Wednesday, November 22, 2023

Americans love being tricked, and don't learn from being tricked.

It was in the spring when I went to my optimoloist. For some reason that day  - he wanted to talk to me all about how COVID was released fron a lab. I was honestly pretty ammused. I'd only been saying this (at  least) since January of 2022.  Probably before, but I have to go find the receipts.

I let him tell me everything he wanted to say, and then replied - I think if you ask most people - they feel it was released from a lab. So. it's a little weird that everyone thinks their immune system will just clear this.  I didn't say this, (but apparently no one can connect dots these days and you have to explicitly point things out) but in my head I thought - because they keep "the good" viruses in labs.

Why do I bring this up today, right before the holiday? Because it's all I can think about, and our economy doesn't get better until this is solved. And honestly - I don't understand how everyone can just pretend away what is happening.

For all the bitching people did about "gain of function", it's apparent that NO ONE really understands what that means. So,  I am here to tell you. 

In this particular case,"gain of function" obviously means that they tweaked the mutation  level of the virus. I don't know if they were just trying to find a vaccine for SARS1 (you know, the virus this was built on, and still to this day have not found an effective vaccine for?) or if they were trying to weaponize it. 

But the fact remains that the virus mutates too quickly for government to get ahead of it. And people's brains are too smooth to understand the implications of letting it mutate over and over and over again.

I could tell in March 2020,   that infection (you know, the thing that is suppose to give you antibodies) was not preventing people from getting sick again. The infection ran through China in January, by March they were already in a new wave. CONNECT THE DOTS!


  1. LOL. Someone who helps you see better. Which I'm obviously still failing at

  2. I oogled it but got nothing, so thought it might be something new. So, "eye doctor" then. Works for me.