Wednesday, February 08, 2023

We are living in a post economic reality world.

Inside Wall Street's gloom-and-doom racket 

If an 'expert' is warning you that the market is about to crash, check their math.

If I hear another analyst say we are not in a recession - I am going to loose a gasket. Anything under 50 is recession.

I am so deeply disappointed in the conservatives. They have lost their ever fucking minds. When this guy pops up on FoxNews trying to convince you that everything is "fine", and if you don't think so it because you are a doom and gloomer. Otherwise known as someone living in reality.

I mean, the conservatives WHOLE platform is just - don't be a pussy. You are just imagining things. Don't be negative! It so frustrating.

Gastly Pending home sales.

Tip to stern, this has to be the biggest fall on record. Worse than 2008. Well below the trend line from before the pandemic.

It's hard to predict the future right now. Anyones' guess is as good as mine, so I guess that it continues. Every night on twitter I see people talking about the collapse of China's real estate market, and protests over people not getting paid and layoffs because companies are pulling out of China.

I guess the only positive of the pandemic, is that China will not find it as easy to be the SuperPower they once were. I still believe they collapse. This also makes them very dangerous now. Added with the unknown amount of workers being culled from the workforce, it's hard to say wether inflation can come down in any meaningful way. 

As the Fed says - it's going to be hard to tamp down persistently high wage inflation. You are going to have to pay handsomely for the risk these people take. The ones covering all the gaps right now have been worked to death. People are going to find out that letting people die and become disabled is NOT good for economies. 

Who knows how high interest rates will get honestly.  I feel like China doesn't have any money to buy our bonds.

But, this is the world people wanted. I'm just living in it.  You all are super fucked. 

Tuesday, February 07, 2023

Here is how Sweden feels about your silly hybrid/herd immunity theory.

On FoxNews this morning they had Bob Wacter on giving out really dated information on Sweden and schools. I will just call it propaganda. I read a few months ago that Sweden always knew that kids got SARS2, and they were going for herd immunity. So they lied. I will try to find the article again.

It seems to me that "since everyone has been infected or vaccinated" (said in the most sarcastic way) these deaths should be going down. Sweden is the model.... right?

I think the most depressing part of this whole thing is watching TONS of people over the weekend talking about how that China ballon was probably filled with COVID.

Why would they go to all that trouble when they can just get on a plane? I mean, for christ sakes, why are people so dumb right now? There are ZERO critical thinking skills.

Monday, February 06, 2023

The better San Fransisco in my opinion.

Thursday, February 02, 2023

When are people going to get it?

It's the weirdest soft landing I've ever seen.

You can't go to any news site without seeing an article that says housing prices will fall 20%, and Intel is cutting the salaries of ALL it's employees 2008 style. (I'm not linking. You know how to google) I'm betting one million percent this is not just an Intel problem. I think all of Silicon Valley will soon follow.

I mean, it's great Trump made it so the Democrats couldn't spend that much money, but the snap back is going to be gnarly. He blew a big beautiful bubble. Said in Trump talk.

Everybody wanted to save the world until they got a chance to.

Then they said - JK. Too hard.

Mass death of seals raises fears bird flu is jumping between mammals, threatening new pandemic.

"Avian flu has been found in seals that died a ‘mass mortality event’ in the Caspian Sea. Now scientists are investigating whether it is the first transmission of the virus between mammals in the wild"

I literally read articles every day about the bird flu. And it's getting kind crazy. It's jumping into a LOT of different species. And bird flu has a more "unfavorable" death rate.

And if anyone were wondering..... yes. Monkeypox IS still out there. New Zealand seems to be having a weird pop. 

Wednesday, February 01, 2023

This old shell game is back.

Looks to me like Tesla is planning to put a *bunch* of cars into cold storage.

I care so little about this that I don't even drive by the plant anymore. But, I found it interesting that at this mall, they were unloading cars and had basically blocked off the whole lower area of this parking garage.

I guess I will be shopping at this mall in the next few weeks to see how this budding ghost lot progresses.

If anyone had known before that you could just build a bunch of product, and just store it until people bought it. I think most businesses would be astounded. It is a marvel to watch. I mean... he doesn't have to build cars. He makes all his money on carbon credits. This car thing is just a front.

Monday, January 30, 2023

Avain Flu isn't just for the birds.

Three Grizzly Bears Tested Positive for Avian Flu in Montana.

The current outbreak has led to the deaths of more than 52 million birds in the United States. 

(and apparently at least three bears)

Who doesn't love blaming things on Biden? Right? If they don't tell you how severe the avian flu outbreak is, they can just blame it on inflation (and Biden) and not do anything about it. 

Do nothing Republicans would rather just burn the world down and blame it on "the Other Guy". Instead of coming up with solutions. The risk of "the Other Guy" getting credit is too risky. So we should just be a little less awful than the other team. That makes people want to join your team. Right?

Here's to hoping this doesn't bleed over into humans. Oh... what am I saying. Team herd immunity is going to pop up any minute and say we should have always been getting avian flu and that we have an immunity debt to it.

Sunday, January 29, 2023

Friday, January 27, 2023

The frauds misinformed you with such confidence.

The people in green  played you for clicks and clout. The people in red told you the truth. Guess who people believed? 

OH! And I've noticed the narrative Republicans are starting to use. "The fog of war" Which makes me boil. There was no war. You were just trying to kill off the people you didn't like. The "war" was all in your heads.  It's just a cowardly way to say " meew... nobody could have known. And if you did, you were soooo smart. Said in the most sarcastic way.

I just want to add -  and I can't even believe I'm saying this - CHINA WAS HONEST.  It just makes me so mad. They told us that people were having silent hypoxia. It's been the US who has acted like CHINA sandbagging all the data.

There is going to be a time where people are going to wish we kept records. Like Scott Adams. I believe him. Last year, every week a new constellation of symptoms would show up in my feed. That went on for MONTHS. Many many many were skin related.

This lie is just so big. I don't know how it's going to come out in society.

Thursday, January 26, 2023

The media scrubbing has begun.

Satire Or Serious: "Why Didn't The Unvaccinated Do More To Warn Us?". 

Look - I don't know if he's serious or not either. But I do know he's trying to reframe who he claimed to be all along. Personally I think the Republicans are starting to freak out a bit.

They can't point the finger any longer. There are no elections to blame. Every household almost has been affected. The mania is over, and the real truth is finally being laid bare.

P.S. I know I'm picking on ZH a lot. But he is one of the most egregious offenders. He made tons of money off of false hope. But... there will be tons of targets.

Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Proves my point.

It's almost like ZeroHedge reads my blog. One of his "authors" spit out mania driven post two hours after I talked about the Milgrim Shock experiment. 

The post is littered with complete bullshit. Republicans better get it right soon. Who are people going to believe? Their lying eyes which see people sick all around them, or this doofus? The author literally plugs his book no less than 8 TIMES!.

Milgrim would be envious.

I'm fairly certain psychologists will be studying the behavior of people in the pandemic for decades to come,

In my opinion we've been living the real life Milgrim shock experiment the entire pandemic. It wasn't just denial. It was vengeance.


I am going to update this post and be more specific. The Governments "Plan" all along was herd immunity. And people complied in whatever form that got them there. Through vaccination, infection, or both.  Forcing others to get infected.

People ran interference for the government shouting down anyone that told them this might be a bad idea.

Herd immunity was never going to happen. NEVER. You could see it right away in March of 2020. Getting infected serves NO purpose.

Conning you for clicks.

Your Living Standards Have Declined Dramatically.

"Everyone knows about the egg problem, which is being chalked up to a bird flu, just as Putin was responsible for the gas price and greedy meat processors caused beef prices to soar. Sorry but this is ridiculous. The price of eggs is up dramatically because all the costs associated with making them available to consumers are up." (emphasis mine)

Zerohedge almost admits it. Almost. But he'd rather froth you up, because apparently all you have to mention is DAVOS and people lose their minds.

What could he possibly mean "all the costs associated with making them" are up? He couldn't mean labor shortages could he? And bird flu is a HUGE thing. He knows this. He reads the same feeds I do. But that doesn't get him clicks and outrage. Bird flu is another thing no one seems to care about. Literally every day I read an article about it. 

"It’s the same with the Fed. It does not matter that the dollar can buy more foreign currencies than ever. That has nothing to do with anything. What matters is not how much foreign currency it can buy but how many goods and services it can buy. The reason it buys far less traces to the outrageous monetary expansions of 2020 and 2021. That’s the whole reason. At one point, monetary expansion was running 26 percent per year!"

Again. Sooooooo close.

Look, would I vote for Trump again? Probably. Having said that - HE PRINTED MORE MONEY THAN ALL OF THEM! And Repulicans used to care about that.

This is the cutest fib:

"They robbed you to fund their outrageous lockdown experiment and put as many businesses and people on the payroll as possible. They might as well have dropped money from helicopters. Now we are paying the price for this monetary malfeasance.".

They did drop money from helicopters. He knows this. FORGIVEN PPP LOANS ARE HELICOPTER MONEY.

I even made a post titled - What comes after Helicopter money. And you are absolutely going to get to find out.

You've really gotten yourselves into a fine mess.

In September I wrote an article called, It was the plot twist no one expected.

"They thought they were clearing out the "dead wood", but are in fact just creating a new dead forest to burn. I couldn't talk about this months ago because I was a "fear monger". You haven't seen fear mongering yet. And they wouldn't listen to anyone.

I also wrote an article saying that Powell was fighting inflation he could do nothing about. This inflation is mostly due to worker shortages. And honestly for weeks, governments around the world have been sounding the alarm about the disability wave. To exactly no fucks. 

I tried to tell people there were things worse than dying with SARS2. But no - if you - didn't die it was fine. Now you are gonna get to see how fine things are. Everyone was careless with other peoples health.

You know what bothers me so much? When did we abandon making other people feel comfortable?

Mr S. and I were up in Oregon last summer in a tiny town near the beach.  We decided to have lunch in a very packed restaurant. They had all the doors open. So they had good airflow. Mr S. and I were the ONLY ones masked. At that point only light surgical because people were less crazy back then.

The server came up to us and asked if we would feel more comfortable if she put on a mask. And it was the literal kindest thing I'd seen in the pandemic. We thanked her profusely and said no. I'm sure they felt their small town bubble was safe. Outsiders like me should try to not infect them. I will remember that girl forever. I will also remember the people who flooded these towns and said fuck you I'mma do what I want. When I look at these disability stats, I try to feel like maybe it's some of those assholes. It makes me not care as much.

We have lost about the amount of people of one San Jose in a few years. And I know that seems funny and cute. But.... we will see how funny and cute it becomes when inflation won't go down because the workforce is either dead or disabled.

This morning Fox news was saying that housing prices were going to fall 25%. 

When I was stuck in the housing crisis I eventually figured out that population increases would suck up all that inventory. but now we don't even have that. Bravo for everyone.

Tuesday, January 24, 2023


It was about this time that Hong Kong also started reporting reinfections. Which would technically be hybrid immunity. Right?

Then, as vaccines rolled out - we watched our government refuse to count reinfections.

2023 is going to be the year of Hot Takes.

I can feel it in my bones. Everybody better start scrubbing their media to make it seem like you were on the right side all along.

I do have conferences coming up - but I might whip you like a dog until then.

Monday, January 23, 2023

This post brought to you by Scott Adams.

Over the weekend I turned to Mr S. and said - I'm starting to see a real, down low, undercurrent of anger.

He sort of looks at me and chuckles.

I continue - People are really starting to freak out about what they put in their bodies with that shot. 

(Before people read further - I feel I just need to add for the millionth time that I am not anti vax. I simply had heart stuff in my family. I watched my grandfather have a heart attack at the kitchen table and die when I was seven. I have also had Bells Palsey on one side of my face. It's important you know this. You will find out why soon.)

We talked a bit more and then he says - Even Scott Adams switched.

I'm like - what?

He says - Yeah, now Scott Adams is anti-vax.

This is where my world turned red. I say - THAT GUY! He said I shouldn't even be allowed to have medical care because I was not vaccinated! That I couldn't go into a public place. Or be able to hold a job. That side felt it was pretty much okay to hold you down and forcibly inject you!

Saying now, that the people who didn't take the shot won, IS SIMPLY NOT GOOD ENOUGH! FUCK Scott Adams.

He was literally on every side of the issue. Now anti-vax. For clicks! I hear he might commit suicide. 

Look, whatever he has going on is probably terrible. I'm sure he thought all those crappy things the shot and the virus do would only happen to people he didn't like. Not himself. I mean, he seemed to think that I should be forced into a shot even though I had some very serious and VALID fears due to my family history. But... he didn't give a fuck at the time.

And everyone else better switch their chairs because the MOB is waking up, and they are going to realize that everyone failed to protect them for CLICKS!

Thursday, January 19, 2023

YOU are the reset.

Last night I turned to Mr S. and said - my feed is absolutely on fire over Davos. He just chuckles and says "well... yeah".

So I asked him what his feed was saying, because I know they feel a different sort of way than my feed.

He says - Those socialist commies want us to eat bugs and own nothing!

I reply - Those socialist commies have everyone so distracted by that one comment, that people completely ignore they are protecting themselves to the hilt while telling everyone else SARS-COV-2 is over.

To get into the White House you need to take a PCR THAT day. The "elite" test ALL THE TIME, while convincing the general public that people who test are fringe crazies. I mean, ZeroHedge is  spitting out complete propaganda for those same elite hedge funds literally all the time. 

When I figure to how to sanitize things I will link some stuff up for you. I mean, I have some really hot takes in my comments from the early part of the pandemic.  I was telling people that SARS2, and the shot were causing clots, and one of my commenters actually tries to argue that the birth control pill gave you a higher risk of clots. If you wonder why my surliness has gotten worse... it's all the fighting I had to do with people. in year one and two. And everything I said turned out to be right.

Monday, January 16, 2023

Friday, January 13, 2023

It's WORSE than the housing crisis.

I will tell you why.

Everything above that line should have never happened. When Trump put in eviction and foreclosure moratoriums, this made it so prices could not fall. Basically eliminating the possibility of negative equity.

When people are in negative equity, they can not refinance their houses. So.... basically, prices could only go up. This of course helped people not lose their houses due to the pandemic. However, in a strange psychology I don't understand yet, everyone went nihilist and spent all the money the government gave them on houses and boats and all sorts of stuff. Now we all get to pay and see if the price was worth it. I'm going to give you a hint. The answer is always no when the government steps on the scale as they did in 2020.

The thing about nihilism, is eventually you have to pay for all that stuff or repeat the cycle. And from what I have learned about people... they can never keep their shit together. Hell.. I actually had the bank try to get me refinance by  telling me, you know - prices have gone up a lot. Don't you want to pull some money out before that goes away? I will link the post later.

My own direct neighbor paid 400K OVER ASKING! That NEVER happened in the housing crisis. That would have made the 2008 housing crisis blush with envy.

Prices need to at least fall to that red line. I'm assuming the market always overcorrects. Negative equity is going to be rampant. And we will get to see if those people take the pain like I did in the housing crisis, or default.

Monday, January 09, 2023

The strip.

I flew this year and got pretty good shots from the sky. I was in and out in one day. It was the perfect amount of time this year.

They were selling plug in power technology. I was only interested in the car.

Not much new in VR, but Magic Leap was there. And their glasses look less odd now.
This is the only VTOL I found this year.