Tuesday, May 31, 2016


This weekend I found out that my husband thought I played shooters like a girl. It isn't one of those things a guy might admit normally. It came out quite accidentally.

This is the back story.  For the past year Mr S. has been trying to get me interested in DOOM. I told him I wasn't interested. I played three seasons of DOOM back in the day. There is nothing I hate more than retreads. But he persisted because he knows that just because I hate the idea of something - it doesn't mean I can't be convinced. Sometimes it takes a lot of convincing though. I told you, he's been tapping this button for like a year. The video below was the thing that finally pushed me over. It's kinda long, but it's a game review.  Normally I like to keep the vids I post around 2 mins, but you understand.

You see, I'd grown despondent over the game industry for the past 10 years. While I love the work that goes into these vast worlds (they are amazing!) - some of us have shit to do and when we play games we don't want to spend half a day creating a virtual friend, world or what the eff ever! I've got a few hours to play, I don't want to spend half of it watching some prepackaged video back story shit. The game industry has completely abandoned the casual gamer, for the gamer with no job. So I haven't bought any games in a while. This weekend we made the impulse buy and I'm really happy I did.

First, I guess Mr S. has gained a new respect for me because he kept saying that he's never seen me play so aggressively. I mean, it's DOOM. I guess his generally feeling about my game play was that if we were in a head to head - he could take me. But DOOM might have changed that. I'm telling you. DOOM was the rage back in the day. I played it for a really long time. I'm a bad ass. Normally I'm a hide and shooter, but with DOOM, sometimes your only option is to go full commando in a blaze of glory. Sometimes you live. Sometimes you don't.

Second, it restored my faith in games. Back in the day - you had to work for your ammo and life. Old timy games forced you to be better. It could take days to get through a level trying new tactics.. It forced you to use your ammo and health wisely because they weren't so generous with that stuff.

And finally - they didn't change it that much. They just gave it a little update. The AI is clever making it just challenging enough.

So yeah.... retreads - who would have guessed? If you have some time - watch the video below if your into that kind of thing.

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