Monday, August 21, 2017

I have to hand it to Lucid Motors.

I wouldn't call myself and electric vehicle fan. Possibly I will change my mind when it takes the same amount of time to charge them as it does to pump gas. So - I was pretty meh about this car. Until I saw it. Allegedly it goes 400 miles on a single charge. They couldn't tell me what it would do to the battery if I drove it 100MHP.

One thing I liked about the car is that it wasn't obvious from the outside that the roof was transparent. I also liked that the back seats bucket back. (that's a seat option. You can also get bench seats - but why would you?)

My greatest fantasy about these cars is that when they fully become autonomous (this one ships with level 2 autonomy) is that they become sleeper cars. This is when I become a buyer. Imagine the day that instead of driving to L.A., you slept to L.A.? You'd walk into your sleeper car and nap for six hours or so. Then you arrive in L.A. completely fresh as a daisy.

Last night Mr S. were talking about all the ways the word would change. You wouldn't need hotels as much. But places where you could just shower and take care of personal needs would pop up to service car nomads. And they would charge your car as a service.

I mean if I was 20 and not married and didn't have obligations - imagine how much of the world you could explore that way. You'd just wake up in another city. Would suburbia become further and further inland?

I also have to give the Lucid Motors sales people props. They weren't going to take your "I'm just browsing" crap.  They were hungry, but not annoying. Knew their product well. Because, I want to know the things like - where did you hide the lidar. (in those transparent bumper panels on the front and back) My only real complaint was that they roped if off too tightly so it was hard to get great shots. But that is a SiliconValley thing.

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Tomorrow I'm making the pilgrimage to Pebble Beach. I'd keep an eye on my twitter feed to see if I've found any cool cars there.

Friday, August 18, 2017

Maybe women should try understanding men for once.

Women say they quit Google because of racial discrimination: 'I was invisible'.

Yes, I'm still on this because it bothers me because I am a woman. I read through this whole article claiming men were racist and sexist based on a misunderstanding of intent. The women in the article complained because they "have to constantly prove themselves". My take away was these women wanted special treatment because they were women.

Look - if you ask most men they will tell you that they feel invisible in the world. That is a mans lot in life. A life of invisibility. So, men constantly have to prove themselves to each other and to women frankly to not be invisible. That is also a mans lot in life. They are not treating women any differently than they would treat each other. They are treating you as an equal. And as a women - you shouldn't want to be treated differently then men. This is a workplace. Prove yourself on your merits- not because you have lady parts. Men will respect you just fine. But you do have to prove yourself to them like they do to each other. That is not a "boys club". That is competition which makes the world a better place. Girls just don't feel like we need to compete.

They also complained they didn't see "people who looked like them" who were mentors. i.e. women. I don't really understand women's deep seated need to see other women in their field. I've talked to a bunch them. Tech is not a social club. It's a place where things are built. It's no different than construction. You are based on what you can build or fix.

I bet a hundred dollars that if you were to ask any man that worked in tech if they felt the same way as these women did - they would say YES. But because women are complaining it s huge problem. If women really wanted prove themselves - build a software or hardware company. Get off your ass and change the world that way.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

You probably wont get much this afternoon. I'm going to be at a conference at Intel.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

I guess I'm the only one who doesn't think this is a problem.

When people started stepping down from Trumps manufacturing council I though - some of these people shouldn't be advising anyone. Under Armor is having real financial problems right now. They should get their own act together.

Intel (and I shouldn't really talk about them because I might be there tomorrow) is dying. They are late in the game on everything! Really - they are just now getting into self driving cars? That's about five years too late. Intel is basically at the stage where they have to buy their way out of death by acquiring new companies and IP. Their chip architecture is toast. ARM won.

Update - As evidence - Intel is sitting on a fab site in Arizona blessed by Obama in 2012 that is still sitting idle after SIX years! How does a company afford that? Crony capitalism of course.

From my inner tard.

Look at that tail pipe! Come on. You know it makes you laugh.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Who ya gonna believe?

"Oh the irony - as bulls celebrate the best jump in retail sales since 2016, the scene for retailer stocks is an utter bloodbath... 

Earlier today, US Retail Sales in July rebounded dramatically to a 0.6% MoM gain - the most since Dec 2016 - driven a surge in motor vehicles (record incentives) and department stores (more inventives?). Year-over-year saw upward revisions and a rebound to a 4.2% rise in July. 

The last two month's declines in Retail Sales have been revised away magically and we have now gone 5 months without a decline..."

While Zero Hedge focuses on brands that no one cares about like JCpenny, the real economy is happening behind the scenes in places that people who only write about the economy but don't really participate in any meaningful way will see.

For instance - positive equity is an extremely powerful thing. Very few people are underwater in their houses at this time. So they feel safer to do some work on them. You don't throw a ton of money into a house that is underwater. Now that most people are not underwater....let the remodeling begin seems to be the mantra. They have a lot of time to make up.

I've been trying to get a project done all summer. And it's just about like pulling teeth. You literally can't get a contractor for months. To prepare for my project I started going to tile stores about four months ago. Only to roll up at 9:00 in the morning to a packed parking lot. Two weeks ago I was in a tile store and the place was again packed. All of these people had a designer in tow. I could not believe it.

This is a trend I've found out is about a year old, so it doesn't surprise me that retail has been revised up for previous months. That could actually be real.

People might not be spending at malls ( oh wait - I was at a mall this weekend and it was so packed it almost made my head explode). Gone are all the discount signs. I didn't see any evidence of a mallpocolypse. Although I didn't set foot in a JCpenny because I haven't shopped at that place since I was a kid. Maybe people just don't like stale brands like JCpenny. Let theme die already so they will stop taking up space and bloggers will stop bitching about them. No one shops there for like 20 years. It's why they almost died about 5 years ago. No one cares except bloggers.

I think focusing on these dinosaur brands makes writers not see the real things that are happening in the economy. You have to BE IN the economy to know what is happening with it. And I can assure you - people are spending money like they haven't in a very long time.

I think that number could be real. Even with the crazy carpocolypse stories dragging down the numbers. I think retail might have come in hotter. Really. Just go outside and try shopping somewhere. ANYWHERE!

I WISH it all were not true- because I have a project I need get completed by winter and I'm having a fuck all time of it. I have never seen things like this.

Monday, August 14, 2017

Seen in the wild.

I got these last night, and lighting wasn't great. But I never really take pictures of these at shows anymore. They are much better in the wild.

I was hoping I would run into this guy. I wondered if one of his sins was speeding. With a license plate like that - he seemed like someone I should talk to.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

A nothing update.

I don't really have anything for you this weekend. My husband decided he needed clothes. And when man decides he's willing to go clothes shopping - you drop everything before he changes his mind.

Luckily we have about the same tolerance for shopping. We basically walk into a store together. Kiss each other goodbye. He takes one side - I take the other and we meet towards the middle. If either of us finds anything interest we text each other - but for the most part we divide and conquer.

Friday, August 11, 2017


China Warns Trump: "We Will Prevent A North Korea Regime Change.

Trade is the biggest antidote to war. People who trade with each other do not go to war with each other. At least that is how things used be. So I think China is totally lying. But what else are they going to say? They've been fostering this North Korea thing like a drunk Justin Bieber. Hold me back bro!

Eyelashes are back.

And I still love them.

Fonts matter?

I sort of feel like this oil lube shop is screwing with me. Whenever I pass it I think - they know that looks like a snickers bar. Right?

Who's ur daddy?

I was for freedom when people wanted to be free.

I've never been against immigration. You don't live in Silicon Valley and have those feelings. Immigration is one of the things that makes Silicon Valley great. Different cultures and foods. It's really amazing.

But if you try to turn down the volume of people coming in-  all of a sudden the liberals start reciting the Statue of Liberty. "Give us your tired huddled masses yearning to be free."

Oh..... we have huddled masses alright. But they are not yearning to be free anymore. They are yearning to make us less free. And that's when my generosity gives out. I'm willing to let people in who want to be free. Not people who demand to be let in only to put me in servitude and make this place like the shit hole they came from.

I say - lets roll the dice.

I'm so irritated about this North Korea thing. I'm pretty much at the point of saying - eff you all. Let's do nothing. Chances are more likely of one of you other countries are getting to get hit before us.

Chump don't want no help. Chump don't get no help.

If everyone thinks Trump is the problem. Well, let's see. If other countries don't care. I don't care either. Statistically it's more of a problem for everyone else.

I hate that the world is devolving into a communist love train. But I hate more that whatever we do we are blamed for instead of the real evil of the world. I'm sick of it. Maybe some of the world isn't worth saving. And that goes for Americans too. People are so devoid of reality these days, that I just don't even care.

Bunny Friday.

This is how Lacy greets us every morning. I have no idea why she does it. She has a whole open door. But it's super funny. It's like she's saying helloooooooooo. (done in a monty python accent)

And she is still on pink drink. (antibiotics) So I got better, less blurry, shots of her lipstick. Which is what the pharmacy compounds the antibiotics with.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Phoniest protest ever.

Google’s Mountain View headquarters targeted in alt-right protest march.

Firstly, Google can just kick you off their campus. Then you are protesting on the street next to Google which is not a heavily trafficked area on the weekends. So who gives an eff?

Secondly - if you really wanted to hurt Google - maybe stop taking their money for displaying ads on your site. Otherwise you are just whoring for them anyway. Since you take their money - what do they care if you protest them? I bet they laugh all the way to the bank.

I personally think this protest is phony. Google succeeds because news sites let them by filling their blogs with ads that none of us look at and just annoy all of us.

Tuesday, August 08, 2017

Would anyone really care if a nuke made it all the way to California? I'm so exhausted by these people that even I don't care. Start with Google. Just say'in.