates on. So I wasn't completely sure this was an overfill lot at first.

There is a truck back there and a Chevy Camero.

Oh, and I can't forget the Audi's. It has so many different car breeds it has to be communal storage.

Then I noticed they were storing some cars on this Storage lot on the same block.

At first nothing sinister there.

But if you zoom in you can see there are new cars on this lot.

And the mystery of the cars with license plates is explained. They are probably certified used cars. Cars with that stripe on the top of the front window are certified used. And while there are not that many. Why would they use a public storage place to store used cars?

The sign above says Acura Stop Sale. Yet some cars in that lot also still have the plastic protective coating that comes from the factory.

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Ghost car busters.

If there's something strange in your neighborhood. Who you gonna call? Ghost car busters!

I made it out to that lot in Newark today. It has Jeeps and Dodges. Thanks DF! I have to say that if I'd seen this lot before the others I would have just thought this was merely weird. It's the least terrifying lot I've seen. There were maybe 200 cars there. They are about 20 deep, and maybe ten/fifteen rows. The other lots have at least 500 cars. The one in the East Bay could easily have between 500 and 1000 cars.

It's completely open. I could have walked right into the lot. And they still had some empty space. But I have never seen car companies do this before.  If this is happening in the cities I hate to imagine what it looks like inland.  I would have thought they'd hide them in places like Stockton.

Mr S. wondered if any of these cars are manufactured in the US. Maybe political pressure is causing this.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

You mean in prisons we get to remodel kitchens!

When Does A Home Become A Prison?.

“Existing homeowners are increasingly financially imprisoned in their own home by their historically low mortgage rate. It makes choosing a kitchen renovation seem more appealing than moving.”

I wasn't going to post anything today because... meh. Then this article came across and I had to just laugh to myself and say who ever wrote this article is such a fool.

I can't even believe someone would write such an article after so many years of saying owning a house was a chumps game. And all the cool kids were out having "experiences" with all of that sweet, sweet money they saved from renting.

Well, we all buckled down and got a super low rates and now we can afford to do all the shit we couldn't before because we aren't paying as much interest. How is that renting going? If this guy thinks that is a prison.... all I can do is laugh and laugh and laugh.

What a hardship when the only thing you can do besides move is remodeling a kitchen or bath. It's positively inhuman. Worst prison Eva.

Such first world problems with all that extra disposable cash.  Those prisoners are going to have the best retirement ever. I can't wait to see the articles that come from now on because there is going to be a lot of butthurteddness going forward. In Oakland, hundreds of people are showing up to open houses.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

This is complete insanitity - more ghost cars.

An intrepid reader brought this to my attention. It's in the East Bay and is full of Lexus's.  Since I live somewhat close to this area I knew about this lot. It's been building for a really long time now. I'd say six months. But while I was out there there the gardeners were working. So I asked them how long these cars had been building up. They said years, but I don't think it's been quite that long. Maybe a year.

They've been out there so long that the protective plastic is falling off the cars. And they are super dirty. Some still have the plastic on the seats.

I'm starting to think the feedback loop is the same as during the housing crisis. If they lower prices, then everyone has to lower prices. And from history it seems like they would rather go out of business than do that.

The sad thing is I ran across two other overflow lots trying to get these shots but I couldn't find a place to park so I'm going to have to do a pickup trip to get them. There are enough cars here I could have done a video, but I was by myself.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

But - were they paying subscribers?

I guess Netflix had a blow out quarter on adding subscribers. But I have to tell you that I am two of those subscribers and I don't have to pay for Netflix for a FULL year. Let me explain.

When I upgraded my phone this last cycle Samsung was offering a bundle deal to get people to buy their phones. They gave you a few different things like a memory stick. But they also gave you 6 months of Netflix for free. And since Mr S. and I both upgraded we both were subscribed to Netflix.

For some reason Netflix allowed these subs to be additive. So now I don't have to pay to watch Netflix for a full year.

So, while all those subs might look super awesome - how many of them are paying subs? Just curious.

Monday, July 17, 2017

More carpocolypse.

I noticed this site a couple of months ago. It's full of Mitsubishi's and Nissans. I also believe this is a shadow inventory site. When car companies start parking new cars on other companies properties - that is just sort of odd. This is a Bobcat storage site.

At least they keep this site well maintained. A lot of the cars still have the protective shipping plastic on their roofs. And they have the sale stickers still on their windows. But they have been there so long now that they are getting pretty dirty.

The world still works the way I think it does.

"According to a new survey from real estate site Trulia, the top regret among renters was deciding to rent rather than buy a home: 41 percent "wish they had bought instead." Unfortunately, more than half of all renters believe they couldn't afford to buy, and data shows that many of them could be right." Source.

I railed about the rent trap throughout the entire recession. It felt like I was screaming against the wind because there were millions of articles telling people what chumps they were to buy a house and not rent.

Renting provides you so much freedom they would insist. You don't have all those nasty repair bills they would cackle. But they never mentioned how every year your rent would go up. Rent increases over the recession were way worse than what happened with the mortgage resets. And what happens when there is a housing shortage like there is right now? Most people don't really understand how unstable renting is unless you've lived it.

I've always felt that after you've rented long enough, all you would ever want was to own a house. People will say a lot of things to justify their choices, so I'm pretty happy to see this brand of regret finally showing up.

Sunday, July 16, 2017

I'm sure this means everything is just fine.

Mattresses have to be the lowest turn over item of any product. People don't buy them very often. But somehow, Fry's electronics thinks that selling mattresses is more profitable than appliances. It isn't taking up a ton of space now....  but who's ever seen this before at an electronics store?

More evidence of the carpocolypse.

There are a few lots in the Valley that I think are shadow inventory lots. But I can't prove it. Then today this caught my eye. It's an old ToysRUs, and it's filled with Masdas.

The weird thing is they aren't even taking care of the grounds. They aren't even sending a guy out there with a leaf blower. This has to be shadow inventory.

What happens if these cars don't sell in a year? What will happen to new car prices. And who knows how much shadow inventory they have out there.

(I accidentally torched this post and I couldn't find a cached version. If anyone has a cached version on their device can you send the the text portion in email?)