Thursday, May 26, 2016

Hillary Clinton gets heckled for a really long time at San Jose rally.

I sort of went to this thing to prove a point. You see I haven't been worried about Hillary because I think no one has ever liked her the whole time I've been alive. Mr S. and I have been having this discussion for like a year. Sure, there was a two year halo period in the beginning of the Obama administration. But for the most part it didn't go on long enough to make me change my mind. Take this example.

Last year, maybe around summer, there was this dumb ass women's conference in Santa Clara where Hillary was speaking. The conference was on like a Monday or Tuesday, and I could still get a ticket the Friday before. I didn't wind up going because these women's conferences kinda piss me off.

When you are a woman.... you have all the advantages in the world just by being a women. You have chromosome privilege! It's their fault they don't recognize that.  Silicon Valley would have always loved to have more women if they knew their shit. You don't need a women's conference for this. Just learn a skill.

Anyway, I digress. I figured if I could stroll up to the Hillary Clinton Rally and get in - she is decidedly toast. And what do you know.....they didn't even fill up the conference hall at 3000 capacity. In SAN JOSE! I live tweeted it over on my twitter stream.

Also, this guy who I think was further left than Bernie started heckling the hell out of her. I couldn't make out all the stuff he was saying. But he heckled her for a super long time. Starts at 1:36 in, and really gets good around 3:15.


  1. Fear and loathing on the campaign trail! You are going to attract a lot of interesting comment or on this one. funny that you go to see HRC speak and the highlight is her being heckled. She really blew it by not giving Bernie the debate, now he's going to go up against Trump in a massive stadium in front of a national audience and she plays the role of chicken on the sidelines. 3k in SJ is pretty weak. If Bernie can evicerate Trump on the national stage, it will put even more pressure on the super delegates. If Trump plays nice to try and win Bernies voters he'll be at a disadvantage to the pit bull with zero to lose. Who cares who wins in the end, this election is the best show on television right now. DF

  2. I care who wins in the end. The one that can do math. I don't really understand how you think Bernie will eviscerate Trump. Watch some of the Trump roasts.

    Wish for socialism at your own peril. Especially as a businessman. Name one thing Bernie has done in his whole 30 year career.

  3. Forhet the last 30, Bernie says he will break up the banks. He would win my vote on that solitary issue. Bernie won't be able to beat HRC though so it's a moot point. I think Trump would have been gutted because their polar opposites. Bernie has the moral high ground on min wage, healthcare, education . . . Trump may win on the money, but he looks cold next to Bernie in a way that he doesn't next to Clinton.

  4. You and I have very different views on what is moral. Taking money from those who earn it to give to those who don't is never moral. My family was on welfare and I can assure you that by doing this you are hurting them way more than you even know. Fast food work is not skilled work. By giving them 15 bucks an hour it makes them not want to improve their skillset at all. Why would they need to? Then they forever get stuck in these low wage jobs. Until it's taken your family three generations to fully get off welfare, I just think it's really sad you feel that way.

    I just feel like you're never going to have bear the brunt of the inevitable consequences of your position, but other people will and that just isn't fair.