Wednesday, May 23, 2018

The things is.... Elon is kinda right.

Elon Musk bashes media in aggressive Twitter rant — and vows to set up a website to score journalists and editors.

Even though I shit on this company a bunch - those cars ARE safer than humans. I know there have been a lot of high profile accidents lately. One just this weekend in an area I am familiar with. I've sort of held back commenting on these accidents because I wanted to see if this was a small cluster, or something bigger. But those cars have logged millions and millions and million of miles now. They are absolutely safer than humans despite the accidents.

You see.. I think the rate of accidents might actually go up due to the superman syndrome. And I feel this way because I tried to order an Audi that had assisted breaking. (Well I did actually order it - it just came wrong and I wound up with my nihilist Audi. I'm a notorious speeder. YES NOTORIOUS. The first thing I said is how long before you start pushing it to find out where the boundaries are? So I think the rate of accidents could temporarily rise. That doesn't mean the cars are ay less safe. Humans are just geared to push and push the boundaries. The accident this weekend was in a notorious speeding zone.

The health of his company though? We will see what that overflow lot looks like when I get back. It was looking positively eye popping just yesterday. But.. Steve Jobs had a magical way of finding ways to raise money. For most of my career his companies were on the verge of bankruptcy. I dated a guy that worked for NeXT. So I think Telsa could last a very long time.
Honestly.....I'm not sure when I'm going to pop back up. My plan is to get very, very, lost. It's all up to the wifi gods now.

Ghost lot.

I don't know what these are, but I know they are parking Nissan Leafs there. So I guess they must be Nissans.

I'm not sure why, but when a parking lot has all the same type of car - that catches my eye. At least I have the number of the place so I can track it down on land. This is technically the approach to the bridge. It's a lot bigger than the pictures represent. It has a good wall of trees in a lot of areas.

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

I think Silicon Valley is running on fumes.

There are literally no new products coming down the pike. Anything that CES had to offer would be hitting the shelves now. And unless there are people walking around with boxes around them or bitcoin mining which doesn't add anything to the economy there is basically nothing else. It's really depressing.

I saw an iPhone commercial last night in which it's best new feature was being able to take pictures of you from any angle paparazzi style. It's like people are monkeys in the zoo looking at their own reflection. I mean, remember when cell phones were a whole sector!?

It seems to me right now all funds have been diverted into completely useless shit.

I even saw someone from faraday future few days ago and they did not instill me with hope at all. I don't even know what their problem is. Just make a car and drive it around The Valley! Make it cool and people will buy it.

Today's traffic gems.

Still runs! I've been seeing the craziest cars driving around these days. There are a million accidents now because people are sick to death of the dive bombers. So they keep very little space between them and the car in front of them.

When a McLaren is your commuter car. And yes, I have a spot on my window that showed up in the frame in the second picture.

So close.

Monday, May 21, 2018

All that is left is the Facebookification of your car.

I've been going to these autonomous car conferences for a few years now. In the early years they were somewhat interesting. Now that the sector has matured.... not as much. But...that doesn't mean they are any less creepy. These people are like hyenas in regards to the future prospects of mining your car for data. They even have a term for it now. They think of your future car as a "information appliance". No foolies. That is an actual term.

They want to put all sorts of sensors inside because.... "they don't really know how you use the inside of your car". And if you think you are going to get away with not buying one of these things - good luck with that. Toyota said they have been shipping cars with DSRC's (Dedicated Short Range Commnucations)  for about two years now. They just aren't utilized. YET.

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Maker Faire 2018. End.

Best use of an ROV Eva!

I've been watching how children react to robots for the better part of a decade and we might be at a tipping point.

Wants to be human.

I've seen this mech at CES and here, but I haven't seen it run yet.

Mr S. wants to turn our BBQ into THIS. I told him I'd cuta bitch.

Meanwhile ... over at Oracle Lake.

Oracle hosted parking for this years Maker Faire and I'd never been on their campus. It was pretty fun to see the giant sailboat. It as tall as a 10 story building! I'm not a sailing fan, and it wouldn't have been the same seeing it in the Bay with all the crowds. I didn't even know he still had it parked in his Lake. But where else is he going to park it?

I also found out that mowing and raking that lake is a job. A sucky job - but and job.

I knew you'd love this.

Tiniest house Eva! I'd like to see this guy lane split with that. Seen at Maker faire.

Hello darkness.

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Maker Faire 2018. Part 1.

It's a Sharknado merry go round.

There was a hat theme this year.

If there is anything you should know about me - it's that I absolutely hate puppets. I just don't get them.

Portable backpack 3D printer. See the spool of plastic on the bottom?

Giant skateboard.

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Post it Art.

I was at a car conference today and I'm trying to figure out how to focus my rage into something interesting to read. But - I will give you this post it art that was on the Google building I was next to.

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

When will this car bubble burst already!

On the way home I drove by the Tesla plant. That overflow lot is as full as I've ever seen it. I'm starting to feel like them evacuating that lot and tearing down the fence was some voodoo crap. Because the fence is back up and that lot is FULL. I know they are in shutdown right now.

My route also takes me by another ghost lot. I forget what's in there. but it caught my eye today because it had two car carriers with Nissan Leafs they were unloading. That lot is now crammed to the gills. Leafs are tiny, so you can pack more in there. And remember I found that other lot of Leafs by the San Mateo bridge that I haven't gone back to reinvestigate.

The traffic was out of control so I didn't want to stop and take pictures. Maybe tomorrow or the weekend. I really just don't understand how long this can go on. Especially with interest rates this high.

Harambe 2016

A little late but just discovered today.

How many engineers does it take to connect a light bulb?

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Take two.

A few days ago my vet called me with what I thought would be lab results for Lacy's E. cuniculi titer test. Instead she told me that the lab had changed how they ran the tests and now they were only sort of giving a pass/fail test. So, I couldn't really tell what her level of infection is. They only sort of give you a range. Not an actual number.

When my vet pushed back the lab said - well, what does she care what the number is - the bunny is positive. I think my vet managed to say something like - thanks professor obvious. We already knew that. And remember.... this is a 200 dollar test.

From the labs point of view I should stop testing because she was positive and will always be positive and I'm probably wasting my money because she is a throwaway pet. Which I could be. If she had "the diabetes" they wouldn't ask - well, what do you care what the number is? And clearly she doesn't understand the luxury of time when a rabbit is sick. You literally have one week to figure this crap out before the rabbit either lives or dies. And I would lean heavily on the latter. When a rabbit finally starts showing illness - it's almost always a fight to the death. That plane is in a tailspin and you have to get that rabbit out of it. Your success rate is gonna be less than 50%.

I mean, when she comes down sick (and one day she will) - she will be treated in a completely different way now because I already know she is positive. When a rabbit is in distress and you are force feeding them medication three times a day it can really be quite overwhelming for them. You are trying to get them to eat and take all the meds. Sometimes you are force feeding them.

So to have one less medication that you might need to give when that time comes is really valuable - I think. Keeping her non symptomatic positive is the goal. Most people only find out about this when the bunnies are symptomatic and by then there is a 50% chance you are too late.