Tuesday, May 17, 2016

This whole Bernie "thing" should concern me more - but if this is what it takes to get rid of Hillary...

Right now the whole thing is entertaining me. But I'm sure I will freak out at some point.


  1. I'm enjoying watching Trump pander to the Bernie fans, he's going to start threatening the banks, plus he can still come out pro legalization once he's officially the nominee. He's going to simultaneously run to the left and right of Clinton. If the Dems were smart they would pick Bernie because the billionaire will get demolished by the Bern. DF

  2. I'm not sure why he would even need to touch that at this point. I'm pretty sure that ship has sailed. I see no benefit of him even talking about it. Pot is basically legal now. I've been smoking it since I was a teen and even I'm pretty shocked at how often I see and smell it everywhere. I'm only surprised California didn't go friendly before some of other States.

    As far as Bernie v. Trump..... it's going to be a good show. Trumo v. Hillary? Better show. People vote against their best interests all the time. But I think people want to be rich. Period. There is a wide difference between what people "say" they want, and what they actually want. Stated preference vs. preferred preference. I think it's impossible to predict the Trump effect because people are phony and go with the pack. He's sold a lot of books, and an unknown amount of people have tried to emulate him. It's not "popular" to say you are okay with Trump, but I've talked to lots and lots of people in construction and I'm telling you - there is a secrete adoration. I never really understood it, but I saw it enough that it always stood out to me.