Friday, May 13, 2016

This could have changed Silicon Valley forever.

When I grew up, all of the old people would talk about how this Valley was covered in orchards. They were very nostalgic about it. I always assumed this was mostly cherries, because this area used to be huge in cherry orchards.

So when I moved into my house I decided I was going to plant a cherry tree. I love them more than anything else. I've only known one person in my whole life that had a cherry tree.  Lemons/limes/ and oranges are like air itself. Everyone has one.

After three years of having that tree, I started really appreciating technology buying up all this land. Cherry trees are like the pandas of the tree world. This whole area would be impoverished if we had to rely on cherries for our economy.

Then maybe three years ago I put in an apple tree. You also don't see really anyone with these around here either. So I didn't expect much. I thought they mostly liked more Northern climates. It was mostly to block the neighbors. I honestly thought it would fail. It isn't in an area that even gets water. It's in the worst place in my yard. Not like that pampered cherry tree.

Last year it started busting out apples. In the most intense drought in human history. Am I overstating that? I really started to wonder if we were going to make it thought.

So - the above picture is my cherry tree now. And my apple tree is already busting out apples. Seriously - if they would have just chosen a different crop Silicon Valley might have looked totally different.

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