Tuesday, January 16, 2018

BTCUSD - 10618.29 2988.75 

I told you John McAffe was my counter economic indicator. He's almost 50% poorer right now.

Monday, January 15, 2018

Delivery bot or Sous-Vide machine?

Learning male dominance.

I'm not a man hater or a SJW, but there are a couple things guys do that annoy me at trade shows. I kept bitching about these things to Mr S. Because when you are doing a 10K at a conference - lots of things start to annoy you.

Me - I don't know why I always have to yield the right away when I run into a guy here. It really makes it so you have to walk so much more. It's annoying.

Mr S. - They aren't doing it because you are a girl, they're doing it because you're smaller than they are. The unspoken rule is the smaller man typically yields.   It's an unconscious, instinctive behavior.   And you are small. But it's not just about size, it's about alpha dominance. So a lot of times you can get people to get out of your way by exerting dominance, such as look them in the eye and refuse to move.

I look at him sort of confused. So I just stare them in the eye. That's all?

Him - Yes. Just stare at them. Often, they will move.

Later in the day.

Me - I've been doing that stare thing with mixed results. Girls aren't really wired to stare guys in the eyes. It's sort of an invitation. So it's hard to hold the gaze.

Him - Well, how do you figure out how to walk around people?

Me - You just look at their bodies. We don't really stare people down. You think girls are complicated,  but, man rules seem really complicated.

Him. Man rules are easy if you know what they are.

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Fisker EMotion.

My favorite moment at CES this year was happened while I was trying to get shots of the new Emotion. They always box these new cars in so tight that you pretty much need a wide angle lens to get the whole thing in. Add people, and you want to pull your hair out. I was hanging out on the outskirts in a ragey funk trying to get a clear shot.

Some people from the booth came out and put some stairs right in front of the butterfly doors and I thought - oh that's nice. They are going to give us better access to this car. And at that very moment Henrick Fisker appeared and went up the stairs. And no one seemed to recognize who he was but the booth people. I immediately started taking pictures of him and people were kinda looking at me like I was the weird one. But it was magical in a way. Because there was literally no reaction from the people around me. Even there people with professional cameras kept just shooting the car.

CES was basically a retread this year.

I didn't see anything that I hadn't already seen. And hell... I think I was carrying one of the only thing that other people hadn't seen. I will write about that later. Even the reviews from the gadget blogs were pretty uninspiring. From Engadget. From Lifehacker. Everything was pretty meh.

Normally whatever is at CES will be in the stores within six months. And if there is anything I've learned from CES this year - you are going to be forced to buy a lot of smart stuff you don't want. Everything is internet enabled now.

They have great new finishes on appliances. But you will be forced to have an Alexa enabled appliance to get that new finish. There is literally nothing they won't make internet enabled. I even saw a "smart saddle". Yeah....for horses. I'll post pictures later.

There were more K T.V.'s - but who cares? Last year I saw a 10K T.V. Yet we still don't even really have enough bandwidth for 4K content. At least that is why I assume I can barely rent or stream 4k television shows or movies even though I've had a 4K T.V. for at least two years.

Robots are in the same place. There are tons of delivery bots. Seen it.

There is really nothing new about all the driverless cars. Or 360 cameras. There are a ton of new lidar players on the field though.

VR might be a little better but I wasn't going to find out there. Curiously - Magic Leap did not have a presence there either.

There were also a lot of drones. But none I hadn't really seen before. Rescue drones are going to become a big deal.

Sometimes the present is more sci-fi than the future. That is where we are right now. So.... I might wind up being a fairly surly blogger this year. And I thought last year was horrible. I"m gonna flip out over this smart crap.

I had to replace a light late last year and got a light with bluetooth. You literally can not use the bluetooth unless you are two feet away from it. Now, I don't want my neighbors seeing my signal, but I do want to be able to use it at least from my living room. So there is going to be a tons of that crap. Useless smart crap.

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Robots are still pretty stupid.

The past year has been pretty frustrating for me. To watch the media whip the public into a frenzy about robots taking their jobs was heartbreaking. That only comes from the kind of hopelessness of a socialistic system. And ignorance really. If people really understood the glacial nature that robots are taking they would be embarrassed by all the crap they write.

I mean, I've been writing about robots for more than a decade now and we really haven't made that much progress. It's just that oblivious people all of a sudden see a robot that can pick something up and lose their minds. Robots ~can~ pick things up and have been able to for a decade. It still takes them a really really long time to do so even with buzzword helper of A.I.

I'm not even going to give names because we aren't really anywhere that new.

The guy working the robot above enthusiastically came up to tell me the this was a "wellbeing robot" that is suppose to help you.

Me - So, how does it help you? Give you directions or deliver you something? (Because I'm at CES and a robot that roamed the halls and gave directions would be trade show GOLD. If you knew how hard it was trying to find your way around that conference - as I write this I can't even believe not one of the robot companies is doing that. Screw telepresence.)

Him - Well, it roams buildings testing the air and controlling the temperature. We are using this in France right now.

Now people.....tell me how many jobs that is going to take? Oh right - none, because no one does that now. That is a useless robot. IMO. Another robot in search of a problem.

This robot was billed as having A.I. (and what doesn't these days). All he needed to do is pick up that stuffed animal. It must have taken it ten minutes and the girl kept having to kick the kitten closer and closer to the robots vision. She kept saying it was tired from working all day.

The things that robots can do really good these days is moving heavy stuff like boxes.

But honestly, most of these jobs were done by conveyer belts. The above robot would be used in an airport setting to carry baggage.

This company was trying to kill two birds with one stone. A robot that attaches to your vacuum cleaner.

I was actually impressed by the Walker robot, but Mr S. wasn't. We both compared it to the Honda Asimo and I felt that given the footprint of the bot, there actually had been a slight improvement in size. It doesn't have a huge battery pack on it's back. But the Asimo was created in the YEAR 2000! So, maybe I've just slid to Mr S.'s side. That's 17 years!

The media was on fire about these delivery bots. I'm skeptical. This robot is suppose to be a like a grocery store on wheels. The sample set of deliverable food is too small. The first person on the delivery schedule will get the best pick and the person at the end will get shafted. Maybe that is not how it will work,  but that is how I think it will work because that is how people work. I've never ordered perishables by delivery because I like my produce a certain ripeness. I've been training my husband for a LONG time now, and he's just getting it right. So some rando robot stocker probably won't make me happy.

Also.... how long until they make these bots to be like door to door sales bots? They come if you summon them to or not.

Segway is still trying to make a go at it. This is a security bot that you can also ride on like a hover board. And it's modular - I guess? You can add some storage space. I guess you can still ride it at this point but it doesn't seem comfortable.

These robots are like luggage bots. They have storage space inside and follow you around. The follow feature on the one below was pretty impressive.  You push a button and it bonds to you, then follows you around. Since the halls are super crowded I didn't do much but have it follow me for a few feet and then switchback on my route. It was able to pick me out of a crowd and find me when I was completely behind it. And it did so quickly.

I think I will grow to hate these though because with humans you can see their heads and you can navigate around them. These are like rolling luggage  that you can't see until you trip over it if you are in a crowd. But the tech was pretty good. But I do have to add - they have been doing this since the beginning of robot time too. You used to have an ankle strap and that's how it knew how to follow you.

Look at this giant rig that plays table tennis.

We all know the shopping cart bot is right around the corner right? That will make shopping fun. Said in the most sarcastic way. Not only will you have to wait five minutes for the woman to figure out what kind of cheese she wants, but you also have to wait for their bot to move.

I didn't get any VR stuff so don't ask.

Those people are suckers. They will be sick in 7 days flat. I've been to CES for enough years now that I am not sticking anything near my eyes. And I almost brought a VR condom. CES is a Petri dish of viruses, and EVERYONE gets sick when they get back. There was no way I was doing any VR. Plus I can see all that stuff here without the annoying crowds at CES.

But, you will be able to canoe from the comfort of your home.

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

You know the drill. Twitter. And no - Robots are NOT coming to take your jobs.

Monday, January 08, 2018

I just asked a girl I dont know to walk around in circles and make noise in a single stall restroom because I have a shy bladder.

Sunday, January 07, 2018

I'm driving through the desert with a storm with no name,

Alright Chillin's. I think this is how things are going to work. Best chance of following me is going go to be through twitter. @snarkolepsy. And you know I'm going for the cars first.

You ~might~ get more, but I wouldn't count on it. Everyone just eats bandwidth. I've even tried one year to do a wifi hotspot, and it's just crazy. I will be on the road all of tomorrow in a pretty awesome subtropical storm. And while that sounds sucky - I bet nobody is getting out of San Fransisco tomorrow.

And then by the end of the day you just want to find grub and a place to rub your feet. CES is like being stuck in 10 super Ikeas.

Saturday, January 06, 2018

Toys 'R Us is still storing cars.

I had to make my way out to San Jose Camera and decided to circle back around to this lot. At least they seem to be rotating through their inventory. The stickers I could see said they were 2018's. And there seemed to be a lot more SUV's than what I saw last time.

Also they have a development sign up on this property now. Thank gawd for places like this dieing. I'm sure they are going to put a bunch of condos on that spot.

Friday, January 05, 2018

Today at the Golden Arches.

This guy broke down apparently after he ordered and the guys from the McDonalds pushed him to the pay window and waited. Then pushed him to the pickup window then waited. Then pushed him all the way around the front and then parked him.

The guy inside never made an attempt to help. I don't even think most people these days know they can push their own cars. The first car I bought was a beater, so even though I'm a girl - I can hella push a car.

The pick up window was obviously entertained because they took pictures.

Even stripper jobs aren't safe from Robots?

I'm starting to think CES is going to be a little trippy this year. And I've been there when the AVN's were still co-located.

Thursday, January 04, 2018

So pyramid schemey.

I sort of LOVE infomercials. I think it's because my Uncle went after every get rich quick scheme he could find. And then he wouldn't even do the work, but those companies still took money straight out of my Aunt and Uncles bank account every single month.

So I really became fascinated with infomercials because they are so manipulative. I literally will watch every single infomercial that comes across the TV.

Last night I ran across a tweet about Ripple which forwarded me to this site. I admit up front I don't quite understand it. Somehow you are earning interest for just sitting on your Ripple coins. Banks loan money with the money you give them and then pay you interest on that money. So, I don't really get where the interest money they are paying you is coming from. But it seems like a pyramid scheme to me. All the way down to the adoring comments. It's like watching QVC and having the guys in the backroom call in and gush over a product.

The sad thing is they are goading these people into buy and holders, and I'm betting these are the least sophisticated investors on the planet. Like.... my Uncle. I could totally see him doing this.

Wednesday, January 03, 2018

I honestly don't give a crap who they fire in Washington. Fire them all. This love fest for politicians is creepy on ALL sides.

Shouldn't we give Twitter credit for preventing nuclear war?

I mean seriously - this shit could have all been handled with a couple of Tweets? That is the funniest crap ever.

I've got one of those Light cameras.

A lot of my shots over the Holidays (all of the holiday lights) have been with my new camera the L16. I'm still trying to figure out how I feel about it. It is really awkwardly shaped, but the images are more dimensional because it takes pictures from slightly different angles and stitches them together in on camera software.

I took it out to the Santa Row car show on Christmas Eve where a couple of people actually recognized what it was. I don't really want a lot of attention so I was glad it wasn't more. But I did let one of the guys handle it and the first thing I asked was how it felt in his hands. He said it didn't feel as bad as he thought. Which made me laugh. Because when you first see the thing in real life you feel a little confused about it's shape.

Notably when you reach your hand inside your bag to pull it out, 80% of the time (for me) it's upside down. There is obviously a rubberized side, but I've noticed that men hold this thing very differently than a woman (me) would hold it. And since the device is basically weighted the same I didn't even notice there was an indented side to the grip because my hand is smaller than a mans and I just don't hold it the same way.

I will probably have more to say about it after next week because that is when it's really going to get a work out. It will be super interesting to see just how much of the public knows about this product in a place where there will be a zillion cameras.

Tuesday, January 02, 2018

So....... where are we in the bubble cycle when I get cold called by a pump and dump penny stock company? Ticker tptw on the OTC.

That is some 2008 shit.