Thursday, November 30, 2023

How many times will you let yourself be tricked by these people?

How many?  Personally I think ZeroHedge should be sued. Back in the day, you could sue media sources for writing demonstratively FALSE information. He deserves a big ol' class action lawsuit. And they will some day come. Mark my words! 

We are roughly on our 8th wave! And honestly, I can't figure out why people are ruining their health for one political party or another,.

New COVID Variant Spreading In US, Experts Explain Risks (Or Lack Thereof).

"Compared to Eris, BA.2.86 has a significantly lower growth efficiency, meaning that it is less capable of replicating itself in the human bodies."

Is this guy out of his fucking mind? Listen, I know the repubs have gone all in on this "just let the old die thing", but the Republicans are sort of an old group. They have to go knuckles deep at this point because they can't admit they were lying all along. They know they can not cut entitlement spending - so.... they just gonna let you die or become disabled. 

The below image shows you the growth rate of all the variants. Do you see where that arrow is? That is JN.1. AKA "Pirola".

Pirola is NOT an Omicron variant. It is designated at IT'S OWN variant because it has so many mutes. At least 30 at this point. And it's having babies because dummies won't stop spreading it. Pirola is as far from Omicron as Omicron was from the original Delta. I.E A COMPLETELY NEW VIRUS.

HV.1 (the variant he talks about)is a descendant of XBB.1.9.2. (below) If you need a bigger image just typey type into twitter the guys name above.

“At this time, BA.2.86 does not appear to be driving increases in infections or hospitalizations in the United States,” the CDC wrote.

Research outside of the United States similarly suggests that Pirola should not be more severe than current variants." 

This is an absolute lie.

He goes on to write "Compared to Eris, Pirola has a significantly lower growth efficiency, meaning that it is less capable of replicating itself in the host, the authors wrote." “This is not the second coming of omicron. If it were, it is safe to say we would know by now,” Bill Hanage, associate director and professor of epidemiology at Harvard wrote on X on Sep. 1 ,when the variant's prevalence was significantly lower." 

Also, NO ONE should be pulling data from Sept1. The virus mutates so quick that a THREE month lag is a different lifetime. What was true on September 1st, is NOT true now.

When JWeiland gets excited, you all better kiss your ass goodbye. He is the most measured person when it comes to reporting on SARS. The disease you all call COVID.

I just will never understand what is happening with people. We clearly see incoming waves. The "official media says "no cause for alarm in the US despite the rest of the world literally being on fire. People go right back to sleep because it's what they want to hear.

And lastly.... Is ZeroHedge gonna pay your bills when you get sick? or Scott Adams? All these people who just love to hear themselves talk. 

Scott Adams works in a fucking home office and brags he hasn't been invited to dinner in years! People are letting THAT GUY tell them to not protect themselves? It is galling. Probably the same with ZeroHedge.


  1. Hi Snark,

    Hope all is well with you.

    It looks like this Covid stuff is not going away and will be with us until: 1) the susceptible are killed off, 2) a true sterilizing vaccine is produced, or 3) the virus has mutated to a more benign form.

    I wish that I knew for sure if the variants are due to the original bio-weapon gain of function or if someone is releasing new variants into the population.

    People no longer "trust the science" and will likely ignore any advice/proclamations from on high.

    It's going to get real ugly from here on out.

    No way out except through, I guess.


  2. "2) a true sterilizing vaccine is produced, or 3) the virus has mutated to a more benign form."

    But..... what if that never happens? I don't think a sterilizing vaccine is even possible.They don't have it for the flu. And SARS mutates WAY faster than any vaccine can catch. There is no rule in virology that's says viruses have to get more mild. Especially one that came from a lab! What if it gets more NOT mild?

    And finally, it's so weird to me that people are so casual with "the susceptible being killed off". Especially because every infection makes you susceptible. We've already wasted four years on the fake hope of immunity.

    More than 1000 people have been dying every week, for the past 12 weeks. Some weeks it's closer to 1500, other 1300. Not all those people are oldies, and we have a labor shortage.

  3. Yep, if it doesn't get milder as time goes on, then everyone's immune system will keep degrading and eventually you will catch something that does you in - AIDS with no cure/treatment and everyone has it.

    If this goes on then we will be in a true funnel situation that leaves (we hope) a remnant to rebuild. This article says humans were down to 1,300 at one point.

    The 500 million goal per the Georgia Guidestones looks to be very optimistic under this scenario.


  4. Oh, wow. You said the silent part out loud.

    So... yeah. I'm not adjusting to this timeline well.

  5. The interesting question to me is that if the trend continues, how much of the population has to die off before everything just collapses - food, transportation, energy, medical, etc. Rwanda/Rhodesia here we come.

    I think that we will quickly get to the point where the skilled people to run everything are no longer available.

    I don't think that the illegals pouring across the borders has the skillset/mindset/culture/raw ability to maintain this society.

    As I pointed out above, the only way out is through. No one gets out of here alive and it is important to enjoy and appreciate what you have on this trip.

    Doomer/black pilling can definitely get you down.