Wednesday, May 25, 2016

For the love of transparent displays.

For the past three years (solidly), every single time I have walked up to a transparent display I've asked the following question - Is this projected? Until yesterday the answer has always been yes. Which always made the sad trombone sound in my head. I was super excited about this technology a long time ago, but I just don't believe in projection. For some reason it never catches on. It' doesn't mean it won't. I've just yet to see it.

So when I walked up to this thing I naturally thought I'd get the same answer. They'd just found a slimmer way to hide a projector. And projectors *are* getting super tiny these days. But to my shock, this time the answer was no. I asked it like 5 times. Apparently the OLED's allow this to happen. The box at the back is just normal display electronics.

For being transparent the colors were remarkably rich. And the reflection was surprisingly minimal. In the last picture if you look hard you can barely see my image under the word vista.

So.... excitement back on I guess.

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