Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Excuses, excuses.

When I get stressed I sort of shut down. Most women like to talk and talk, but I'm more like a dude when it comes to stress. I deal with it at my own pace.

I had to fire my property manager and put the place under new management.  It's always super stressful when I get to see my place again. My property manager was also my renter. So there is that.

Then I have about two weeks to fix or upgrade anything I can. This all contributes to less blogging time. And there is barely anything interesting to blog about in this whole process anyway.


  1. Have you ever considered the Airbnb route? It wouldn't be as consistent but you could charge more. It'd be interesting to see how the returns on an Airbnb portfolio would look compared to traditional rentals. DF

  2. That made me laugh because that's a clever idea. I hadn't thought of it. I'm not sure how well the burbs could do on Abnb. I think it might be geared for bigger cities with more tourist traffic. Although we do have a little Asian tourism from our mall. They seriously bus people in. Which I totally don't get. I don't even like shopping in the mall I have in my own city. Flying to another country to shop in a mall seems like torture to me.

    It's an interesting idea though. Maybe when my city gets a little bigger. We are trying to be like little Napa. I still get a little thrill when I see a uber here. You don't need them as much in a suburb.

  3. The target market wouldn't be tourism as much as people who are moving their family across the country and need time to get established. Furnished housing at 2 x market rate might get you some Detroit execs who move out here for the auto jobs ;) You wouldn't necessarily need to go Airbnb per se, just cold call the topolice 50 companies in your area and tell them you have corporate housing. DF